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What Is The Effect Of Numerology On Your Life?

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Mar 31 2022 numerology_college,Learn_numerology_online,numerology_course_in_india,numerology_course_fees

Numerology has become very popular and a trendsetter in past decades.  It is a fascinating subject and determines its influence on the life of people. It is a scientific calculation of numbers that helps you to tell the right path related to career, love, relationships, business, and more. It’s a side part of astrology. 

Numbers are the prime cause that starts reacting since our birth and are appalled with our birth dates. They start their influence right after our birth and keep their influence till our death. The beings of the Universe are categorized with the value from 1 to 9. These numbers are called divine numbers. Everything in this universe is related to numbers.

There’s a lot to learn and know about numerology and through various online astrology courses you can brush up yourself on Numerology, it will help you to accomplish your destiny by degrading a negative effect on your life path.

Not only we but Bollywood celebs are more reliable in numerology, which got them desirable success and shaped their career. A numerologist uses pictographs to derive the solutions for the person self – discovery. Numerologists believe that numbers have a great deep connection with the universe and its vibration. 

How does Numerology Work In Our Life – 

There are particular energy and vibration manipulated with each number inclusive of certain properties. These properties give highlight a person’s life, behavior, personality, and fortune. Numerologists analyze these properties and determine the lucky number for them. Numerologists state things don’t happen in terms of mishaps, everything happens just in numbers. 

In our daily life numbers works as our representative to tackle the situation and drive our inner potential out. It helps us to get the right decision for a thing and start a new venture with our lucky number. Numerologists are more trustable for this kind of fortune. You are required to master numerologist for this to go on the correct guidance. One can even become a master in numerology by enrolling in numerology college or can learn virtually through numerology online classes.  

Effectiveness of Numerology In Life-

  • Numerology in personal life 

It has a wide effect on our personal life. It helps in determining the lucky number for you and a lucky color according to your personality. Try to be quirky as much as you can while applying the formulas related to lucky numbers and colors. You can apply this technique in personal life – vehicle numbers, phone numbers, house numbers, can consider life’s important events on the lucky number date.

  • Numerology in Business

In business, it helps you to choose a lucky launch date, lucky day, or new assignment work meeting. This is always applied by big companies and business owners. 

  • Numerology for Marriage 

As per the Indian culture and Hinduism people are very vigilant about dates in marriage or any event happening. Dates for marriage are considered with the lucky numbers and a good ritual day. 

  • Numerology in Career 

Numerology in career is used by many successful people. Many Bollywood stars are into numerology for their movie realizing dates, some even get a tattoo of their lucky number, and some of them use it for their desired career path. If you are looking for a career opportunity in any profile, get guidance from numerologists.

Number and their magic in our Life!

1. It’s the very first number and the sun rules it! It has a masculine characteristic and turns the beliefs into reality. 

2. It is the number that defines feminine personality, class, style, intelligence, life choices.

3. It determines the creative person with a good IQ level. It helps to perform the right activity at the right time. 

4.  After number 2 this is the second number which also expounds a women’s personality, considering good physical activity and a strong appearance. 

5. This number defines a personality of an extrovert person, who always finds a way to be extra in life.

6. This number is ruled by planet Venus and is entitled to a loving and caring personality. 

7. This number defines a passionate person who is always willing to do so better in life without box thinking. 

8. Considered money, fame, and power. Leads to both positive construction and negative destruction.  

9. The last divine number in the series, this is considered for the protection of nature’s personalities and immense knowledge. 

It is a very fun and interesting thing to learn and understand.  One can even make a career opportunity in the same. They can apply for the best online astrology courses in India. There are numerous website and colleges in India which provides numerology manual course. You will get to learn everything about the calculation of numbers, birth dates, life path numbers, master numbers, and more. A person is only eligible for the Numerology course if he/she is 18+ and graduated. Also, if you are interested more in offline courses with a better experience of learning you can even apply for astrology courses in Indian Universities.


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