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How To Use Numerology To Find Your Life Path For 2022

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Apr 05 2022 numerology_college,Learn_numerology_online,numerology_course_fees,Learn_numerology_free

The year 2022 is a 6 Universal year! 2+0+2+2=6!


The numerology is valued from 1 to 9 and this year 2+0+02+2=6 is ruled by Venus!

This is the universal year which is about acknowledging responsibilities, success, glamour, entertainment, and self-love. The world is speculating on mental health, self-love, self-care, and healing. This year is a new change and will raise full of positivity. 


There will be demanding circumstances in relationships in the first quarter of the year but you will figure it out and will get back on with love. The social and business interactions will more don’t wait for the opportunity to come, go for the various opportunities. 


This year will give a rise to your potential. 


2022 – Yearly prediction to get your successful life track!


People whose birth dates are – 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,27,30 , it will be favourable year for y’all.A numerology reading can help you with tricks and ideas to go for it, you can go for Numerology reading online or Numerology courses online. 


Find out your numerology number and knows what it means –


The Birth Number!


Look at your birth date to find your birthday number! If you were born on the 6th your birthday number is the 6th. If you were born on 17 (double-digit number), then add up both numbers (1+7= 8) to find your birthday number. For birthday numbers you don’t have to reduce the single-digit number. Only you have to use the date number, not the year or month number. This easy peasy trick helps you to find your lucky number. 


Life Path Number – 


Your life path number shows you the destiny of your life. It indicates your personality, creativeness, nature, and the karmic debt you have t go through. To find out your life path number you will need to add your date of birth, month, and the year you were born. 

Let’s say you were born on 23rd November 1999, so you need to add the numerical birth number, 2+3=5, then add the double-digit birth month number i.e. November =11; 1+1=2, and then finally the year in which you were born = 1+9+9+9= 28. And break down the number again by adding; 2+8=9 and here we get our single number. 


Now add on all the main numbers; 5 (Birth Date) + 2 (Birth Month) + 9 (Birth Year). Deduce all the numbers; 5+2+9= 16. At last, we have to make a number single-digit number so will get back to making the number as a single-digit 1+6=7. This gets us your Life path number is 7 and start manifesting about its role. 


Destiny Numbers –


Your destiny numbers show the part of your life which has been written for your betterment. It keeps the fulfillment of what your heart wants and what you desire in life. To calculate this same you can use mathematical calculation as a life path number but also you need to use your first and last name aligns with numbers. Each alphabet letter has a number that co-relates with it. 


Use the number 1 for the letters A, J, and S.


Use the number 2 for the letters B, K, and T.


Use the number 3 for the letters C, L, U,


Use the number 4 for the letters D, M, and V.


Use the number 5 for the letters E, N, and W.


Use the number 6 for the letters F, O, X,


Use the number 7 for the letters G, P, and Y.


Use the number 8 for the letters H, Q, and Z.


Use the number 9 for the letters I, and R.


What meaning does number keep in Numerology and how does it represent your personality in 2022!


These numbers are used to understand the facts behind numerology which is correlated with your life. These numbers keep popping in your life as a lucky number for good things to be happening. 


Number 1 represents a person’s personality as a strong, independent, and self-sufficient person. Who is capable of his/her power to do anything. They have a center of attraction personality.


Number 2 represents a person’s personality who is very patient about things and has a positive attractive energy. 


Number 3 represents a person’s personality who is socially active, good at communication and likes to interact with people outside. 


Number 4 represents a person’s personality who is up to their commitment and makes sense in every point.


Number 5 represents a person who is very fun-loving and has an attractive smile and personality. Who grabs people’s attention by their words.


Number 6 represents a person’s personality who has leadership skills and performs top in every stage of life. They very well know how to handle a situation.


Number 7 represents a person’s personality who has high intuition power, who is sensitive, careful, and full of emotions. And are highly invested in any of their relationships. 


Number 8 represents a person’s personality who runs behind success and is always up to learn new things. They are an innate desire to rule their era. 


Number 9 represents a person’s personality who is stuck on something related to the past or present and is difficult to move ahead to new things. 


Calculate your lucky number and apply in 2022 with your manifestation! 


Summing Up!


These are the basic numerology bluffs that you can do by yourself, but to be a professional numerologist’ you can join an Institute which offers numerology courses in India.There are numerous numerology colleges in India but as preferred by many people IVA India is the best institute to learn numerology


IVA India administrates numerology classes online which helps one to learn about it by comforting at their home. They provide diploma and professional diploma courses in Numerologywith exam conduction and certification with hands-on experience under the guidance of the experts. 


Numerology courses fees depend on your choice, if you opt for a Diploma course or a Professional Diploma course which goes for the duration of 6months to 12 months can require daily practice for 20 minutes. 


Visit the website – and grab the offer of learning Numerology for free!


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