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10 Simple Ways to Eliminate Negativity from your Home

By Admin Jan 18 2022 vastu

Our life is influenced by energy. Since there is both negative and positive energy residing in this universe, the one you’re most surrounded with decides the trajectory of your life.

For instance, people surrounded by positive energy have a growth mindset and are blessed with prosperity. On the contrary, an abundance of negative energy makes a person destructive and prone to adversities.

To maximise positive energy and eliminate negative energy from life, Vastu has guided people through the centuries. It has been used as a tool used to mend the natural elements in your favour. A person spends a maximum amount of their time in their homes, hence, the energy that dominates your home plays a massive role in your day to day life.

Negative energy causes quarrels and hinders the collective growth of a family. As a result, it is equally crucial to eliminate negativity. It is advisable to visit a vastu consultant if quarrels in the family have increased. But for now, here are 10 simple ways to eliminate negativity from your home.

1. Keep your home clean

A cluttered house also indicates a cluttered mind. It not only diminishes the positive energy but allows the negative energy to linger in the house. As a result, people who keep cluttered homes also face confusion and uncertainty in other aspects of their lives.

On the other hand, keeping the home tidy and clean makes it look welcoming and invites positive energy. You should also keep the home decor bright yet minimal and avoid using darker shades, especially in the bedroom. Bright colours like yellow, blue, orange also promote positivity and make a space look lively.

2. Proper air circulation

Natural elements like wind and sunlight should be regular visitors to your home. Opening windows to invite sunshine also brings in positivity. As the sun is the main energy source of the universe, Natural light is also a form of positive energy which gives strength and stability.

3. Salts to absorb negative energy

Salt is known to naturally absorb negative energy. Hence, keeping salt crystals or sprinkling them in your house can absorb all the negative energy from it. Entrance is where both negative and positive energy can enter the house, hence, keeping a cloth pouch filled with

salt also helps in reducing the negative energy entering your home. You can also keep salt in your living room to counter the negativity entering your home through visitors.

4. Keep idols and holy symbols

Holy symbols like Swastika and Om radiate positive energy. Hence, it should be placed near the entrance as well as in the mandir. Ensure that these symbols are placed in the northern direction. Additionally, you can place Ganga Jal, also called the holy water in the darker corners of your home and change it weekly.

It is also wise to visit a Vastu consultant if you feel your home is being continually filled with negative energy.

5. Wooden doors and Furniture

Wood is considered an auspicious material in Vedic Astrology. Therefore, Astrologers emphasise a lot on building entrances and furniture made of wood to bring positivity and prosperity into your home and office. As per Vastu, wood must never be sourced from trees fallen in the storm or rotten trees. Hence, you must ensure that the wood is properly sourced.

6. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add life to a place. They make your home look welcoming and aesthetic. Not only this, they bring in positive energy and purify the air. You must always maintain your plants and never let them dry. Dried plants or leaves should be removed from the home. Some Vastu aligned indoor plants are Tulsi (Holy Basil), Money plant, Bamboo plant, Rose & Lavender.

It is equally important to know which plants to avoid. Cactus and other thorny plants are considered bad as per Vastu. In addition, rubber plants which produce milk are also unfavoured in Vastu and must be avoided.

If you like gardening and are skeptical about which plants to grow, enroll in a Vastu course and learn all about Vastu Shastra. Not only will you get in-depth knowledge but guidance to increase positivity in your home.

7. Aquarium

Fishes have always been considered noble beings in Vastu. They are known to fix Vastu defects and counter negative energy inside your home. Therefore, keeping an aquarium in the north or east direction ensures a steady flow of positivity in your home.

It is advisable to always keep an aquarium in your living room. As your living room is most commonly visited placed by outsiders, fishes can deflect the negative energy someone might bring inside your home.

Make sure that the water inside the fish tank is not stagnant and all hygiene standards are met to keep the fish healthy.

8. Ringing Bells

Bells are used in Puja rituals and are made of either brass or copper. Ringing them in your home brings prosperity and improves the spiritual state of the person ringing it. The vibrations produced by the bell are known to invoke the deities and eliminate negativity from your home.

9. Wear clean clothes inside your home

Home is often free from judgement, hence, we let our guards down and do as we please. We also don't care about the clothes we’re wearing or how we’re looking once we are in our comfort zone. As much as it is important to stay comfortable in your home, you must never wear damaged or torn clothes. Damaged clothes highlight poor maintenance of yourself as well as your home and hence must be avoided.

10. Follow minimalistic living

Minimalism is often favoured in Vastu as it teaches a human the ability to get rid of unnecessities. Minimalism allows you to be thoughtful of things you keep in your life and avoid the things which bring in negativity. One of the main aspects of the following minimalism is decluttering your home. When you stop hoarding unnecessary things, your home will automatically radiate positive energy.

Lastly, negativity in your home isn’t always created by objects or things. It also comes from within. The way you treat your parents, spouse and children also determine the kind of energy that stays in your house. People can follow all the Vastu tips by the books, but if they do not make efforts to change themselves for the good, their homes will be filled with negativity.

Therefore, maintaining a home that is filled with love and respect ensures the constant flow of positivity, and that is the most important aspect people should focus on.

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