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gems_and_crystals_therapy By Institute of Vedic Astrology May 05 2020

The Benefits of Green Gemstones -

Colors are beautiful, so as the stones which have different colors. The gemstones not only enhances the beauty of the person wearing it, but it also has its benefits rather than it. 
Gemstones are most commonly made from minerals but they also have some sacred faculties in it as well as some health benefits.

Many people use gemstones to increase their luck and wealth, and some people use it to enhance their health and horoscope faults (Dosh), as according to astrology it is highly suggested that wearing stones can lower the faults of your horoscope (kundali). 

Here, you'll get the information about some green colored gemstones and how the green gemstones can be proven beneficial for your life. 

In the list of green colored stones, there are so many but there are some green stones which are highly preferred by people in their day to day life. Wearing a green gemstone can give you an end number of different benefits in your personal as well as professional life.

1.Green Pearl- 

Green pearl not only looks beautiful on your hand or neck but it can change your life as well as full stop the green pearl has a meaning and properties which can clean your mind. This gemstone is specially created to cleanse negative feelings and thoughts inside the person. This stone increases positivity and courage and makes its wearer emotionally accessible, kind, psychologically healthy, and motivated. Gemstones especially pearl are especially beneficial for those people who are mentally disturbed or depressed. People who are having emotional imbalance, stress, anxiety can wear green pearl and I can feel the difference and their mindset as well.

2. Emerald stone- 

The emerald stone is also consist of green color. It is highly recommended for the people who are facing competitive exams especially students who are still in the field of study. This stone can simply help them to achieve good scores in their exam. It is also said that the stone is good to enhance creativity in the person. Stone provides good imagination power and increases the creativity level of the person in the fields of art, science, music, etc. It also helps to activate the heart chakra and helps to balance the emotions.

3. Green Fluorite-

Many people always face a weak immune system. The weak immunity can lead to a healthy lifestyle so to enhance the immunity in one's body green fluorite is the right choice. This green gemstone enhances the immunity system comma increases cell regeneration and assimilates vital nutrients. This stone has huge health benefits as well. The green fluorite helps you to heal your scars both emotional as well as physical. If someone is having a problem related to stomach throat or sleep one can use this stone to get relief.

4. Green Diamond-

Not only the original white diamond but the green diamond stone have its special benefits. This diamond is very supportive to increase health and stamina of the person. It enhances the overall physical and mental health of the person. As the green color symbolizes vigor, activity, and life so the green diamond also increases the life and stamina of the person. The green diamond is associated with balanced renewal and rebirth.

5. Green Sapphire-

This is a very interesting gemstone in the group of gems. The green sapphire gemstone is very soothing and calming to the eyes. The green sapphire enhances and strengthens your spiritual vision. People who are connected with spiritual works can wear this stone to enhance their spiritual power. This stone brings the wisdom of loyalty and integrity to your life. This gemstone is very rare and valuable. If you want to have the best in it you can go for a dark green or medium green colored sapphire.

There are many more green gemstones rather than this if you want to know about other different gemstones and green colored gemstones you can also get to know about this by learning gems therapy. The Institute of Vedic astrology is offering an online distance learning course in gems and crystals therapy. With the help of an online distance learning course in gems and crystals therapy, you can know the deep facts about different gems and crystals.


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  • Easy astrological remedies to overcome financial problems

    In today's time, if there is something that can prevent our every difficulty, then it is Astrology. Astrology can solve every problem, that too sitting at home, and the best part is that you can learn all about it with the help of online astrology courses available at the different websites of the institute as per your wish. All we need is to have true faith in them and do some hard work.

    The description of astrology dates back to our forefathers; astrology was given an essential place, and even today, it has got a crucial place, and people can easily know about it in the comfort of their homes with the help of distance learning astrology courses in India. Have you ever watched or read Mahabharata or Ramayana? If yes, then I can say that you are well known for the power of Astrology? In both epics, there is a description of great saints like Maharishi Dronacharya, Valmiki, and Vishwamitra. How they were predicting the future of the kingdom of current kings who were ruling there at that time, and the same was happening as a prediction.

    How were they predicting so accurately? Did they have the third eye or some other divine power to see the future? Let's accept they had some divine powers, but also they were very sharp in calculating the positions of the planets and stars. They had great knowledge and experience in calculating these things, and one can learn it with dedication through the school of astrology online.

    If we move forward from the era of Lord Ram to the new era of Gupta Vansh in Pataliputra, there was a mathematician called Aryabhatta who was also an Astronomer. He has made many theories related to the calculation of stars and planets.

    Apart from imagination, nobody had seen the other planets and their orbits until the United States launched their first human space mission; although we have been worshipping all nine planets from our ancient times in the 19th and 20th centuries, scientists have found these planets.

    Our birth time and data relate to a specific planet and star, and the position of these stars and planets explains our current situation. There is the meaning of something related to the position of stars like

    How Different Planets Explain Our Current Situation

    ● Sun- Represent your energy levels and collective focus in your life.

    ● Moon- Moon represents your general mood.

    ● Mercury- Mercury represents your communication, peace of mind, and also your financial status.

    ● Venus- Venus shows your relationship, art skills, and relationship with someone.

    ● Mars- The position of this planet can define your passion, courage to take risks, and desire to achieve something and compete with someone; it also shows your aggression level.

    ● Jupiter- This planet is responsible for your growth and luck and is also related to your prosperity.  

    ● Saturn relates to your karma, discipline, obstacles, law, perseverance, and strength.

    ● Uranus- It relates and can show your future growth. It also relates to science and technology, new inventions, and progressive ideas.

    ● Neptune - Neptune shows your interest in religion and spirituality. It expresses your imagination and mystical powers.

    ● Pluto- This planet can play a great role in anyone's life; it determines your transformation, regeneration, and destruction.

    These all planet and their movement during birth are responsible for your current situation. One can learn about it by enrolling in the best online Vedic astrology course or attending astrology classes online in India. Lets us know about it in more detail

    How to Solve Money Problems with Astrology?

    ● Astrologically, the second house of a natal chart is primarily concerned with finance.
    ● The fourth house displays landed property, bank balance, luxuries, and happiness.
    ● A fifth house is also a place where money matters are highlighted.
    ● The eighth house is a symbol of inheritance gains
    ● The eleventh house is a sign of one's efforts or labor gains.

    One can analyze the financial condition of the lords of the concerned houses to determine the native's financial situation. Money gains are guaranteed by strong benefits placed in the eleventh place. Shadow planet Rahu is a sign of illusory gains. It also means that someone will suddenly gain through his efforts.

    In the second place, Saturn gives the wisdom to manage large sums of money, but this wisdom can only be gained after much effort. It can also lead to unexpected expenses, and this too in high quantity. It is a source of great fortune, i.e., Jupiter can form an association with these houses to increase financial strength.

    A comfortable lifestyle can also be achieved by placing Venus or its positive influence on the second house. Mercury and Venus are well-positioned and can lead to financial strength. Jupiter is placed under the sign of Mars, and Jupiter's positive influence over Mars can also indicate handsome financial gains.

    Astrological Remedies That Can Help

    As per astrology science, if you have any problem, first you need to see the position of your stars, and if something is wrong, you need to do some Garah Pooja, which can help you to overcome your problems.

    For financial issues, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn have more impact on people's life. It would be best if you cared about these planets. Wealth is the most important thing in human life for living a good comfortable, and luxurious life. Earning money is not so easy sometimes; we do a lot of hard work to earn money but fail to do so. The burden of family pressure and their needs take back man on foot to full fill wishes of the family we take loans from banks, do unnecessary money spending or sometimes huge loose of money in business or some other health issue of a family member.

    Sometimes we try to control unnecessary spending and try to save but fail to do that because new problems arise, and we spend that money to solve these new problems.

    Some remedies can help us overcome these financial problems; lord Kubera possesses all kinds of wealth, so always try to make him happy for this you need to do to change to the position of your locker. The Southwest corner is known as a Bhandara Corner; it indicates the position of the wealth storage. The second thing you also need the blessing of goddess Laxmi to keep growing your business, work, job, anything from where you are earning money; always keep your places clean where you are living because if you want that goddess Laxmi and Lord Kubera stays in your house, you always need to keep your house clean and secret.

    Either you can do some other pooja to overcome these problems; time your planets are weakened in your horoscope for this, you need to do some Grah Shanti pooja and use Siddha Kawachi if there is Vastu dosha in the construction of your house or inner designer you need to fix it. The chanting mantra can also help you overcome those kinds of problems, like the Laxmi mantra or the Gayatri mantra.

    In our Hindu culture, females of the house are the second version of the goddess, so always respect them.

    With the help of astrology, you can solve most of the issues related to your health, wealth, Vastu, or whatever it must stay in our life culture to solve 90% of our problems.

    In this new era where we are just following technology and science and forgetting our old culture, it can be harmful to us in the future. Still, many students want to be a scholar of astrology science on the many online platforms available in the new age of the internet and technology.

    Suppose you want to be a professional astrologer with certificates and you have no time to attend the classes. In that case, many colleges available in India can help you achieve your goals as an astrologer with certificates that can help others overcome the problem related to the Jyotish vidya. You can choose the best online Vedic astrology course or get enrolled in the best astrology online courses.

     There are great differences between Vedic astrology and modern astrology. Vedic astrology is a very vast field. You can also learn these courses online and offline mood various online platforms, which can help you learn these courses for free.

    Calendar Panchangam and every solar eclipse, moon position, everything depends on the calculation and Jyotish Vidya, Hindu Jyotish vidya is very advanced because when Hindu Panchangam release there is forecasting and prediction has given for the whole year even if there is too much rainfall or hot weather in a particular month.


    We should not let our culture mix with a modern system. Technology is helping a lot to calculate with more accuracy. So always remember transformation is the rule of nature; everything will change with time and replace with new technology Computers can calculate accurately but can't think logically. However, many places can help you to learn; all you need is to get enrolled in the best online astrology courses in India for effective learning.

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  • How to become a successful numerologist?

    Numerology is as much in life as the name Numerology itself suggest that it is a form of astrology. In this article we can tell us about the Numerology and various ways to learn numerology online. In other words, the future can be counted in Numerology, and according to the same calculation, our future is said about it since our birth is related to our birth. It is calculated, and by this, we are told our future, the calculation of the assesses that attract our planets as much as the importance of digits in our life is, and we believe in these kinds of movement and calculation. Nowadays, people do not think it as a form of blind faith; that is why they have to face troubles; they do not know their ability and what they want to do. The Numerologist is the one who can calculate the points and tell us about our future; it can tell which path is appropriate for our life and which path is inappropriate so that by using it, we can move towards a bright future.One can learn about numerology easily at their home by simply enrolling in numerology home study courses and become an expert later on.

    Some people of the city do not trust it because some people do not know about it nor do they know the importance of it.However the people who know the Numerology and believe it, they  respect the astrology, alongwith they also respect the science quickly. With years of effort, we can gain knowledge of calculating the eyes, and it is not necessary to learn that we are very knowledgeable in mathematics. A common man can also learn numerology reading to calculate the digits through daily efforts.

    The life of every person has some of the other lucky numbers that are also based on this number, which guides our character and behavior, according to the numerical calculation, in the same way, our life is spent, according to that our life's decision and further work. It is decided and the number which is found in our life according to Numerology, it tells how our life or our character will be, every number has different importance, it means differently, it is determined accordingly that in our life what can our character be like. One can know about their life with the help of numerologist who have completed the in depth study of numerology courses in India or abroad.

    Numerology has existed since the time numerology was created. The subject of Numerology has been in front of everyone since then. In this era, the sage Muni used to count them and did it. Used to tell about and used give their condition as well in today's world, it was not so difficult to become a non-biologist. First, we had to go to the ashram and learn about it; due to the latest technology, we do not need to go anywhere. We can learn about it sitting at home; many colleges in India are related courses of the controllers who can teach us online. Courses can be learned in this course, gives you information about many things like we can calculate it by our date of birth date, our future things can be found and this course we can easily read from our home sitting at home. It is easy to read the calculation of marks when we know the rule of counting the numbers, and we have to learn it for some years. At the time of calculation, we have to be most careful because if even one digit is wrong, then its result can change; based on this, our interest points are also selected, which number is auspicious for us and which part is inauspicious for us. It is essential for us nowadays, there are also a lot of such websites that offer a course of a numerologist for free. There are many websites on the title of the Numerologist course online where you can take a basic or, say, demo; if anyone has a confusion, then he can demo before using this course and know the simple information about it. How to proceed in this, all this basic information can be found, it can be easy for us to choose our future in the Numerologist and we can quickly know whether we have to move forward in the field of Numerology or not, it is found on many such websites. We can get information about it; after that, we can go towards the entire course and start the information. We can give, and we also get to know how much interest and interest we have in this or not; the basis of calculation of the digits can be done in two ways in the Numerology; the first is from the date of birth. The second is from our full name, the date of birth, and the name is our full name. We can know about our future, and there are other ways in which we can learn how to learn about it. We can get the knowledge of basic control, and we can learn to calculate the digits, as well as if we face some problem in mathematics, then we can understand the numerals by making a chart of numbers for that, in the beginning, we should try to calculate it daily, it is a rule to calculate it only in the number of 1 to 9. We are ready to calculate; if we have a date of birth, then there is a way to calculate it too. We never calculate in two letters.

    How to calculate your birth date according to Numerology?

    The primary purpose of our Numerology is to calculate it in one digit. The number that comes last will be in only one letter, which can be from 1 to 9 as

    if someone is born 08-09-1990,

    then 0 + 0 + 0 9 + 5 = 41

    4 + 1 = 5

    According to this, the best score is 5. Similarly, more calculations are done.

    To learn Numerology and become an expert in it, we should also read many books to gain knowledge of many things and rules or can simply learn numerology free by sitting at your home . However many institute offer this course and numerology course fee are very less when compared to its return of investment. We should read the articles written by those who are experts so that we can get an idea of ​​how this Numerology can be the most beneficial in the field; if we know how to calculate it and if we know about it well, then we can also make our future career in it. Still, before that, we should give full time to it. You have to know about it, and you have to understand about it, you have to learn its calculations.

    Expert advice will have to be taken; if we want, we can also try online to learn it.

    Suppose we are confused about the word that is Numerology. Calculating numbers can be challenging; first of all, we need to clear this thing in our mind: it does not have any formulas or principles; it is only one. There is a simple calculation that is easy to read. It depends on us. There can be three aspects of this calculation.

    • life path number
    • love number
    • destiny number

    These three ways can be done, and it depends only on the numbers of our date of birth; based on these numbers, we can know about our future good and bad events, and all things are determined accordingly.


    In India, there are many colleges where degree courses are done online for free. And if we do it from Open University, then we do not have to go anywhere to give exams. Open University provides us this facility that we can offer the degree in our city by enrolling in numerology home study courses. We can learn about it sitting at home and get its official degree; everything happening around us is the game of all the points. Our life is based on numbers, our planetary constellations are also based on numbers, we should give a lot of time to become successful neurologists, and we should try to make a lot of effort. We should be able to do it can become better numerologists.

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  • Vastu tips for healthy life 2022

    Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science that studies the energy of everything in the universe. Vastu helps us to eliminate the negative energy and convert its effects to positive energy, which can be used for our benefit and progress. Vastu shastra studies the land, building, work area, or space around us. But directly or indirectly, it affects all parts of our life because all our work is interrelated. You can also pursue a Vedic Vastu course.

    Vastu shastra helps in financial prosperity, career stability, academic growth, relationships, and good physical and mental health. We have learned that the human body is made up of five elements. We can also say that this universe is made up of these five elements: Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water. The human body is formed up of these elements and mixed up back with these elements only after death. Thus these elements play a vital role in our life and energy. Each element affects us, and we are controlled by all five of these. We should know each element and how they work in our day-to-day life. We must understand Vastu shastra also plays an important role in using these elements for our good mental and physical health. You can also find the best Vastu shastra course and advanced Vastu courses online.

    Tips for living a healthy life through Vastu

    These five elements help maintain energy in our bodies and around us. This we are directly related to them. These elements control our mind and body. If we have good knowledge about them, we can use them for our betterment and progress. So we should learn about them. In this, we will understand how these elements are controlled in Vastu shastra and which directions are responsible for or dominate them. Accordingly, we can decide what will favor our family and us. And how we can use this energy for our progress and well-being. Let's us individually know about each element.

    Earth is the first element, also known as Prithvi. This element is known for providing stability and patience. It dominates the center and diagonal directions also. Air is the second element, also known as Vayu; this element is known for fun and happiness in life. It dominates the east direction. Space is the third element, also known as Akasha. This element represents cognitive energy and mental peace. It is responsible for all forms of social energy. It dominates the West direction. Fire is the fourth element and is also known as Agni. This element represents confidence, money, and success. It dominates the South direction. Water is the fifth element, also called Jal. This element supports life. Thus is the major element associated with immunity and health. It dominated the North direction. All these details you can find in the Vastu architecture course and Vastu consultant course.

    For all human beings, a major factor is health. As we all know, "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body." If we are physically and mentally fit, we lead healthy and peaceful life. Health is the most important part of the progress of a human being. If we are not physically fit, we cannot perform our day-to-day work properly, which leads to mental and personal loss and hampers our progress in life.

    Now let us study how these element and Vastu helps us to maintain a good and healthy life. Vastu helps us in knowing about the different directions of the house and the energy level of that place. Certain measures are mentioned below that can be followed for the good health of all our family members. And maintain peace and prosperity in the house. You can go to a pandit who has done a degree course in Vastu Shastra.

    Vastu says Fire (Agni) element is also responsible for health factors; if fire element is imbalanced, it causes sickness in the house. So to balance it fireplace should be in the house's southeast direction. So we should place candles and diyas in the southeast direction only.

    Our sleeping habits are also responsible for our health. Our bedroom is where we sleep and gain most of our energy by relaxing. The position of our bed should be in such a place that it is a little away from the wall so that positive energy can flow. And while sleeping, we should face South direction for a sound sleep. The center of our house should be left empty, or we should keep light furniture in the center. This helps free the flow of energy in the house. One should avoid placing mirrors opposite the bed as a reflection of a sleeping person drives his/her energy and causes sickness.

    If someone in the house is not well for a long time, keep a burning candle in the room, which helps in fast recovery. We should ensure that our bathroom and kitchen energy do not mix up. If they are opposite to each other, make sure doors should be closed and kept close to avoid energy mixing up. While drinking water, we should face east or northeast direction; this helps to make the immune system good. If there is space around the house, we should plant citric fruit trees near the entrance of the house. This invites good health and prosperity. We should not place a cactus inside the house as it is considered a negative plant that affects our health and relationship. You can also do Vastu online classes or find Vastu classes near me on the internet.

    Vastus says salt is also a very useful component that plays a very important role in healthy living. If anyone is ill for a long time or suffering from the disease, a bowl of rock salt or black salt should be kept at his bedside. Make sure that the patient's head should be in the east direction. This helps in the fast recovery of their health. Also once a week floor of our house should be cleaned using salt that keeps illness away from the house. Using rock salt or black salt in the food is also good for health. It keeps our blood pressure controlled and makes a person fit and fine. Rock salt does not have any side effects as normal white salt.

    In earlier days and even today, a picture of Lord Hanuman is placed in the house. It should always be South facing because he is Lord of health and protects our family from illness and disease. Vastu Shastra classes should be held in every university and school.

    We can place air purifying plants inside the house. Leaking taps should be repaired soon. Health is directly related to the food we eat, so the dining room is the heart of the house. By placing mirrors to reflect the food on the table, we attract abundance into the house. Many such small things were taken care of from very ancient times. These small tips not only bring wealth but also prosperity to our house. We should remember health is wealth.

    Our grandparents sometimes tell us about many such small things, we call them religious beliefs, but there are not only religious beliefs and are now proven in the modern study of science. All the older rituals and beliefs are now directly or indirectly relating to science these days. Similarly, Vastu shastra is also a type of science only. Now when we study this, we come through the olden day's rituals followed by our ancestors. And we can connect more easily.

    Different fields of Vastu shastra can be studied nearby us. Many universities have accepted that this ancient knowledge is helpful for human beings and can solve many problems in our life. Many universities in India offer a diploma in this course, and one can get a certificated degree in this course. Learning such courses can lead help mankind.

    Today's youth is keen on learning all the ancient knowledge because somehow, these beliefs are also related scientifically. We can learn Vastu through books; many famous writers have also written books on Vastu shastra. It is not very difficult to understand if we start from simple books and basic studies. Once the base is clear, you can move up level by level. Many universities offer offline courses, and online courses are also available.


    Getting an online advance vastu shastra course is easy because today's world is advanced; if one cannot attend universities regularly, one can enroll in online courses. Online certification is also available, and degrees can be taken. Vastu shastra is a vast topic to study once you get inside it, you would like to go deeper to discover every part of it. It will help today's youth explore and learn more about this unique science.

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  • Astro house chart and its importance in astrology

    Astro chart directly refers to our birth chart; we also call it as kundAstroli. It shows the position of the planets and stars at the time we are born. Each of these planets has its different effects on human beings. Studying their effects gives one a rough idea of an individual's life. We cannot say these are exact predictions but somehow are related to our life. These stars represent some conditions that affect individuals' life. In olden times these charts were prepared by astrologers (Jyotish), and they used to find out how these stars and planets would affect individual progress in life. And if any of them create a negative impact, how can it be reduced.

    Astrology divides all the factors of nature under the twelve zodiac signs. These zodiac signs help us to study the horoscope of all human beings, which we call Rashi. All these zodiac signs depend on the moon's motion during the position of different planets. These zodiac signs and their nature impact the person falling under their jobs, and sometimes there might be exceptions also. However, these birth charts can mostly predict the nature and characteristics of the person. All the twelve zodiac signs have some unique features as per their nature. All the planets fall under the five major elements of the universe. So many astrology courses are also available, and anyone can pursue an online astrology course, or you can also do an astrology course online for free.

    Every planet and star has its path, and they exist in a particular house, and that houses represent your personality, your behavior, and cooperation with society. With the help of these houses, it is easy to understand and find the past, present, and future of a person. You just need to calculate it by your birth date, time, and location. These houses are divided into 12 equal parts, and each part represents our Sun's moment; let us know about each part of this house and what it represents about a person. There are so many astrology courses in India that are also available.

    Importance of Astro Chart

    The first house tells about a person's physical appearance and personality, and the second relates to your job, earnings and family, and marital status. The third house represents the style of your communication, travel, and relationship with society's friends. The fourth house shows the status of the maternal relationship and your living infrastructure. The fifth house is related to your creative interest in children, and the 6 house the related to your help daily routine life in the 7th house explanation about partnership 8th house is associated with the transformation. Travel philosophy and education are all defined in the 9th house 10th related with your public figure amongst the people 11th out define about your friendship and personal networking—emotional attachment-related with 12th house. Astrology courses in college should also be available for students, and distance learning astrology courses. These all were the common relations and differences between each house and number.

    With the excellent knowledge of astrology need to make a little extra effort like you can join or learn from online classes. With the help of these charts, it is easy to find the right path for your good and comfortable future life.

    These things are very close to human life nobody can ignore this thing. Without spiritual power, no religion exists. For all religions, different rules have been created, but everyone believes in future predictions; whatever the situation presents, everyone wants to make it correct that's why people want to know about their future. It does not matter what his Karma was in the past life, but we want a good life and a better future.

    For distance learning, you can add many books to your library and acquire great knowledge people wants just good prediction; it does not matter whether you have a pandit's certificate or not. We can understand the craze for future prediction nowadays when pandits of astrology demonstrate their skills of future prediction on TV shows, online platforms, and in public gatherings. General predictions related to Rashi's are the daily highlights of newspapers, so we can understand how people are crazy about future predictions. Sometimes people's current life depends on their past life; usually, we call it "rebirth" if someone did ferocious things and sins in his last life, he has to suffer in his current life. That's why when Kundli generates, they have specific planets and stars which carry their last life's due work, Karma, results, sins, and the welfare of people. People's future is related to their past Karma; if it is bad, you will have to suffer; if it is good, you will enjoy your future or current life. Jaimini's astrology course is also very beneficial for us.

    These houses are defined in Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is ancient and derived from the Vedas.

    Without these houses, it would be impossible to calculate a particular person's position of stars and planets.

    As we know how Jyotish vidya helps us in our daily routine life, it shows the correct path to make our life journey trip easy. If someone is facing a problem, they used to go to the Jyotish and ask them for the proper help to resolve their problems if there is any Kundali dosh.

    The zodiac sign is also divided under these elements. They are air, fire, earth, and water. As per these elements, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius fall under the fire element. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces fall underwater element. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are under the air element. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are under the earth elements. All these elements have a particular power that gives them a special quality. These elements work together to balance each other, distributing their strength and weakness evenly for all the zodiac signs, creating a beautiful cosmic wall of interconnection.

    The Astro chart helps us to study the zodiac by the positions of these different planets. A birth chart of a child is prepared when a child is born. If we study the birth chart, a major incident in life can be marked by the position of stars and constellations. For example, before marriage, the birth chart of both people who are going to get married is studied by an astrologer. If everything is good and the characteristics of their planets and signs match, they will have a good relationship and a happy married life as per him. There may also be certain issues, but the astrologer's measure can resolve them. All the planet and have a negative and positive effect. Suppose there are any negative effects of certain stars; the measure given by the astrologer can reduce them. As per astrologer, every zodiac sign has a certain precious stone related to it; these stones also provide strength as per their energy. The negative of a planet cannot be removed but reduced to a certain extent.

    The Astro chart or birth chart is not only referred for marriage but also for career, relationship, family well-being, work, and health-related fields. Sometimes a person faces long health issues; this is due to the effects of those planets which are responsible for health. If properly studied and precautions are taken, their effects can be reduced, and a person can overcome them easily. Sometimes you may consider it as magic only, but these are just cosmic energy interrelated to each. Different parts of science can be related to different fields of Astrology.

    As per the Astro chart, there are different houses for different planets in the chart of every human being. The position of these planets in different houses with planets creates different conditions in the life of a person and affects his overall life and progress. If the position is with friendly planets, it creates fruitful results and brings success, and if, with an enemy planet, it goes vice versa. We can take an example of the planet Saturn also called (Shani) when this planet enters a particular zodiac sign for seven and half years, called sadasathi. Sometimes for two and a half years, also known as Dhayia of Shani. Saturn is also called Lord of Justice and is a great teacher. He rewards the righteous acts and punishes those who follow evil paths and betrayal. He is also known as the Lord of Karma, who gives us a revert of our sins. He is the most unfavorable planet that brings restrictions and misfortune.


    Similarly, all the planets have different effects and different characteristics. We need to provide the strength and worship them to have their blessings. For that one, all the astrology methods should gain this valuable knowledge with help of online astrology course and use them for the benefit of our life and future. It can always be helpful for the progress of our self, and also we'll be of another person.

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  • Can astrology help a person overcome depression

    Now in today's busy life, it is very hard to find the time for ourselves we all have a lot of work-related to office or business, families, children, friends everyone has different expectations and needs it is very difficult to find time for everyone, and full fill their expectation it is a most difficult thing in the word to make happy everyone.

    By the feelings of guilt because of failing to full fill the wishes of your loved ones you start taking so much pressure, there could be more reasons like financial problems, health problems, Vastu of your houses are jealousy or some other reasons take you on the way of stress and depression.

    Usually, as per medical science, when people feel not good or happy, the state of their mind takes them away from their natural state of mind, so people use to take so much stress and always keep thinking about those problems instead of trying to find a solution. Some people live a luxurious life even if they cannot find peace of mind.

    Depression is nothing but the dwelling of negativity in our life which only reminds us of our defeat and failure; it is good to think excessively, but thinking excessively about negativity is depression, and it weakens us not only mentally but also physically life.

    Keeping us in sorrow is its symptom, or else we can never understand the good. In every work, we see only sorrow, and we continuously think about that; this condition is depression.

    Depression can happen to any person; it is not a difficult thing in today's era. Due to the failures of today's problems it is making a home in people's minds; someone fails in real life when a person is not able to complete his work. When a person cannot find happiness, the mind starts cursing itself, putting pressure on itself, and going away from real life. It puts us in the circle of sadness, and to get away from depression, and it is necessary to know whether what we think is right or not.

    Depression is the name of negative thinking; when we start getting negative things from all around, and we can not find any good in it even after wishing, then we start writing our world, and people of today commit suicide due to depression. We also choose the path, but suicide is not the right solution to choose the path, only we commit suicide to save ourselves from it, but if we want, we can overcome depression because it is not only real, it is only the only part of our mind. Imagination is there, and based on that image, we make our life imaginary in which we only find ourselves defeated, but the truth is that we should try to live in real life and accept reality and work based on it.

    Nowadays, depression is a very common problem for everyone. Somebody is depressed even without any kind of reason because he is filling alone or they have not got enough likes on their Instagram or Facebook posts.

    Healthy and happy people also can go into depression when they fail in their career or have a great loss in the business if their career is going darkly Or they failed to save their love life.

    In astrology, depression could be the reason for your bad state and the position of planets and stars or depression. A person's mood is always not in peace; he always looks restless. Sometimes they get very angry outside, always in anxiety, and think about suicide or death they could have sleep disorders, body pain, headache, or sickness they fail to make correct decisions. If someone wants to do this sitting at home, then many online astrology courses are also available, and you can also pursue astrology courses online for free.

    As per medical science, your damaged state of mind causes depression in astrology, for mental peace is for the good state of your mind.

    Moon is the key player; when the moon is set with Neptune and Pluto or comes with Saturn, you lose control of your mind. There are so many astrology courses available in India.

    There are some remedies in astrology to overcome depression:

    ●  You should add silver to your daily life by drinking water or eating food. You can use a silver glass or plate. You can also use silver bangles or backless in your hands.

    ●  You must pray to Lord Shiva because he poses the moon on his head.

    ●  Daily yoga and exercise may help you to overcome this problem.

    ●  Make a strong belief and willpower because half of your work will be done if you believe in yourself; if you are supposed to win and try to work on the positive path, you are going to win it does no matter how many obstacles come in your path and you determine to uprooted from your path.

    ●  Depression is the evil that not only steals the peace of mind and weekend your belief system but also can destroy your thought process.

    Spirituality can help you to work on this kind of situation because it gives you your soul's inner face.

    Astrology can help you to overcome depression and stress; the different facts about astrology and its remedies are directly connected with his spiritual words. Any kind of spirituality will help you to grow your mental peace and give you a special treat for relaxation. Astrology courses in India are available.

    If you worry too much and care too much burden of pressure, you need to learn a few methods of astrology. It is not too hard because of the internet, so finding an easy solution and learning online via various platforms is very easy even nowadays; some the astronomers play online classes for free and give classes very professionally like paid services, all, although you can take knowledge from there for your benefits if you go through it, classes may they would provide you may want more best options like a certificate of astrology later you can do your own business professionally or can help others as a social worker or for your benefits. Astrology courses in colleges are also available in many universities, and distance learning astrology courses are also available.

    There are many parts of astrology, like natural astrology, related to the placement of major celestial bodies at the time and the places of your body.

    Numerology is the part of calculation and placement of stars and prediction about the future.

    Palmistry, although I would not say that palmistry is an integral part of astrology because Astrology predictions depend on the place of planets and stars, and after the correct calculation, you can say something about future in the palmistry by the analysis of the lines of your form you can know about the person present past and future it just related with the physical appearance of the body.

    Yoga is also an integral part of astrology to overcome any kind of mental and spiritual disorders.

    Horoscope is generally divided into a zone, each with its planets and stars. By this, you can know about general prediction either this is so many courses under astrology if needed you can learn each of them and usually. Jaimini astrology course is a very vast and ancient authentic system of astrology. Generally, the origin of astrology in India is also mentioned in our shastras.

    In astrology, it is very easy to find if the person is struggling with depression or not by analyzing the Kundli lines of his palm. To maintain a good mental balance, people must avoid so much stress and a toxic environment as impossible to live with nature and follow the rules. If you go through the opposite of nature will automatically go opposite to you.

    As we are growing with modern technology, we forget the old cultures; computers have replaced Pundits, but computers can do only calculations but are not able to do any kind of logical thinking. So for a better future, we must save our soil, our culture, and our ancient books, which can give us constructive and decent knowledge.


    Depression is a dilemma that completely ruins a person's life, and there is no proper treatment for it, even in medical science. Still, through astrology courses, we can altogether remove depression from ourselves, just if we need it. Have faith, and then you will be away from this dilemma for life.

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  • Best vedic vastu shastra tips for a perfect home

    Vastu Shastra, in simple words, means the science of architecture. Vastu is a text on the traditional Indian architecture system, which describes the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. As per Indian mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is the creator of Vastu, crafts, and architecture. Even today, the architect continues the tradition of worshiping Lord Vishwakarma for the well-being of their work. It is described in the Vedic Vastu Course.

    Our universe is full of positive and negative energies; Vastu Shastra helps us understand these energies because every land and building has a vibration of energy associated with them. Vastu aims to eliminate this negative energy and enhance the positive energy for our positive growth and well-being. We must go to a person who has done the Vastu Architecture course and who can give us the correct information about it.

    Some tips to make your house lucky for you:

    Let us learn about some Vastu tips for a perfect home. As we know, all the places around us contain vibrations of negative and positive energy. To convert this energy into positive and use them for our benefit, we can follow these tips: The house's entrance door should face North, east, or northeast directions. Through this, we ensure optimal energy entering our house. When one steps out of the house, one should face the North, northeast, or east direction; according to Vastu, it is an archway to victory. Other than that, these main doors should be properly lit during evening hours. The main door should look more appealing than the other doors of the house. We can make it attractive by using different decorative torans and beautiful nameplates. We can also plant a floral climber outside the house's main entrance that gives a stunning look to the house's entrance. One should not keep shoe racks at the main door, and we should not paint the main door in black color. If anyone desires to know about Vastu Shastra, they will get the best Vastu Shastra course in our country only.

    For the kitchen, the southeast direction is considered an Idyllic space. Light color v paints should be used to activate fire elements. Make sure the gas burner or stove should be southeast facing, and the sink should be in the North-East direction. You will get all this information in Advance Vastu Course.

    The bedroom is our place for relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves. The bed should be placed in the South or west direction as per this position of the bed, and your legs will face the North or East direction, which will help you in sound and better sleep. This ensures our mental well-being. The bedroom walls should be painted in red, pink, orange, white and brown colors. These colors indicate warmth, ambition, peace, and stability, promoting prosperity in the bedroom and house. We should avoid having beds near the windows. As per Vastu, windows should be on the northern or eastern walls for positive energy flows. Vastu Consultant course is also available from a lot in our country.

    We should keep our house well ventilated so that there is enough fresh air circulation inside the house. There should be ample sunlight. If not possible bright lights should be lit. We should keep all the house windows open for at least two-three hours per day. We should light a diya near the source of water in the evening, which will protect and improve the general well-being of everyone in the house. You can also pursue a degree course in Vastu shastra.

    Nowadays, most people live in flats or already constructed villas. In such cases, we think about how we can check the Vastu. But it is possible while selecting a house in a villa or flat you can consult a Vastu consultant who will suggest to you about the energy of that place. If there is any negative energy, many types of steps are mentioned in Vastu books to resolve them.

    A Vastu consultant can tell us about the positioning of different things in the house. Certain changes can be made to the house's interior as per Vastu. It is always good to consult a Vastu consultant if we plan to build a house. His help can be taken during the map of the house so that position of different places can be done as per Vastu only.

    Sometimes we have seen people face problems while constructing houses, and all these problems can be solved through Vastu. Many people face health problems after shifting to a new place and cannot live peacefully; all such problems can be solved by checking the energy and making positive changes in the house.

    Vastu can be quickly followed in modern housing; also, it is very easy. Only we need to have proper knowledge about it. Vastu also tells us when to move into a new house by checking the PANCHANGA (Hindu calendar), known as Ghana Pravesh Pooja.

    According to Vastu, while entering a new house, only a gas stove is introduced into the kitchen, and coconut is broken at the house entrance. We should always keep our right foot inside the house while entering the house for the first time. A havan should be performed to get the blessings of God.

    The color of different walls, entrances, the shape of rooms, windows, and ventilation of the house are considered while checking the Vastu of the place. The position of Pooja Ghar impacts prosperity and peace in the house. Placing a mirror in distinctive places also supports health and happiness. The correct amount of water is essential for maintaining good health and hygiene. Also, the outer space of the house should be pleasing and well maintained. The design of the plot where the house is also built matters. Right-angled shape plots like rectangles and squares bring financial growth and prosperity. At the same time, irregular or curved shape structures like oval, circular or semi-circular is not convenient as per ancient beliefs.

    Many such small changes and positions of different things can help the house flow positive energy. One can attract money by following specific Vastu tips. We should not keep any unnecessary and broken things in the house. Violet color attracts prosperity; one can keep a money plant in the violet color pot at the entrance to make it look attractive and follow Vastu's tips.

    Nowadays, people are making it complex to follow Vastu Shastra, but it is very simple and easy to follow if we try to understand it. Such simple tips can help in living a peaceful and healthy life. These days, people face financial, mental, and physical problems because of the energies around us and our understanding of them. If we have proper knowledge of such valuable science, it can be helpful for us.

    Vastu Shastra is 5000 years old science. From the very olden days, people used to follow such simple tricks for a healthy life. So why can't we make our life beneficial by using these tips and tricks in life? The vital source is knowing how to use these tips in our life.

    Since today's youth is keen to learn about different fields of ancient science, vast Shastri is also one of them. The popularity and awareness of vast Shasta are increasing day by day. Numerous institutes are imparting courses in this field. There are various degrees and diploma levels. Apart from regular academic qualifications, practicing and studying books can also make a person a good Vastu consultant. With the help of the internet, you can also find Vastu Classes Near Me.


    A Vastu consultant gives us tips on keeping the position of infrastructure and what should be built at which place and position of the house. Because we have learned that different kind of position of a bedroom, kitchen, and entrance leads to energy transformation around ourselves; thus direction should be noted while building a house and any other construction. This energy directly affects the health and mental and physical well-being of the person living in the area or place built.

    Vastu is not just designed for houses but also for offices, different workplaces, and even small shops. Workplace and offices are the primary income sources for our lively hood. If such small tips can bring prosperity to us, we should follow this science and benefit from it.

    Many books are written on Vastu shastra like Samproon Vastu mantra, Fundamentals of Vastu, etc. Many universities have also started courses based on Vastu. One can research it online also; many sources are available to gain knowledge and become a Vastu consultant. We can easily take degrees and diplomas in these courses through our university. Every person should go to Vastu Shastra classes. 

    Vastu shastra is such a boon for us. All the ancient sciences are beneficial to us. People in ancient times we very knowledgeable, but their knowledge was based on spiritual beliefs. Thus we should also learn about them and benefit ourselves and even the people around us. In today's time of convenience, you can also do Vastu online classes.

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  • How does vedic astrology help to resolve family issues?

    Any individual will start taking an interest in you if you predict something about his future or current life, what is going good or bad in his life, and how to tackle it. In our Hindu culture, it is written in Vedas that every person has good and bad karma related to their planets and stars' position and these planets and stars have a powerful impact on their daily life. Astrology is to predict the future and analyze the position of the planets and stars of a particular person. Anyone who wish to learn about astrology can enroll in astrology courses in college or learn it from  various platforms that offer astrology courses online free without any fee as per their preference.

    Role of Family in Society

    A family is the prime base of society, and it decides the social influence. In a family, there is a different kind of personality, so there could be a dispute between them sometimes we take it in a very lite way. Still, if we relate it with our stars and planets, there could be some problems between their positions; that's why something unusual is happening in the family.

    Anything can cause bad effects; it can be a misunderstanding between two people, financial problems, and bad relationships with relatives or neighbors. Astrology can play a vital role in making these things normal there are some methods like Grah Santi Pooja, but there could be a problem in the house's structure.

    In the modern era, where we depend too much on divine blessings for our better future, it is necessary to make it easier the study Astrology. Nowadays, there are too many colleges and universities that are providing better studies of Astro science.

    Relation Between Family Problems and Astrology

    There is some problem in every family, which happens somewhere based on our deeds and planetary constellations. Nowadays, there are many family problems because no one believes in astrology or understands all of our astrology and has forgotten the faults of other planets. In ancient times, this problem used to be very less because, in ancient times, all people or kings considered Maharaja Jotishya, horoscope, and scriptures the most important to get rid of their defects. They used to do Havan from time to time. There should be peace in the houses, and the troubles coming on their family due to their planets should go away.

     Nowadays, all the people call it superstition and refuse to believe it, but if it is known about it properly, then all these things are true somewhere; there are no imaginary things, and there is some calculation behind everything. And based on that, its result comes out which is beneficial for our family, and if there is any problem in it, all the remedies are done for that.

    A havan is done to remove all the defects of these planets from our lives and in the family. Happiness and peace remain, but now no one believes in astrologer scripture or follows it; because of that, problems increase in the houses, the problems of fighting start increasing, and they cannot overcome it even after wanting to understand them. I don't know why there are so many problems in their homes; they don't know that fighting is going on.

     If we start believing and knowing astrology, then astrology helps us in telling about us, which can be known about our strengths and shortcomings somewhere, then we can control it, due to which we can control our character as our own. We can keep it under control so that our family does not face any problems because of us.

     It is crucial to believe in astrology for the peace of our life and family because the things around us and our actions are all related; where we live is also a part of it. It is based on our planets our character is the same way we are, we behave the same way if our character is like the sun then we get angry more then we should try to understand things calmly and solve it Don't get too angry or if our character is like water.

    We can also become the reason for the problems in our family, and we can also become a solution, so we need to know Vedic astrology. It is essential to believe it, and that is why this Vedic astrology helps us overcome the problem of our family can be the most profitable.We can learn about it with vedic astrology distance learning courses.

    How are Astrological Predictions Helpful in Resolving Family Disputes?

    Sometimes small problems can create big trouble that ultimately leads a family member to decide to separate from their family members and start to look for reasons to join a nuclear family. That is not good news for any family member, so it's best to stop it from happening and use some of the astrology predictions remedies.

    1. If a family member is having trouble due to one person in the family, you should consult an Astrologer. You can show the Kundli of that person to the astrologer. They will help you get rid of your problem.

    2. According to our Vedas and the astrologer, every Indian family should keep "Hawan" in their home. Hawan is full of positive energy. It reduces negative energy in your home and creates energized energy.

    3. Talk to an Astrologer to learn how to protect your home from evil eyes.

    4. A 21-day period of holy water in your home is a powerful way to protect it from negative energies.

    5. Keep Yantra at home. It is a great way to keep your family members safe from harmful effects.

    6. Every auspicious occasion like Diwali or Navratri should be celebrated at home with a pooja. All family members should participate in the pooja.

    These are some ways you can protect your family from negative effects. If there are family disputes, then they will be resolved quickly.

    Astrology Major College Courses

    We can modernize the system of studying Astrology like engineering or medical science. It could be in the mainstream and very professional there are too many universities in India that are providing a better education system for studying Astrology with the help of distance learning astrology courses in India.

    Nowadays, youtube has brought revaluation to the digital market. Everything is available free on this platform. You can also search and find thousands of free courses and video tutorials related to astrology and enhance your knowledge.

    Online courses in India like jamini astrology courses,kp astrology  and some other renowned and very reputed colleges also provide distance learning courses in astrology. If you are working or any other job, you can easily pursue an astrologer degree with it.You can check for kp astrology course fee online.

    Maharshi Jaimini considers a student of Maharshi Vedvayasha; he was the founder of the school of Hindu philosophy, which is an advanced Jyotish course, and now these courses are available for one and two years.

    Can astrology help with family problems?

    Family Problem Solution is possible through astrology. This ancient wisdom informs the native about the strengths and weaknesses of his horoscope. Intelligent people can understand their past, present, and future and take the appropriate actions. A family consult report written by an expert Astrologer can save you from a stressful lifestyle. All problems will disappear quickly, and you'll be able to live a happy life.


    We can say that astrology is the science where we study about stars and planets, there is no need be a particular stream student you could be from any stream like science, arts, or commerce you can choose this field from anyway there is very large scope in this field.

    Although it is very easy to collect knowledge about astrology with the help of the internet via youtube videos or surfing on Google, if you need a deep knowledge or certification, you have many options for online courses. There are plenty of sites that can help you to become a certified astrologer; there are many courses available there from basic to advanced levels like fundamental astrology, Horoscope, Vastu shastra, and understanding the positions of the planets, etc.

    Rishi Parashara is called the father of Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, you can predict any current condition or future condition. However, it is a very vast field where you will learn about the Moon, Sun, all planet's positions, Numerology, Grantham, Panchang, Vastu Shastra, tithi, Solutions of doshas, etc.

    An efficient and accurate prediction of events and occurrences is famous nowadays. It is derived from Vedic astrology and western astrology; it differentiates 12 zodiac signs called Rashi, and each Rashi points to planets.

    There are many colleges on the list for the study of Astrology science that provide astrology courses in indian universities that  we have already talked about distance learning colleges and online institutes in the above section of this article.


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  • Palmistry: find your life's health secrets

    It is an old proverb that our fate is in our hands; this proverb is true regarding the science of Palmistry.

     Our hands write our future whether you are successful or failure, rich or poor. The lines in our hands say something mysterious about our life. The most obedient part of our body to the mind is our hands, and the lines of our hands get change according to our work and fate every month/week, or year.

    According to the pundits of Palmistry, for a correct prediction, it is better to read the hands of anybody when he crossed the age of 12 years of his life. Some pundits say that strong willpower could also change the lines of your hands. Suppose your life is going through disastrously and also the lines of your hands indicate the same as your life is suffering.

    Suddenly you get motivated by something, and strong willpower aroused in you to overcome this. You suddenly start changing yourself to get read off from bad habits, which are taking you in the way where you are going to ruin yourself; automatically, the lines of your hands will change and could show a better future.

     It is common for humans to be interested in their future, so they are always keen to know about their future. The line of our hand can also tell that aspect of our life which is very important for us to know and get information about our qualities.

    Every person's palm is different; in the same way, their future is also written differently. We should proceed and know what to do, what is right or wrong to do in our lives. Many great scholars from ancient times are proficient in reading Palmistry in India. They tell us what is written in our life, good and bad, bad, fruit, karma, life, in ancient times, from the time of king maharajas, Palmistry is read and its It is known about works are done accordingly. Palmistry has been famous in India since ancient times, and it is mainly practiced.

    Reading hand lines is a work in today's era because the city's people consider it superstitious. But even today, the older people there believe in it and model life according to it. Those in olden times consider it to be very useful if a child is born in the family of their village, then first the lines of his hand are shown, and along with that, his life is decided accordingly. It is essential to tell people about the palm line from childhood because we can make our lives more simple according to it.

    In this, we get to know our faults, due to which some problems coming in our life are removed. Everything is found in the lines of the hand, like how old we will be, in which field we will get success, where we may have difficulty, and such answers by knowing how we can overcome our problems. Knowing about our palms can be more important because it can tell us everything about our future, and at the same time, we can try to handle it properly.

    The effort is necessary, then we can know about them, we can know about them, and after understanding them, we can know about our future and use it in the right way, we can improve the future in our hands. Lines are also related to the front and back of our planets and determine everything; once we understand the reading of Palmistry, then we can benefit in some way, and if we want, we can also take information about it from scholars and show them our hands. can ask them about our future. And you can get palmistry courses online in India.

     But it is not easy to know the future, so people used to show their Kundli to Pandit and ask for their future; that is called astrology because it's related to the time of birth and connection with stars it is the easiest way to find the future, but for this, you also need to know about at least your birthday, birth time, birth place if you don't know the following things then it is quite difficult to predict something about you but contrary to the Jyotish Vidya in the Palm reading technique you always keep your kundali on your palm. There are also so many palmistry schools in India.

     The lines of your palm are like a mirror which show the mental and physical appearance of a person and also what he will do in the future; like the fingerprints, which are different in every person, the lines of the palm are also different-different in each person are every line there is specific position, and each line describes different thing related to your life secret.

     It says in the tables that the sage Narada is the originator of the Palm reading technique. By the way, Palm reading does not relate to astrology science; both have different ways to study. On one side, astrology depends on the Calculation and position of stars in a particular place; on the other way, Palm reading depends on the lines in our palm and our physical appearance.

     The future determines the good health of a person in the lines of your hands. It shows not only your happiness and prosperity but also your health. It says that if the health lines are clear and dark and without any installs, it is better for your health.

    Learn about the health line in detail:

    1. If the health line looks like a chain, it is not a good sign; you can be patient with abdominal problems, have liver problems, and miss other stomach issues.

    2. You could be the patient of lungs if your health line finished like an island shape.

    3. If there is a square shape at the end of the Healthline, you could be a patient with asthma.

    4. If the health line looks in different colors, it could be the most gracious situation for you because it is a sign of paralysis.

    5. If your health line intersects with the heart line may, you can face the problem of Epilepsia.

    6. With the help of your health line, you can know the future of your health; if your health line is absent from your hands, it is good for you. You would be free from any kind of illness.

    7. If your health line is very clear and long, you always like to live; happily, your mind is very skillful, and your interest is in business.

    If your health line touches anywhere on your lifeline, then it is very bad for you because you could be the victim of any severe disease, and may it can steal your life also. Many other lines are in our hands; if your health line is not good, you will be very lazy and unproductive. Along with the HealthLine "lifeline," it is essential to suppose that someone is living with the kind of disease; what is the importance of his life he is just living because life is the same to you, so it is essential to health is also so important for long life.

    If you want to learn more about the Palm reading technique, you have many options; learn the easiest way to learn this online study is the internet is easily available, and many online platforms are here to teach you. You need to search for the correct information.

    Generally, the Palm reading technique does not relate to Jyotish Vidya. Still, in the Samudrik Shastra, there is an explanation of Palm reading in the Samudrik Shastra explanation about face reading, aura reading, and the future prediction of anybody to see their physical body structure.

    There are so many offline books available in the market; self-study lets you acquire knowledge about Palmistry.

    In the modern era where everything has professional expectations, many colleges have faculty to teach Jyotish Vidya, where you can also learn Palmistry online

    Summing up

    Telling something about someone by looking at the hand is a miracle. Palmistry is such a science that solves every problem; not only this, it tells a lot about your health. Learning this knowledge is also very easy, and in today's modern era, the trend of people is increasing towards it. There are many palmistry schools in India where you can learn about it. Through Palmistry, you will get the solution to your every disease, and it can remove your every disease. Palmistry experts will tell you some things or ask you to wear some stones, and this remedy is very beneficial.


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  • Why is life incomplete without learning vastu shashtra?

    Vastu Shastra clarifies that all things in the universe have a level of energy and that every building or land has a tremor of energy associated with it. The universe is built of optimistic and adverse energy. Vastu shastra course conducts to eradicate the pessimistic stamina and improve the excellent stability. Vastu Shastra classes play an essential role in our life, the decisions of our life, and the future development of our life. Everything is connected to the things around us somewhere and their effect on our life; our life is as much as the people around us affect reads, and the same effect also affects where we live. Without an advanced Vastu course, our life is incomplete because of where we live, where we work, the God we worship, all those who reside, or where they live. That building, temple, house, and office are all built according to Vastu, so Vastu Shastra has the most significant impact on our life; that is why the importance of Vastu Shastra is the most in our life.

    Anyone curious about learning Vastu shastra can quickly learn it according to their preference, whether they want to go for online or offline classes. In the early days, the astrologers are booked through an appointment to meet personally to get updates about personal and professional life problems. However, digitalization revolutionized the whole process, and now people can directly contact them online without wasting their time on a long waiting list to meet the Vastu guru.

    Vastu shastra is gaining much attention nowadays, and people are curious and keen to learn how it works. The popularity of the Vastu shastra subject is equally distributed among the people of all age groups. It makes people understand the importance of planet movement, cosmic rays, directions, and many other elements that influence their life somehow.

     It is a combined course that includes the reading of astrology. The Vastu consultant course help students to learn about the essential aspects that influence their lives directly or indirectly. It helps them know about the value of different directions and how the science of the universe influences an individual life and future decision.

    Indian Culture and Vastu Shastra Learning

    The Vastu architecture course has been going on in India for centuries; our ancient temple, Raj Mahal, and even small houses have been built. In this, the light coming into our room, their direction is taken care of. Where will the entrance of the room open, and where will the house's entrance be. From which direction the rays of the sun in the house will come, in which direction the kitchen will be built, where will the worship room be, and where will the house's door be? We get all this information inside Vastu Shastra, as there is a good design somewhere in Vastu Shastra classes, which is the house.

    I can make good use of the space and have everything in the least amount of space. In Vastu Shastra, it has been told about every direction, which direction is auspicious for whom and which direction is inauspicious for whom. It is believed in ancient times, he did his every work according to the same, before starting any construction, make its design according to Vastu.

    The problems of our lives, mental and physical problems, and family problems. They are also one of the reasons that the house and building where we live, whether the room is built according to proper Vastu consultant course or not, there is no Vastu defect in it.

    The teaching of Vastu Shastra Courses

    10 directions according to Vastu Shastra, every direction has its importance, according to the same direction. There are different principles of Vastu, and if we do not construct that house according to that direction, then because of the Vastu defect, problems may arise somewhere in our lives.

     Like if the front face is kept in the east direction of the house or there is an open area of the house, it is auspicious as if the kitchen is kept in the south direction or if every work done by a fire is in the south direction then it is considered auspicious. If there is a defect in these directions, then its effect will be on the people living in it. Such as there will be a family problem, loss of money, physical trouble will start, or mental disturbance will start, all this is also related to it. So if there is any construction or construction work, first of all, its map is made according to Vastu. Vedic Vastu Course has been in our country for many years, which gives knowledge about construction and its interior.

     The principles of Vastu, including how to control the heat of the sun and the coolness of water in the house, are told here. The experts and architects prepare the design of any building and start the construction. Let's do this nowadays, and many Vedic Vastu courses are also available offline and online in which we can also take our graduate degree.

     Many such colleges post the best Vastu online courses and make available the facility of their offline and online courses. If you cannot take them offline, you can learn about them by sitting at home online. After graduating from Vastu Shastra, you learn the basic principles of Vastu Shastra. Then you can design the construction and take the knowledge of advanced Vastu courses post-graduation. You can do post-graduation in it; Vastu Shastra is one such aspect of our life. Without which it is impossible to build a life, every building around us, every building, every temple, every temple is built according to Vastu Shastra; because of this, our life revolves around Vastu Shastra.

    The Growth of Vastu Shastra

    Today, many children or older people are showing their interest in Vastu Shastra, so they do not have to worry anymore because There is also the facility of Vastu online classes in the country through which you can complete your studies sitting at home. Vastu Shastra is such a science that solves all our problems, that too, without any hassle, it has such an unseen power that protects you from every disease. This question must have come to your mind about how science can be a solution to every problem and how it gives peace to us, so as you all know that being connected to God gives peace to our mind, correct astrology too. It takes us closer to God, and if we are closer to God, our problems get solved automatically. 

    These days, the routine we are following is making us harmful somewhere. It is not only with elders but with every person sitting with a lot of tension in his mind. No, today's food and drink have become so bad that we are putting ourselves on the mattress from all sides, and in such a situation, we must turn towards devotion. Astrology or Vastu Shastra is an effortless way to go towards belief.

    We should give this education to the children because nowadays children are entangled in so many races, they know right and wrong. They cannot make important decisions about their career, even essential choices in their lives, but astrology keeps them in mind and helps them make the right decisions. With the help of Vastu Shastra, they can decorate their home or office properly so that the environment around them remains pure and they get prosperity in life.

    How does Vastu Shastra Influence an Individual's Career?

    Everyone wants to be successful in their life, and there's a certain way that helps handle the troubles of life. Career growth is essential, and in the world of rat of the race, each individual is looking out for a handsome salary and a promising career to achieve their goal. It helps you in getting the financial gain and makes you satisfy mentally. However, believe it or not, your career growth entirely depends on the Vastu of your house and surrounding. Many other factors like the direction of the kitchen, bed in bedroom or study table influence your life decision.

    Vastu ensures the interest in studies with the right combination of a ray passing through your room, the color of the bedroom, and the direction you are studying. The good variety of colors helps in getting salary hikes or promotions. An unemployed person can get their dream job by doing minor changes in their home, and it will work like magic for your growth


    Vastu Shastra course or Vastu shastra itself is such a box of knowledge that it gives you the strength to fight the troubles around the world. We know very well how important our home is to us. We live our most important moments at home. We make our most important decisions in our home, where our children play, and the laughter of the ladies of our house reverberates. If that house is not good, how will there be peace and harmony in that house? What is needed most is to be good. You can make your home very pure if you know Vastu Shastra.

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  • Astrological remedies for professional growth

    Astrology has now for long remained the solution to professional problems for many, especially in a country like India, where people have immense trust in these practices. On the other hand, Astrology is not at all anyway linked to modern-day science. The two are very different.

    Nowadays, where competition is at its peak, everyone, through different means, wants to take or lookout for a solution where they will have to work in a way which increases their chance of achieving success.

    Sometimes along with hard work, you should also do things systematically and in an organised way to help you achieve what you desire the most. Some of the remedies we will be mentioning here in this article. Take a look, and you might find ways to adapt to any one of these so that you can bring in more prosperity for yourself.

    • Astrological remedies suggest you always look at your palms when you wake up in the morning. According to the principles of astrology, astrologists believe that it gives wealth because it is Goddess Lakshmi who resides in the palms.
    • It also suggests that one should offer water to the crows on Saturday as they represent Saturn, which is the celestial object or star that rules over the profession in Astrology. Saturn gets pacified when the crow is served with water on Saturdays.
    • The principles also suggest that one must take a copper vessel and add the jaggery to it so that it could be served to the sun in the morning as it rises. It is best when done within an hour of sunrise. They're also a prayer that goes like something, which is going to discuss with you in the following few articles of ours, which should be recited about 11 times.
    • The Mahamrityunjay Mantra and Gayatri Mantra should be recited at least 31 times each. It is believed that the recitation of these jaaps will help you keep your mind at peace and bring some prosperity to one's life professionally.
    • You might have heard of Lord Ganesha being called the vigna vinaashak, as someone who destroys the obstacles. Therefore, you must become a devotee for your professional growth and start offering prayers to him so that the obstacles to your growth can be reduced or minimised. Reciting Beej Mantra is often regarded as one fruitful method to help one achieve success. It should be recited when the person is facing issues in their career. One of the mantras, which you all even, who are not so much into astrology, also knows is "Om Gam Ganpataye Namah."

    This won't be wrong if we say that a good career or professional in current days is the only need of an individual. Yes, ok might not be the only but it definitely is one of the most important needs.

    When you feel that you have a job with security and a nice paycheck, you feel the best and can focus on the other objectives of your life fulfilled.

    It is obvious to feel that life sometimes, in fact, is not easy at all, and there are times when you have even to work the best of yourself to resolve the problems you are surrounded with. One thing which we would like to tell you very seriously and want that you seriously follow is that does not to lose your heart on facing ups and downs in your life. 

    It is these times that help you grow the fastest. Following these remedies suggested by astrological experts can help you calm your mind and then work on the path which you have decided to move ahead in your professional career or life.

    With time, even the hard-working professionals start believing that they should learn a few things about astrology as well while being technical in their profession. Sometimes hard work with the hand of God brings you prosperity that you had never experienced before.

    That is why we are witnessing a rise in demand for professionals in different sectors who want to learn astrology through different certified courses. Our government and the educational experts have worked impressively, especially in these two years, to help professionals develop skills like these through online certification courses while working only. Therefore, you probably will find lots of schools of Astrology online.

    We can bet on this that your search history on Google would have some space for things like Astrology courses online in India, Best Astrology online courses, and best online Vedic astrology courses.

    We would like to mention here that do not start to panic or fear when you face failure or disappointment in your professional journey. In fact, panic and fear are the worst enemies in the lives of people and also cripple them for success. It would help if you did not let this thing happen to you. Therefore, it is advised everywhere and not just through astrology that maintaining a positive approach or vibe is essential. It would help if you always hoped for the best despite all the bad things that have happened to you in your professional life.

    Astrology follows the movement of the sun, stars, and rays. It affects human life and overall growth, including professional and personal life. One should follow the indication to succeed in their life.Astrology believes that every day holds the chance of a new beginning. Therefore, an individual must be positive towards their actions or attitude, which will help them bring prosperity and peace into their professional and personal life.

    By following these remedies mentioned above, we believe that self-efforts and divine grace will combine together to help you bring a lot of success into your life and help you succeed sooner than ever you can imagine.

    Therefore, as we conclude this article, we would like to request you read this fully and do not forget to ask questions or read the next few articles, which will help you develop knowledge of astrology on your own.


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