The Benefits of Green Gemstones -

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
The Benefits of Green Gemstones -

Colors are beautiful, so as the stones which have different colors. The gemstones not only enhances the beauty of the person wearing it, but it also has its benefits rather than it. 
Gemstones are most commonly made from minerals but they also have some sacred faculties in it as well as some health benefits.

Many people use gemstones to increase their luck and wealth, and some people use it to enhance their health and horoscope faults (Dosh), as according to astrology it is highly suggested that wearing stones can lower the faults of your horoscope (kundali). 

Here, you'll get the information about some green colored gemstones and how the green gemstones can be proven beneficial for your life. 

In the list of green colored stones, there are so many but there are some green stones which are highly preferred by people in their day to day life. Wearing a green gemstone can give you an end number of different benefits in your personal as well as professional life.

1.Green Pearl- 

Green pearl not only looks beautiful on your hand or neck but it can change your life as well as full stop the green pearl has a meaning and properties which can clean your mind. This gemstone is specially created to cleanse negative feelings and thoughts inside the person. This stone increases positivity and courage and makes its wearer emotionally accessible, kind, psychologically healthy, and motivated. Gemstones especially pearl are especially beneficial for those people who are mentally disturbed or depressed. People who are having emotional imbalance, stress, anxiety can wear green pearl and I can feel the difference and their mindset as well.

2. Emerald stone- 

The emerald stone is also consist of green color. It is highly recommended for the people who are facing competitive exams especially students who are still in the field of study. This stone can simply help them to achieve good scores in their exam. It is also said that the stone is good to enhance creativity in the person. Stone provides good imagination power and increases the creativity level of the person in the fields of art, science, music, etc. It also helps to activate the heart chakra and helps to balance the emotions.

3. Green Fluorite-

Many people always face a weak immune system. The weak immunity can lead to a healthy lifestyle so to enhance the immunity in one's body green fluorite is the right choice. This green gemstone enhances the immunity system comma increases cell regeneration and assimilates vital nutrients. This stone has huge health benefits as well. The green fluorite helps you to heal your scars both emotional as well as physical. If someone is having a problem related to stomach throat or sleep one can use this stone to get relief.

4. Green Diamond-

Not only the original white diamond but the green diamond stone have its special benefits. This diamond is very supportive to increase health and stamina of the person. It enhances the overall physical and mental health of the person. As the green color symbolizes vigor, activity, and life so the green diamond also increases the life and stamina of the person. The green diamond is associated with balanced renewal and rebirth.

5. Green Sapphire-

This is a very interesting gemstone in the group of gems. The green sapphire gemstone is very soothing and calming to the eyes. The green sapphire enhances and strengthens your spiritual vision. People who are connected with spiritual works can wear this stone to enhance their spiritual power. This stone brings the wisdom of loyalty and integrity to your life. This gemstone is very rare and valuable. If you want to have the best in it you can go for a dark green or medium green colored sapphire.

There are many more green gemstones rather than this if you want to know about other different gemstones and green colored gemstones you can also get to know about this by learning gems therapy. The Institute of Vedic astrology is offering an online distance learning course in gems and crystals therapy. With the help of an online distance learning course in gems and crystals therapy, you can know the deep facts about different gems and crystals.