Astrology signs and KP Astrology

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
Astrology signs and KP Astrology

Whenever we hear about astrology we always think about stars, planets, and constellation. Astrology has always given much information about the person and his future in various manners. Through astrology, people have discovered various things about themselves and other people at the same time. Astrology has given a new meaning and life to the people who believe and follow it.

True astrology one can always have an idea about his past, present, and future.

But there are different kinds of astrologers which are used worldwide for a different purpose. Like Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, and Krishnamurti paddhati system. The Krishnamurti paddhati system of astrology is known as KP astrology, which is highly used to predict the exact future and can provide an exact answer to the question of the person asking it.

KP astrology is highly used by the people who want to know the exact and most predictable answers to their life-related questions. The astrology or KP astrology has used various methods and tools to know the

future of the person and answer to his particular question.

there are various schemes that are commonly used in astrology for determining the position of planets and how to use them for the predictions.

KP astrology is also one of such system which is used very often to predict events of the future with higher accuracy. It is highly used to get the most predictable and accurate answers and predictions to the person.
every person wants to know the answer to their life, career, wealth, and health-related questions. In this manner, KP astrology has created a different space in the eyes of the people who believe in the science of astrology.

Before KP astrology Vedic astrology was mostly used in India for predicting the future. But late professor K.S Krishnamurthy had discovered such kind of system which is made up with the help of Vedic and western astrology, and later with a mixture of these two astrology systems, KP astrology has become a most predictable and accurate system of astrology.

The KP system of astrology is very accurate and it is very easy to use for astrologers and hence there are lesser chances of getting errors in the prediction.

Here we will discuss about some important elements of the KP astrology and zodiac signs under KP astrology.

there are a total of 12 zodiac signs in KP astrology which are also called Rashis. Each of them is connected to one planet. As the complete sky is considered as a circle and all the 12 planets are supposed to revolve around that circle since the circle is divided into 12 Rashi each other zodiac sign gets 30 degrees of angle and each zodiac sign is for the divided into 27 nakshatras which is known as a constellation in English, which equally shares the 30-degree angle of the planet.

Then comes the most important part of the KP astrology system that is sub lords. each of the star or nakshatra is further divided into 9 division and each of these divisions had some Lord which is said to decide in the division. Then that lord is known as sub-Lord of that particular division. This is the main core concept of the sub lords in the KP astrology. According to KP astrology is planets that have different properties and it is considered most powerful in KP astrology as they have stronger magnetic waves as well.

- One can use KP astrology to make a birth chart.

- You can use the KP astrology system to make a horoscope of yourself or other people.

- You can also make Janam Patri and Kundli with the help of KP astrology.

- it is also used to get rid of different dosh in the horoscope which is affecting the person's life.

- It is specially used to get the accurate and right predictions of the question.                                               

 - It is considered as the most predictable astrology in all astrology systems.

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