Numbers for healing soul

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
Numbers for healing soul

The misguided soul 

In modern times where life is all about making money and getting a good job or a business. It becomes very difficult to find inner peace or healing the soul. Many people don't get time to find themselves in this world and they almost forget about what they actually want to do in life. People are so busy making money or getting huge fame that they totally avoid their ambition and goals. They don't even have time to ask themselves if whatever they are doing is right for them or this is what they actually want to do and that's called the soul gap. If the gap increases it might affect people's life in various ways like mentally, physically, financially, etc. soul healing helps people to transform their life and guide them in achieving dreams and ambitions. There are so many techniques available for soul healing, all of them are spiritual. In this article, we will show you how numbers are used for healing souls. 

What is soul healing? 

Before understanding soul healing, it is important to understand the real meaning of the soul. The soul is the part of our body which is the place of God or that influences energy for being good humans. It has some qualities or virtues that we learn in school or by parents but in the rush life, most people forget about it and just do anything to fulfill their needs. Soul healing is the true spiritual path that helps you to find the real meaning of life and its importance. It tells you that there is only one life, live it like one and follow your inner path or what you actually want to be, not what others want to be.  

It is mentioned that true success only comes to you when your mind is actually connected with the soul. Therefore, it has to be said that do what you love to do and then you never feel bad for doing that thing. Every day brings new opportunities and happiness into your life that motivates you as well as pushes you forward into life's journey.   

Numbers for healing soul- 

Numbers are the divine language of the universe. Each number reveals a new story about the universe and also possesses some energy and vibrational frequency that affects life. Each number holds some vibration that relates our soul with the divine. They are the core of everything from geometry to chemistry, from sound to energy movement, human body, etc. their presence is everywhere and hence they help you to heal your soul and find the path of wisdom and happiness. 

When you receive or observe some repeating numbers or sequence that means you are getting guidance from the divine. These patterns are referred to as angel numbers. When these numbers want to communicate with you, they will appear again and again in the same patterns at different places. For example, you might see 777 in your dreams and then see it at some other places. It is an indication of the divine that holds something good or bad information about you. 

 All angel numbers are important that help you to find inner peace and help in the process of soul healing. Here below some most important angel numbers are listed. 

111 The intuition

If you see or observe the numbers in 111 sequences that means you are going to make a change and help others. It means allowing yourself to follow dreams and ambitions and make the impossible possible.  

222 The passion 

If you see 222 sequence numbers that means you have a deep feeling of love and prosperity within your soul. You care so much about everyone’s that you loved the most in your life. This number mainly brings two major factors in your life. 

333 The encouragement

These sequence numbers are the responsibility of your true prayers to angels that indicates everything is going well and according to your plan. It means God is with you at every stage of your life and encourages you to follow your dreams that you truly want to achieve. 

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