How to use color for good feng shui

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
How to use color for good feng shui

Colors are the best way to convince energy in the surrounding environment or should I say that they are the easiest way to shift positive energy into our homes. Colors are fascinating without them, life is like a tea without sugar. They dissolve happiness and wisdom into our life. There are so many colors available in this entire universe and each one of them represents different meanings and importance. Colors are at the core of everything they make our life more colorful and charmful than ever. We might see many people talking related to the choice of colors on each of their walls at home. We ask ourselves why these peoples are so cautious related to the choice of colors, the answer is because each color will reflect their perspective towards life and how they want to see themselves in the future. While making a good feng shui for your home, you must understand how to use color for good feng shui, as the color has a great impact on feng shui and the overall environment of your house.

Using color for good feng shui

As we all know the feng shui is all about the 5 elements that are fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. Each element performs its own duty and importance. Therefore, when it comes to the selection of colors, you must use the color according to these 5 elements. Here below some important tips for using the right color according to 5 elements are written.  

Fire elements color-

Fire elements color represents passion and high energy. A balanced fire feng shui element in your home or office will bring positive energy and support to all your dreams and career efforts. Also, it will help you in achieving recognition. The fire element also nourishes one's sexual energy and inner warmth. Fire is the dominant feng shui element of the South Bagua area of your house. Northeast and Southwest feng shui areas also impactful from good fire element energy in your decorating. Red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink is the top colors of fire elements.  

Yellow is the color of cheerfulness and brightness in your life. It will be very beneficial if you color your kitchen and living room with yellow color as it is color nourishment and happiness. Red is also beneficial for the bedroom as it is the color of passion and encouragement.

Water elements color-

Water elements color represents ease and prosperity. A harmonious feng shui water element will bring a refreshing energy of calm, ease, purity and freshness into your home and office.  The Water element is also the ancient sign of prosperity; therefore, it is treated as the best element for curing wealth. Water is the symbol of peace and therefore it is preferred for living a peaceful life. Blue and black are the most dominant water elements color of feng shui.

Blue is treated as a magnificent color to bring calmness and prosperity into the home. If you color your east direction of the house with blue color it will keep your inmate’s health good and for bringing more wealth color your southeast direction with blue.

Wood elements color-

The wood element color represents overall growth and vitality. The feng shui wood element brings vibrant health, vitality, and growth energy into your home and office. Wood element also represents abundance; therefore, it is used as a feng shui cure for wealth and prosperity. Brown and green are the most appreciated wood elements colors.

Green is the color of renewal and refreshment. If you color your kitchen with little green and red it will balance your body properly and also keeps you healthy and fit.

Earth elements color-

Earth element color represents nourishment and stability. A good and strong earth element color will nourish and protect your relationships. It also needed to maintain your health good and stable. Light yellow and skin color are usually referred to as the best earth element color.

As earlier mentioned, yellow is the color of nourishment and cheerfulness. So, it will definitely bring happiness and calmness into your home and workplace.

 Metal elements color-

Metal elements color represents clarity and sharpness. A good metal element presence will bring calmness, positivity, sharpness, and efficiency into your home and office. Gray and white are the best metal elements that deeply satisfy your inner soul and help you to start a new chapter of your life.

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