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The first letter of your name - tells your future and nature

Nowadays, numerology is considered an important divination tool. This science is based on the relationship between numbers, words, names, etc. According to the survey conducted by the Institute of Vedic Astrology, some people do not have proper practice in numerology traditional methods. As we all know,  numerology is considered by many as an interesting subject that sparks curiosity. On the basis of quality, and the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Review, IVA Indore is considered the most reputed mentor for teaching the principles of numerology. The significance of the starting letter is discussed below -

A-    The person whose name starts with alphabet “A” seems to be rude and egoistic in nature. They know about the basic necessities they actually need to lead a happy life.

B- These people lead a life as an individual, in solitude. They often pamper about your love and the exchanging of gifts. These people are considered to be more sensitive. In some cases, people may consider them to be stubborn, because of their strong-headed nature. Possessiveness and loyalty are the major things in them and they always need a caring partner throughout their life.

C-    The C alphabet people love listening to intelligent things and live their life accordingly. They need some kind of intellectual conversations to take place. When these people speak, they want everyone to listen to their words. They lack a healthy sense of humor.

D-    The most romantic people are those whose name begins with alphabet “F”. They work tirelessly for an ideal and are very passionate about nature. They expect trust and loyalty from their partners.

E-     The person whose name starts with this alphabet is perfect they expect the same from the partner. Always active and never get tired.

F-    Enjoys every small thing in life. These people help others in their good and bad times. They never get satisfied with things easily.

G-    They really enjoy the luxury life. Also, they appreciate and sometimes worship their comforts. They easily get bored and not give much loyalty.

H-    They remain super active due to the presence of a large amount of energy. They have the capacity to manage difficult relationships.

I-    By Learning Astrology, you can know that people whose name starts with "I" alphabet need only luxury life that is full of money, and want to be worshipped at all times. But, they generally act loyal.

J-    These people are very good in expressing their feeling outside. They also take time to appreciate good things in their life.

K-    These people are secretive, passionate, romantic and sensual. They maintain good friendships with all the people and are loved by all.

L-    These people are passionate, romantic and sensual. They remain good friends with all the people and are loved by all.

M-   They are innocent in nature and are highly volatile. They usually believe in perfection and never give up easily.

N-    They frequently get emotional and being pampered by everyone. They are usually the most selfless people on planet. Thye are highly imaginative and energetic.

O-    Based on Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, these people love fun and hide desires. They always expect the best from all. They are very loyal to the people they love and have possessiveness.

P-    Image and reputation are important to people having their name starting with alphabet P. They are intelligent in nature and attract everyone.

Q-    These people have full energy and are very different in nature. They also remain enthusiastic throughout their life.

R-    Based on the Vedic astrology review, they remain as the action-oriented person in life.

S-     They are strong and do not easily lose their emotional balance.

T-    They are very sensitive and private people. They remain committed and loyal throughout their life. They do not share their true feelings with others.

U-    They are usually happy and enthusiastic people.  They always give importance to other's feelings.

V-    These people expect freedom and show selfishness. They are strong in their hearts and remain calm during difficult situations.

W-    They are egoistic and proud people, as they feel proud inside. They are ideal and romantic. They put effort on love and feel it deeply.

X-    They are enthusiastic in nature, but get bored when something is not interesting. They are multi-talented, as they can do work quickly and maintain a good company.

Y-    They are independent in nature and do things in a proper way. They smartly control their emotions and do not fully express themselves.

Z-    They have a natural inclination to love. They remain romantic throughout their life. They have the capacity to fix things in life by facing and fighting with them.


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  • How to learn tarot card reading for future prediction

    Tarot Card reading is getting popular in many countries of the world nowadays including in India also. Many people believe in the effects of Tarot Card reading. Tarot Card reading is the form of divination which means working with the divine or with your higher self.

    It is a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment as imaged through 78 symbolic cards. Those cards of tarot include deep and hidden meaning inside it.

    What is Tarot Card? 

    Tarot Cards are basically originated in Italy where rich people were used to play the game with Tarot Cards which was named “Tarocchi”. Later those cards were used to tell the future and the fortune of the person.

    The Tarot Card includes 22 major Arcana and 56 minor Arcana cards which holds some symbols, pictures and meanings in it and which help the person to get the insights of their life through the meaning of the card.

    Many people are worried about their future, life, career, job, wealth, relationship, etc for which

    Tarot Cardcan also be used to choose the right path in life.

    To maintain your life with peace and comfort you can go for Tarot Card reading which will help you to get insights into your future, choose the right path and decisions in your life.

    Why Tarot Card Reading? 

    Confusion in life creates conflicts and misunderstanding in relationships and also depression or tension in official / personal life. Through Tarot Card reading you can get to know about your past deeds, present life and future events and get the right answers to your questions.

    • It will help you to get connected with your life in a spiritual as well as psychological way. It will provide you the guidelines for your future.
    • It will help you to connect with your soul and spiritual energies. 
    • The Tarot Card helps you to tell your fortune and misfortune. 
    • It will help you to choose the right career and life path.
    • It will help you to maintain and control your life, after knowing the readings according to your life you can welcome every upcoming situation of life.
    • After learning Tarot Card, you can start your part-time career as a Tarot Card reader. 

     Where to learn Tarot Card Reading?

    There are very few platforms where you will get the facility of learning Tarot Card reading.
    Institute of Vedic Astrology is the best institute for learning Tarot Cards online with the best study material and experts of the institute.
    Institute of Vedic Astrology has now introduced an online video course of Tarot Card, where you will get the best online study experience like a live Tarot Card classroom by the expert itself. You can learn Tarot Cards from online video courses and correspondence courses at your home with an online distance learning facility at the Institute of Vedic Astrology

    You will also get email support at the time of doubt or problem. The language used in our study material and video lectures are very easy to understand by any person as we have used very simple and straight language. 

    If you wish to learn Tarot Cardreading & become an expert Tarot Card reader then you must learn the process until the end of all the cards to get the best knowledge about it.
    Join our institute for best quality and interesting learning experience.           

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  • How to learn feng shui at home

    Before you learn anything you should get to know about it in a formal way so that you have a basic idea about the subject.

    What is Feng Shui ?

    For many people, this word is new and interesting, mostly for the Indians. So, let's get an idea about this term. In English Feng Shui means 'Wind-Water'. Feng Shui is a Chinese ancient art and science of placement which deals with nature and energy in the house for humans in a favorable and beneficial manner. The experts of Feng Shui claim that a positive and auspicious environment in our home can be created only by following the easy rules of Feng Shui. 

    Feng Shui is a Chinese system of designing buildings, homes, offices and space arrangement according to special rules which are related to about the flow of energy, which aimed to achieve harmony with the surroundings, because according to Chinese Mythology a system of spiritual energies, both good and evil are present in natural features of environment.

    Nowadays, many people around the world follow and believe in Feng Shui, because it has given them true results in their life after its application. The best place for learning Feng Shui in India and outside India is the Institute of Vedic Astrology. The institute will guide you throughout the course period and help you to become an expert in the field of feng shui. 

    Benefits of learning Feng Shui- 

    • It will help to generate positive flow in your house and harmonizes the environment.
    • Feng Shui helps to bring happiness and prosperity to the house. 
    • It will make the environment of your house pure and refreshing. 
    • If you are facing any kind of misery in your house or any sought of negative environment then you can apply Feng Shui principles to get rid of that. 
    • It will help you to maintain the energy, related to water, light and air. 
    • Feng Shui will help your family to get the negativity free environment and make their mind and soul positive. 
    • You can also start your own career in Feng Shui by learning Feng Shui from IVA and will work professionally.

    Subjects like Feng Shui are very interesting and easy learning which only includes some principles, tools and techniques which you have to apply at your home or living space. After applying those principles in construction, designing and decorating you can make your house positive and free from evil energies that are present in our nearer environment.

    Many people love to learn new things only sitting at their homes because they don’t want to go outside in any college or institute. Time and other schedule doesn’t allow many people to learn different things in their life.

    If you want to learn anything new you should always learn it from the beginning. Many people want to learn different and unique things in their life, so learning Feng Shui will make you unique and different from everyone. 

    Applying Feng Shui in the house is the new trend. Some people use Feng Shui in their house just because they like it some way and found it interesting but on the other hand, many people believe to make their house pure and positive.

    Many people just apply Feng Shui only by listening to the people rather than knowing the uses and effects of that tool or system of Feng Shui. It is necessary to understand the concept behind it before using anything for the first time.

    How to learn Feng Shui?

    There are many options available to Learn Feng Shui at your home, with the help of the internet it had become very easy to learn anything only sitting at your home. Learning has now become very easy and convenient with various methods of learning.

    The best way of learning is with the books and Institute of Vedic Astrology has the best available study material for you to learn fengshui with their easy language module.  The modules are designed in such a manner that any person can understand it without any regular classes or teachers. 

    Institute of Vedic Astrology is here to offer you an online distance learning course in Feng Shui under the guidance of experts and professionals who are available to provide you with online email support at any time. 

    Learn Feng Shui with IVA and become an expert in the subject, with their professional Distance Learning Diploma Course. Now learning has become easy with IVA and their online distance learning courses.

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  • The flexibility of thumbs tells your character

    Have you ever noticed the shape or the flexibility of your thumb? Do you believe that there is a certain relationship between the thumbs and your character? When a person having sufficient knowledge in Palmistry looks at your thumb, he/she will be able to tell your entire character. Here are some of the basic details that you can know by the flexibility and shape of the thumb.

    Length of the segment of the thumb

    When the first half of the thumb is longer than the second half, it means that you will have an iron will and you are a hard-working person. When it comes to love, you will be 100% dedicated and faithful to the core. When both halves are equal, it indicates that you are balanced and you will understand what you are doing during every situation. When the first half of the figure is longer than the second half, it represents your quality of perfectionism.


    As per Indian Palmistry, when your thumb can bend more and when it is more flexible, it represents that you can adapt to anyone and are flexible to any situation. If your thumb does not bend, it means that your mind will not change according to the situation and people will have to talk twice before they can manipulate you.

    Straight or crooked thumb

    A straight thumb denotes that you are a serious person and crooked one expresses that you are less serious and you can express yourself easily. If you want to learn about them you can learn Palmistry and it enables you to predict the future just by reading the palm of the person.

    Degrees between your thumb and pointing figure

    Stretch your thumb and your pointing figure, if you can stretch them more than 90 degrees it means that you possess high self-confidence and are self-reliant. You like to do things in the right and precise manner. You are a lucky person and stick to your values.

    In cases when you cannot stretch more than 90 degrees, it indicates that you are a bit shy person and wish to be in your comfort zone, but you may not shove them out. It is better if you try to open up yourself and be flexible.

    Obtuse angled thumb

    Some people have the thumb that is always at an obtuse angle that is the first half is bent. They are the types of people who are a calm and meditative type. It denotes their creative nature and they can be good artists. When you take Palmistry courses in one of the reputed colleges on the stature of the Institute of Vedic Astrology, it will help you to achieve expertise in the subject and earn degrees.

    Length of the thumb

    A long thumb shows that you have leadership skills and you love to be within control. When you have a short one, it indicates that you are struggling to control your emotions and you need to work on your self-esteem.  When your thumb is twisted, it means that you deeply understand the life situations and are quite calm in dealing with them.

    When you possess an interest in the subject, you can take up expert-designed Palmistry courses in India's Best Palmistry Institute IVA Indore, to learn the concepts and become an expert.

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  • Vedic vastu shastra online training course overview-video

    Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews the Vastu Video  Foundation course of what is covered. In this introductory Video, the trainer explains the course covered in Online Video Vastu Shastra Foundation course which aims at Vastu for beginners. See the Video to know the scope of the Vedic Vastu Shastra course.

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  • Scientific basis of vastu

    Vastu is considered a science-based climatology and has little connection with religion and spirituality. Ancient people provide some standard guidelines to construct homes, shops, offices, industries, etc. in any more details and efficient manner that helps to live a healthy life and promote overall power and prosperity. Do you want to become a Vastu consultant? You can get enrolled in the Vastu Course at IVA Indore to become the best Astrologer.

    Vastu has a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts:

    Science influences on Vastu

    Nowadays, there are many Vastu Experts who have mastered Vastu from reputed institutes and have followed the standard rule and principles to ensure Vastu Shastra compliance.

    Vastu is considered as,


    Generally, Vastu is the study of the impact of the sun’s rays on the earth. Vastu can read the features of the house and shows the effects on the residents in a scientific way.


    The scientific concept of Vastu is based on the directions North, East, West, and South. Thus, these directions and the effects of Vastu are a permanent thing of Nature.


    Scientifically, Vastu helps to make your life happier and problem-free. That’s why most people learn Vastu in any astrology site to live the happiest life.


    Just simple! As per the guidelines of Vastu, people construct a house that leads to a healthy and happy life.


    As you know, Vastu is based on the properties of the Sun and the Earth. That’s why it is universal in its application. Narrow-minded beliefs like nationality, caste, religion, etc. have nothing to do with the science of Vastu. Everything is equal.

    Above mentioned features show the action, cause, and effect of Vastu. Now, you might have understood that Vastu is a scientific approach. For more information about the science of Vastu, you can study the deeper concepts of Vastu in the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore to make your future brighter.

    How Vastu Works Behind the Science

    Everyone knows about the solar system. Sun provides life to all living things by giving enough light and heat. It makes life possible on planet Earth. That’s why the Vedas and the Upanishads praised the sun as a Supreme soul or God. The rays of the Sun travel and reach the earth. While traveling, the sky element is considered as the carrier of life energy. Thus, it could carry generous life force into the house.

    In Vastu, there are three postulates of design that cover the entire field, building, craft item and article of daily use. Those principles are

    • Bhogadyam – appropriate for the purpose
    • Sukha Darsham – should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye
    • Ramya – provide a feeling of well-being and contentment

    Every manifest object is a package of energy and electromagnetic waves, and the dimension of time and space. The Vastu directions are termed as the source of energy.

    Moreover, there are a lot of misconceptions about Vastu. When you want to become an expert in Astrology, you can choose expert-designed courses from the most reputed institution for learning Vedic Vastu - Institute of Vedic Astrology and master the subject from any location around the world.

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  • Iva indore suggests using numerology to select your brand name

    Are you in a stage of choosing a business brand? Is it necessary to discuss the decision with a numerologist before you start a business or choose a brand name? You would have noticed several times that certain numbers come across your life repeatedly. It is true that the life of a person is connected to numbers, and the study of it is called numerology. Numerology plays an essential role in various significant aspects of life like baby names, vehicle numbers, business names, etc.

    Numerology for business

    Money plays a key role in a family’s well being and happiness. Having a business or running a company makes your life as well as the employee’s life brighter. Choosing the right name for your brand is equally important as you invest money in your business. Choosing the right brand name according to your numerology determines the development of your business.

    Choose your brand according to numerology

    It is important to choose the brand name according to business name numerology because every name is associated with a number. Every such numbers energy that vibrates related to certain ideas.  When the energy of vibration behaves consistent with the brand name and its purpose, it is considered to be good in numerology. IVA Indore provides more information about various effects of numerology.

    Meaning of each number

    As far as Numerology is concerned, each number has a unique meaning and it has to be taken into account for various parts of life and business as well.

    •    Number 1: It denotes the sense of self-reliance and the exploration, and defines the best brand name for camping gear.

    •    Number 2: It denotes the sense of relationship and diplomacy which is contrary to number 1

    •    Number 3: It denotes creativity and social ease, and is good for party supply stores.

    •    Number 4: It denotes responsibility and pragmatism. It represents best number having compatibility with party supplies store.

    How to find your brand name?

    Your brand name can be calculated by adding the values of the alphabet in your brand name. When it comes to numeric values it can be denoted by number like A, J, and S as 1; B, K and T as 2; C, L and U as 3; D, M and V as 4; E, N and V as 5; F, O and X as 6; G, P and Y as 7; H, Q and Z as 8; I and R as 9. Look at the number to choose the right brand name for your business. You can also discuss with professionals having excellent knowledge in numerology by doing courses from professional establishments on par with the Institute of Vedic Astrology

    It is always advised to a consultant with a numerologist before tasking any such crucial life decision. Choosing the right brand name according to numerology and working hard can make you highly successful in your business.  If you are passionate about numerology, you can also enroll in a Numerology Course. Choose a reputed institute on par with the Institute of Vedic Astrology - IVA  that offer these courses along with many online courses.

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  • Tarot card reading – a new age craze

    What is mean by Tarot cards?

    Tarot cards are used to measure some of the outcomes which are most probable and it can easily evaluate the occurrence of an event, surroundings of a person or sometimes both. If you are a beginner in Tarot Cards, you can visit online sites like Tarot Card Reading Online.

    Define Tarot card reading?

    Tarot Card Reading provides you with proper guidance in relationships, career, and other areas of life. The personal Tarot Card Reading comprises three cards and delivers questions and answers associated with past, present and future life.

    Different types of Tarot cards

    The tarot card is helpful for analyzing the fortune from the West direction. Here are some of the types,

    • According to Numerology, the term Benedetti is a set of cards that inspires Visconti a famous tarot deck. The leaves are designed in such a way with gold paint. The main use of these cards is done by the psychic readers as they can add some elegance to the purpose of reading.
    • The card named Cat people is utilized by the fortune readers, as they can analyze what is running in the human being’s mind. It also ensures that the card enables knowing about the client when they are located in a distant place. It helps in performing inquiry with the client, by the eye of the mind, as it is one of the companions of cats and mystics.
    • Ator can help us to imitate the adorable and beautiful characters in order to change it as a basic choice similar to the one that was used by psychic readers. It further acts as a fanciful representation for Rider-Waite Tarot cards.
    • According to Tarot Card Reading, the term Curious is denoted asset of a modern tarot deck. This type of card is unusual in nature. These characters in the tarot deck get depicted in an eerie manner.

    Guidelines of tarot cards:

    Keep options open: Whenever the person has an answer before the reading process, then make sure that the person is not leaving the cards to guide the decision overall. So, make sure that you have an option for proper guidance.

    Be Neutral: The question of an individual must not be conveyed in a notion of the preconceived and consider that view is right. An example is given for easy analysis. When you do a large amount of work in the home but the spouse is not in a neutral condition, then it is difficult for the individual person work with a lack of coordination from the spouse.

    Stay Positive: Based on Tarot Card Reading, this is considered to be in straightforward condition. For example, when an event is not happening, we should analyze the situation in the right way and should make the event happen in a successful way. 

    As the tarot reading helps us to understand the daily horoscope, it offers so much more of the content and clarity generally offered by other methods. So, Learn Tarot Card Reading and apply it when the person is entering into new stages of life, includes graduation in college and marriage.

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  • The 10 vastu directions

    Directions play a vital role in Vastu Shastra. Having an in-depth knowledge of directions in Vastu is essential for making the right decision about building a structure. Those who are interested in Vastu can Learn Vastu in the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. From, IVA Indore you can also learn and master advanced things about Vastu and become a professional astrologer.

    In the modern era, magnetic compass is used to determine the directions. In total, there are 10 directions, but the compass points towards only 8 directions. There are 360 degrees involved in Vastu. Thus, there are 10 directions including four main directions and four sub-directions.

    Main directions

    • North
    • South
    • East
    • West


    • Northeast - meeting point of North and East (Ishan)
    • Southeast – meeting point of South and East (Agneya)
    • Northwest – meeting point of North and West (Vayaya)
    • Southwest – meeting Point of South and West (Nirutya)
    • Some people haven’t heard about the 9th and 10th direction in Vastu
    • Space
    • Patal

    Want to learn about all aspects of directions, Vastu, readings? Choose the best course by going through the reviews like Institute of Vedic astrology Reviews to get a better career.

    Importance of Directions as per Vastu


    An east corner is represented as a symbol of the new beginning. This is a favorable direction for those who are trying to get rid of the bad things and begin building something new. Planning to place the living room, the entrances, and the puja room facing the east is a good idea.


    It represents the overall stability of life. You shouldn’t live in the West region. If you are doing this, you can’t lead a happy life.


    North is a good direction that is most suitable for health, wealth, prosperity and career direction. Having an office in the north region of the houses places you on the path of success.

    South The ruler of the south corner of your home is location of Yamraaj-the lord of death. In any circumstance, you should never have a door or a locker in this region. If you do, then it can lead to fighting between the family members. On some occasions, it may cause an unfortunate death in the family.

    North West

    It is said to be a hub of positivity and prosperity. If you leave this region dark, it will lead to bad situation in your house.

    South East

    Don’t construct a room for any grandparent or older people in the southeast direction of the house. This placement can lead to negativity in the house. Those who are living in a nuclear family must not construct their rooms in the southeast area.

    South West

    This is the source of demeanor, character, and the case of longevity. If it is the highest region in your building, then your happiness and self-esteem will also be highest. Thus, Learn Vastu and then start your construction as per Vastu.


    This is observed to be a wonderful direction and a sensitive direction that promotes positive aspects in men and women. Leaving this region as an open space is the best thing to do as per Vastu.

    Want more knowledge of Vastu directions? Then, learn Vastu course from the institutes matching the eminence of Institute of Vedic Astrology 

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  • Uses of crystals in day to day life

    You come across various stones in your daily life. Have you ever thought that there is a connection between them and your life? The fact is that they are profoundly connected to your life somewhere, according to the Principles of Gems and Crystals. Given below is some information about such stones and their purpose in your regular life.

    Know the crystal that best matches you

    Not all crystals will be beneficial. Some may give off normal energy by just making you feel warm and some cold. Choose the right one that suits you best by consulting the qualified expert in Gems and Crystals like who has sufficient mastery over the subject.

    Clean them

    It is the nature of the crystal to collect various forms of energies like emotions, thoughts, touch and several other subtle human mechanisms. It might be possible for you to gain the energy of the other person by holding their crystal, but it is not advisable. When you use a crystal, it should be calibrated to your unique vibrations. To clear any negative energies, take the crystal and imagine golden light radiating on them and filling the crystal. You can also just hold them in the sunlight or the moonlight for 8 hours. Be deeply aware of your instincts and intuition as you develop the methods. When you begin to feel good, it works well for you.

    Program your crystal

    When you want your crystal to manifest your desire and dreams you will have to program them by your thoughts, visualizations, and feelings. Begin the process by holding your crystal, closing your eyes and repeating the chants. When you want to feel your crystal, just lay down and place your crystal on your head like a third eye. You will feel a lot or sometimes feel nothing, but the crystal is picking up your vibration in a gradual manner. When you are struggling to sense the power, you can seek help from people who have completed the Gems and Crystals course from an establishment having a prestige similar to the Institute of Vedic Astrology.


    Placing the right crystal at the right place near you will help in improving the overall quality of your life. When you meditate by placing crystals near you, you can experience the total effect of the crystal and its vibrations in your life. To do so, just place the crystal in your hands during meditation. When you place them under your pillow you may sleep well without a nightmare or psychic attacks. It is more suitable for people who suffer from insomnia.

    Wear your crystals

    Every crystal possesses a unique character and it is important to wear them in the right place of your body to get the full advantages of them. It is better to consult the right expert in the subject to know about them or you can take up comprehensive Gems and Crystal courses from the institutes on par with IVA Indore.

    People are beginning to understand the real effects of gems and crystals. So, they are smartly choosing the right stone for them. You can also become an expert in them by completing Gems and Crystals courses from institutes on par with the Institute of Vedic Astrology. Go through  Indore reviews and choose the finest place to master the principles of Gems and Crystals. After completing the course, you can even utilize your expertise as a profession as well.

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  • Use gems for luck rising

    Did you ever doubt that there is a certain relationship between real life and certain gemstones? The answer is Yes. Certain stones have some natural abilities to make significant changes in the lives of human beings. If you want to completely enjoy the results after using them, you should know what type of stone to be used and where they have to be used along with the effects that you will have due to them. When you do not follow certain rules or use them in a wrong manner, you may have to face some negative consequences. For finding the perfect crystal, you can consult the person who has sufficient knowledge in the subject of Astrology. Here are some of the stones and their corresponding effects.


    This crystal is meant for wealth, prosperity and protection. It helps you to chase and achieve your dreams. When you keep them in your purse, you can have good financial growth. When you wear it as jewelry, it increases your vibration as it touches your skin.

    You can be an expert in the gem therapy when you do some relevant Astrology courses in some colleges like IVA Indore.


    It helps to repel negative energy and attract positive energy. This crystal will help in shifting the energy field and creating better luck in life. It helps in balancing all the chakras and works with the root chakra. When you keep them in a home and contact with your skin you will be able to feel the positivity, good luck, and abundance in your life.

    Smokey quartz

    Some negative and emotional state in your field is the reason for many unfortunate events in your life. This gem will remove negativities and you will start feeling lucky. This will also take you forward in your life by increasing positive energy. When you need them, better consultant with the right astrologer or Learn Vedic Astrology.


    When you are the person who has lost wealth recently, this is the right stone to be used. It restores balance and brings back harmony. It connects you with the right intuition and this serves as the way to bring clarity and shows you what is good in life. Taking up expert-designed courses from the most reputed destinations to master Gems and Crystals Therapy - Institute of Vedic Astrology helps you in gaining more knowledge regarding these stones.


    It is considered as a magical stone that helps in cleaning any dust present in your life. It helps in increasing self-confidence, creativity and completely elevates your life to a higher dimension. People who have done courses from prestigious colleges on par with the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore are advised to have them near during sleep or wear them on the body.

    These crystals also agree with some of the proven principles of science and they are interrelated to each other. Do not just blindly believe any astrologer and just go by their words as many of them misguide you and that may lead to danger. Understand where exactly your problem is, consult with the best astrologer, wear the right stone in the right area.

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  • Numerology is the science of numbers

    What is Numerology

    To Understand Numerology in simple words, it can be interpreted as a science that believes that there is a relationship between numbers and life events. It is fascinating to note that numerologists understand everything about the event that will going to happens in the world but which is entirely dependent on some mystical properties that are associated with numbers. These mystical features come from the inherent vibrations of numbers. According to the theory of numerology, a unique kind of vibration is related to the number. Interestingly, each number can help you to understand and predict the behavior of people and even predict compatibility between two people.

    The following section will discuss how numerology can influence a person’s life:

    How can it affect your life?

    If you believe in it and see the patterns, you can observe the effects of numerology on different aspects of your life. For example:

    The course of your Life

    The direction of your life is very much decided by the numbers in your life. The kinds of challenges you face, the people you meet, your achievements and lessons of life are all associated with your number. To find out your number, you just need to add all the single digits of your complete birth date and then keep adding them until they are reduced to a single digit. That single number is the number of your life path.

    Your Traits

    You will be surprised to note that your numerology can give out some insightful aspects of your personality. It can show your characteristics and also let you understand how people see your character when they first meet you. To know this number, you simply need to use the alphabet chart of numerology and see the numerical value of all the consonants in your first, middle and last names. Once you find the numbers, you need to add all the numbers and bring them to a single digit and get your number.

    Your Career Path

    Numerology can help you much in finding your career path. If you are working on a career path that is compatible with your number, then you will surely get a lot of success without many hurdles or hassles in your life. For example, people with number 3 would be better in communication-related jobs and might face problems if they get into the technical field. Therefore, if you decide on a career keeping in mind your number according to numerology, you can do tremendously well.

    What are various Systems involved?

    Various systems can be used in numerology. The following section gives you a brief on the three systems:

     Chaldean Number System

    It is one of the oldest systems that are studied in present times. In this system, the letter to number calculations is determined by vibrations emitted by each letter and not by the alphabetical order itself.

     Pythagorean System

    It is one of the most popular systems used in numerology. In this method, the value is assigned by the Western alphabets by utilizing a number formula. The value is between 1 to 9.

     Kabbalah System

    The Kabbalah system is originated in the Hebrew culture. It considers a person's name and not the date of birth to determine the number. It has 22 vibrations between 1 to 400

     Final Words

    Hence, there are many aspects of Numerology that you might want to discover. In the end, it is up to you to believe in it or not. But learning about it and trying it out once could be worth it. 

    There are a lot more about Numerology and its deep aspects but for that, you need to learn it professionally. Institute of Vedic Astrology is here to help you out with their Online Distance Learning course of Numerology. Learn Numerology and become a master in your life and career. 

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Monthly Archive

  • Vastu - new career options in the western countries

    Vastu Shastra is a very ancient and traditional method of architecture that is determined by astrological aspects. It is aimed to bring peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness in a home. Astrology and Vastu are not just popular in India but are also steadily rising its importance in occidental countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, etc. More and more people in western countries today, are getting inclined towards designing their homes according to the science of Vastu that consists of the five essential elements - Earth, Fire, Sky, Air and Water.

    Let’s check out the influence of Astrology, Vastu and Yoga on the occidental society and how one can possibly make a career out of it!

    Yoga is now a global phenomenon!

    Statistics demonstrate how an ever-increasing number of people in Europe and the United States are practicing yoga and making it a part of their lifestyles. People often brush it off as a fad, but the countless psychological and physical benefits of yoga cannot be doubted. As yoga research expands every day, we see more and more people embracing this Indian form of body postures or asanas to lead healthier and more peaceful lives. Yoga has been known to heal people and cure a variety of diseases including but not limited to hypertension, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

    Make a career out of harmonizing people’s lives!

    As we discussed earlier, Vastu Shastra deals with spreading peace and tranquility within architectural structures, obeying the laws of astronomy. These days, people want their homes to be just perfect! Yet, only some give importance to natural lighting and ventilation. Vastu takes a holistic approach towards a home architecture that takes all the scientific principles into account like ground preparation, measurement, spatial geometry, space arrangement, etc. This is all aimed at harmonizing your home or workplace and incorporating scientific, astronomical methods to bring a balance in the space that surrounds you and your life at large.

    With the increasing industrialization and urbanization, Vastu Shastra opens some of the most lucrative career options for people not just in India but also the western countries. With the right amount of knowledge and learning, one can work towards making people’s lives better. Everyone looks for prosperity and peace in their lives and this is precisely why there is a huge demand for reliable experts in the art of Vastu Shastra. Even a beginner can earn an attractive remuneration in this career.

    What’s in it for you?

    Well, looking at the highlights:

    • An attractive remuneration
    • A gratifying job
    • Social connectivity
    • Recognition and fame

    It cannot be disputed that Vastu opens a lot of doors for people looking to find their true passions or career possibilities. Given the immense scope and perks of being a Vastu expert and its growing recognition in the western countries, Vastu is now a global phenomenon that can help you pave a new professional path and find a career in making people happy. How gratifying is that! 

    Make a great career 

    By learning Vastu you can start your own part-time career in Vastu by suggesting people Vastu tips and ideas, construction ideas, interior, etc.  For that, you should Learn Vedic Vastu from the Institute of Vedic Astrology with their online distance learning course. Which will help you to become an expert in Vastu. 

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