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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 25 2019

Do you always look after the beauty of the plants wherever you go? Or you just love to maintain the bulk of plants into your house to make it more beautiful and close to nature? 

As we all know plants and trees are the source of our life as plants and trees provide us the oxygen to live and survive. But they are more to it as it also helps to bring prosperity in life. 

There are many people out there, who just love to plant trees and shrubs in their houses to make it look more beautiful and attractive. You will be surprised to know that plants and trees are also a part of Vastu!

What is Vastu?
Vastu is the ancient science of architecture which helps us to manage the energies and vibes in and around the house with the help of some principles and techniques.

The one who believes and follows Vastu in their house will surely like to get to know about particular plants and benefits from it. But for the ones who love to have plants in their house should also have a look at it. Here you will get interesting facts about plants as per Vastu which will not only make your house beautiful but through Vastu, it will also make your house more peaceful and healthy living. It will be interesting to know that plants and trees are used as cures and remedies in Vastu and it actually gives its effects positively.

Do you ever think that, in how many ways you can just use the particular plant or tree in your house to make it more peaceful and happy? Well, maybe no! According to Vastu indoor plants also holds great significance as well as health benefit and difference. In Vastu also it holds great significance and importance.  Not only Vastu but plants have huge significance in Chinese Feng Shui also. 

Let’s check out some interesting tips and information about plants and Vastu in your house.

Indoor plants have great benefits too. Basil, Money plant, Lily, Lotus, and Jasmine are some plants that can easily be planted indoor and which later provides great significance as it brings a positive flow of energy in the house.

  1. Basil Plant
  2. Money Plant
  3. Lotus
  4. Lily
  5. Jasmine


  1. Basil- Basil is the most auspicious and sacred plant in India. It is believed that it is most pious among all as it also contains its medical benefits to the user. If you want to place that according to the Vastu you can place the Basil plant in the north, northeast or east direction, but it shouldn’t be placed in the south direction.
  2. Money Plant- This plant has its own unique features in the house. This plant is planted inside and outside of the house for getting great benefits from it. As the name suggests this plant promotes money that is wealth. This is the plant that attracts money in the native's house when planted or placed as per Vastu. As it can increases the money-saving habit of the person and increases the flow of the money in the house. 
  3. Jasmine- Women use to wear Jasmine flowers in their hairs because it is said that it brings good luck and prosperity in the family. It is also used as the traditional medicine against skin disease, ulcers and other skin related problems.
  4. Lotus- Lotus is the most beautiful flower in the Indian culture and it is used in many ways as well. But according to Vastu you can place Lotus at the entrance of the house. You can also place it in the house as well. The Lotus is located with Goddess Laxmi as well.
  5. Lily- It can easily be planted inside and outside of the house. As it is the plant which can be placed in less sunlight and can be planted anywhere in the house. For the house which doesn’t have the proper windows or ventilation, it is the best plant to be grown inside the house.

According to Vastu these plants should be planted and kept according to the Vastu directions to get the great benefits. Vastu principles and Institute of Vedic Astrology suggests that plants should be kept in east and northeast directions of the house, which will give the best positive effects in the house.

There are many more things about plants you should know first before planting them in the house. You can get the best knowledge about Vastu and many other plants as per Vastu principles in the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

Learn Vastu from the best Vastu institute the Institute of Vedic Astrology, where you get the Best Distance Learning Course facility under the expert Vastu guides of IVA. Join and create a difference in your life.

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 25 2019

Vastu is considered a science-based climatology and has little connection with religion and spirituality. Ancient people provide some standard guidelines to construct homes, shops, offices, industries, etc. in any more details and efficient manner that helps to live a healthy life and promote overall power and prosperity. Do you want to become a Vastu consultant? You can get enrolled in the Vastu Course at IVA Indore to become the best Astrologer.

Vastu has a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts:

Science influences on Vastu

Nowadays, there are many Vastu Experts who have mastered Vastu from reputed institutes and have followed the standard rule and principles to ensure Vastu Shastra compliance.

Vastu is considered as,


Generally, Vastu is the study of the impact of the sun’s rays on the earth. Vastu can read the features of the house and shows the effects on the residents in a scientific way.


The scientific concept of Vastu is based on the directions North, East, West, and South. Thus, these directions and the effects of Vastu are a permanent thing of Nature.


Scientifically, Vastu helps to make your life happier and problem-free. That’s why most people learn Vastu in any astrology site to live the happiest life.


Just simple! As per the guidelines of Vastu, people construct a house that leads to a healthy and happy life.


As you know, Vastu is based on the properties of the Sun and the Earth. That’s why it is universal in its application. Narrow-minded beliefs like nationality, caste, religion, etc. have nothing to do with the science of Vastu. Everything is equal.

Above mentioned features show the action, cause, and effect of Vastu. Now, you might have understood that Vastu is a scientific approach. For more information about the science of Vastu, you can study the deeper concepts of Vastu in the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore to make your future brighter.

How Vastu Works Behind the Science

Everyone knows about the solar system. Sun provides life to all living things by giving enough light and heat. It makes life possible on planet Earth. That’s why the Vedas and the Upanishads praised the sun as a Supreme soul or God. The rays of the Sun travel and reach the earth. While traveling, the sky element is considered as the carrier of life energy. Thus, it could carry generous life force into the house.

In Vastu, there are three postulates of design that cover the entire field, building, craft item and article of daily use. Those principles are

  • Bhogadyam – appropriate for the purpose
  • Sukha Darsham – should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Ramya – provide a feeling of well-being and contentment

Every manifest object is a package of energy and electromagnetic waves, and the dimension of time and space. The Vastu directions are termed as the source of energy.

Moreover, there are a lot of misconceptions about Vastu. When you want to become an expert in Astrology, you can choose expert-designed courses from the most reputed institution for learning Vedic Vastu - Institute of Vedic Astrology and master the subject from any location around the world.

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vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Aug 13 2019

Directions play a vital role in Vastu Shastra. Having an in-depth knowledge of directions in Vastu is essential for making the right decision about building a structure. Those who are interested in Vastu can Learn Vastu in the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. From, IVA Indore you can also learn and master advanced things about Vastu and become a professional astrologer.

In the modern era, magnetic compass is used to determine the directions. In total, there are 10 directions, but the compass points towards only 8 directions. There are 360 degrees involved in Vastu. Thus, there are 10 directions including four main directions and four sub-directions.

Main directions

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West


  • Northeast - meeting point of North and East (Ishan)
  • Southeast – meeting point of South and East (Agneya)
  • Northwest – meeting point of North and West (Vayaya)
  • Southwest – meeting Point of South and West (Nirutya)
  • Some people haven’t heard about the 9th and 10th direction in Vastu
  • Space
  • Patal

Want to learn about all aspects of directions, Vastu, readings? Choose the best course by going through the reviews like Institute of Vedic astrology Reviews to get a better career.

Importance of Directions as per Vastu


An east corner is represented as a symbol of the new beginning. This is a favorable direction for those who are trying to get rid of the bad things and begin building something new. Planning to place the living room, the entrances, and the puja room facing the east is a good idea.


It represents the overall stability of life. You shouldn’t live in the West region. If you are doing this, you can’t lead a happy life.


North is a good direction that is most suitable for health, wealth, prosperity and career direction. Having an office in the north region of the houses places you on the path of success.

South The ruler of the south corner of your home is location of Yamraaj-the lord of death. In any circumstance, you should never have a door or a locker in this region. If you do, then it can lead to fighting between the family members. On some occasions, it may cause an unfortunate death in the family.

North West

It is said to be a hub of positivity and prosperity. If you leave this region dark, it will lead to bad situation in your house.

South East

Don’t construct a room for any grandparent or older people in the southeast direction of the house. This placement can lead to negativity in the house. Those who are living in a nuclear family must not construct their rooms in the southeast area.

South West

This is the source of demeanor, character, and the case of longevity. If it is the highest region in your building, then your happiness and self-esteem will also be highest. Thus, Learn Vastu and then start your construction as per Vastu.


This is observed to be a wonderful direction and a sensitive direction that promotes positive aspects in men and women. Leaving this region as an open space is the best thing to do as per Vastu.

Want more knowledge of Vastu directions? Then, learn Vastu course from the institutes matching the eminence of Institute of Vedic Astrology 

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Feb 13 2019

Every year, a large number of students pass out of their colleges and dream of getting a suitable job that matches their qualifications and technical skills. A few fortunate and favored students manage to get a job of their choice, while the greater part of students fails to get the job of their choice even though they possess higher qualification.

The selection of a suitable career is the first step that should be taken into consideration by the parents by consulting with the experts. It is vital to take into account a student’s aptitude as well. It is important to evaluate if a student is willing to start a new business or has an interest in technical education. More often than not, parents are seen to neglect the choice and ability of their children and forcibly burden their children into a career of their own choice.

To figure out the inclination of a child, one can make use of Astrology which can further assist him/her to choose the right direction for a perfect profession or business of his/her choice. To do so, it is highly recommended to Learn Astrology rather than consulting an astrologer for the same. In case, you are planning to learn astrology, make sure that the institute you are enrolling with for the training is well reputed and provides proper training in astrology. Institute of Vedic Astrology is one of the best colleges for you in terms of offering training in astrology.

According to the context of this post, we are going to reveal some useful Vastu tips for students. Let us have a look at them:

  • Try not to sit facing a wall while studying, since it blocks the positive energy.
  • Wall or solid support should be on your back.
  • Whenever you study, sit facing north or east, or north-east.
  • All the waste and litter should be kept away from your environment. Keep in mind that cleanliness brings in positive energy and has a soothing effect on the mind.
  • It would be a great idea to place a money plant in the south-east corner of the room you are studying in.
  • Placing an aquarium in the south-east corner can attract positive energy.

If you have made your mind to Learn Astrology, either for yourself or for your children, know that it is the right time to enroll with the Institute of Vedic Astrology. Institute of Vedic Astrology is considered as the sole destination for people willing to Learn Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Feng Sui, Palm Reading, and other allied subjects.

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Aug 27 2018

There are a lot of surprising facts about Astrology. Astrologers have observed that the Effects of Moon will influence human beings and also the Ocean. Horoscopes are most common for Astrological study.

Astrology is both a science and art to bring the aspects together by formulating ideas and outcomes. It is also defined as the divination of supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects. Zodiac sign has connected with the position of the sun at the time of your birth. Each Zodiac Sign has favorable colors.

Astrology Predictions

During Ancient times, Vastu texts have been proven to be equally effective and relevant as they are to modern architecture. By applying the underlying science and logic, we will get the best results.

Vedic Astrology

From the old human civilization, the History of Vastu Shastra will be explained clearly. Vastu is a Combination of two words as Vas and to.  These two words together in conjunction form Vastu. The Prime factors regarding Vastu will be explained in the Course from the best place to learn Vedic Vastu - Institute of Vedic Astrology.

Those who are keen to study Astrology and other related courses can enroll with the finest destination to master ancient sciences - Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. This Institute uses an innovative Remote Learning Training System to provide Quality education.

IVA has led in achieving the Prestigious Award and committed to impart the latest in the field of best distance learning online courses.

It is probably the only institute of its kind to be awarded as ISO 9001-2015 certification. The correspondence programs and periodic basic courses offered by the Institute are getting positive reviews as the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Reviews regard it as the Best Institute to study astrology.

It is a natural human quality to know more and expand in wisdom. So, they go as far as possible to live by this divine fact to mold lives in every turn. But, no matter where you are on the spectrum, the aesthetic point of view in the creation of human beings place Vasthu Shastra on a high pedestal. The elements of Vastu Shastra almost match the beauty of Astrology. Its charming, passionate, pleasant and permanent value are the attractive elements for its widespread following by civilization.

The importance of Vastu is considered while constructing the buildings and an expert in the subject should know the importance of five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Many people don’t consider these aspects in the beginning but they are required to make changes in their houses or buildings accordingly. It is always recommended to approach the best Vastu Shastra expert who has wide knowledge in the subject of Astrology.

The consultant in Vastu Shastra will also know about human civilization as a whole, which forms the part of a vast field of study. Palmistry is also a sub-section of Hand reading astrology that deals with the mystery of the palm. This literally means an ocean of knowledge. 

There is a definite Mind-body connection in the palm that can exhibit the pattern of our habits and thoughts. With this information, people can shape their own destiny. It is important to look at an inactive hand as it shows where you have been headed.

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Vastu By institute of Vedic Astrology Mar 27 2018

Nowadays, many homeowners have lost peace of mind because of the influence of negative energies. The sleeping direction is the main factor for losing peace, as many people spend more time in the same direction.

If somebody sleeps in the wrong direction, they may get affected by the unwanted energies, which may result in illness and loss in peace of mind.

Vastu Shastra – Discard unnecessary things from home and make space to welcome positive energy

Vastu is an old practice that is followed while building a home, to increase the positive energy in the location. While following Vastu, you have to follow the standard units of measurements in your home.

To have good positive energy, the compatibility of nakshatra of the building with the nakshatra of resident is essential. Muhurtha plays a vital role in delivering peace and prosperity for the residents.  You can Learn Vastu from IVA Indore which can help you in knowing more things about Indian Astrology. This will help you to get deep insights into Astrology and Indian Palmistry.

Best Vastu tips for your home to achieve peace and prosperity

  • According to the Vastu principle, it is better to have open courtyards in the center of the home to have positive vibes.
  • Build your bedroom in the southern side of the home. You must avoid building bedrooms on the northern and eastern sides, as it is not auspicious. 
  • You can build the bedroom in the South-west corner of your home, but it should be used by elder people of your home. If you are the head of the family, your bedroom should be on the North-west side.
  • Children’s room must face the West direction rather than Northeast, Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast.
  • Mirrors should not be placed in the kitchen and it should also face your children’s bed.
  • Keep your kitchen in such a way that it faces the east direction and the cooking place is on the eastside. It is strictly advised not to locate the kitchen or doors in front of the toilet. In addition, toilet doors should not face the dining hall or kitchen.
  • Your dining hall should not be exposed to the main door of your home. The entrance door must be larger than the door of your home.
  • While constructing a home, plan to keep your Pooja and entrance room in the North-East direction. Vastu shows that this rule can bring peace and prosperity to your home.
  • Pooja room doors must have two shutters with four frames. You should place the deity facing the West, East, and North.
  • To bring prosperity to your home try to keep fishes. You can place the aquarium in the Southeast corner of the living room.
  • The furniture and furnishing items kept in the house can be of any shapes like circle, square or octagon. You must not keep a television in your bedroom, which may affect your prosperity greatly.
  • You can grow bright colored flowers and aroma flowers in your garden or lawn.
  • The backyard of your home should not have any tall trees like Pipal or Banyan. Also, there should not be any thorny bushes like the cactus.

Thus, these are some of the best Vastu Shastra tips to bring home the prosperity, peace, and happiness. Follow Vastu and Live in Peace!

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 29 2018

People will be more conscious of the arrangements before the marriage, but many of them forget to think about the couple’s future life.

Don’t push yourself to find the answer; it is nothing but the Vastu of the home where the newly married couple lives for the rest of their life.

If you follow the vast tips in your home it can even enhance the love, romance and strengthen the bond between them.

Vastu is such a powerful weapon that can make your long-term relationship stronger. To understand these benefits you can Learn Astrology and make your married life better.

Best Vastu Tips for Married Couple to Enhance Romance in their Life

Keeping Photos

If you want to have romance and love forever you can keep your wedding photos or any other special capturing in the eastern wall of the house. This brings positive energy to your room and you will be in love together.

You should avoid keeping the photos of dead ancestors or God images as it can interrupt the romance vibration. 

Bedroom direction

A bedroom should be built in the south, west or southwest direction because love and romance are there to improve your bond.

To have more ideas about these things go through the Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews.

Bed position

A couple’s bed should be placed with the support of two or more walls. It may be either southwest or northwest direction of your home.

The main part of the bed must be in the south direction as it can help you to increase physical intimacy and deep sleep.


Your bedroom should not be painted with any pale colors like white or off-white. It is better to be in bright colors such as bright red, orange, etc.

Don’t keep mirrors

It is highly recommended to avoid keeping mirrors in the bedroom as it reflects your sleeping way.

You should not place even a dressing table in your bedroom. You can learn more about this when you Learn Vedic Vastu

Bedroom materials

You can use a wooden bed to have warm energy and coziness. Rather than keeping artificial flowers, you can keep the fresh flowers to have a fresh and pleasant odor.

Then you can keep fancy lamps which can give you the aesthetic feel any real sense. In order to raise your mood, you can have green and blue shades in the bedroom lamp.

Then avoid the habit of keeping unwanted furniture to decorate your room. This may lead to fights by blocking the love of couples. In IVA Indore you can study these techniques clearly.

Window position

Make sure that your home has windows and doors in even numbers. Also, windows must be open inside instead of outside.

Thus, they are some essential Vastu tips for a couple to enhance the romance in their life.

Apart from this you can Learn Online Vastu in the Institute of Vedic Astrology and know more things related to it. Love the Right Partner and live in the Right Environment to be glorious in your married life!

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 15 2017

Gains and profits rely on the west zone. We can say that the west zone is in charge of gains or profit. According to the Vedas, as compared to Varuna, no other Gods holds more significance. In a large portion of the Indian temples, it is seen that the icons of Gods are put in this energy field. It is believed that he has additional powers and knowledge, which can be named as Maya. She is the one who provides us a vision.

The power, when in a balanced state, gives us the capacity to see and make us visionary. This zone plays a very important role in satisfying all the wants of life. In the event that this zone is broadened, the profit or gain won't increment; rather just desire for gains will increment since fulfillment comes from balance. These enhanced desires won't be met. In the event that this zone is imbalanced because of being 'cut' or small, desires won't be satisfied according to wishes.

Vastu Shastra can build up a significant connection between a human and the space that belongs to him or her. It is all about the connection between directions and the inner world of human consciousness and motivation, which is really important. Vastu Shastra has been studied and rehearsed consistently for a large number of years and has assumed a vital role in our life. Institute of Vedic Astrology can assist you with understanding this old science by offering training to help you to Learn Vastu Shastra that will empower you to take care of Vastu problems scientifically. By enrolling yourself with Institute of Vedic Astrology to Learn Vastu, you will:

  • Learn the art of balancing your home and office to live a life full of health, wealth & happiness
  • Learn to comprehend the effect of your home and workplace on your life and subconscious mind
  • Learn the way of activating the energies around you to get the results that you wish for
  • Learn the way of implementing Vastu remedies
  • Gain Vastu knowledge for your home plots, irregular shape flats and plots, businesses and industries

    People use Vastu in their homes to gain happiness, prosperity and luck. If you also want to gain the same benefits from Vastu you can learn it. Learning Vastu has now become easy and convenient by various online and offline learning methods.  

Vedic Vastu is an admirable architectural science and an art that you can utilize with the end goal to foresee outcomes of the future in any individual’s life. Believe it or not, it is really very compelling subject. In the event that you want to Learn Vedic Vastu, you are at the right place. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the leading Vedic Vastu institute in India that offers opportunities to individuals to learn Vastu, astrology, numerology, palm reading and other allied subjects. Being the Leading Astrology institute in Indore, we have deployed renowned Vastu experts from all across the nation to provide you with quality training in Vastu and other subjects.


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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 30 2017

Interested in learning Vedic Vaastu? Why not do it with the experts themselves? The Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore has made it easy for you. They strive for excellence and offer you high-quality education with various modules to help you understand all the aspects of Vedic Vaastu.

So, here are all the reasons why you need to join this institute today!

Access to Plenty of Study Material

The best feature of our institute is that it offers a wide range of study material in Vedic Vaastu. You will never be short of the relevant material to get started on your path to Vedic Vaastu. Institute of Vedic Astrology provides you with more than 1200 pages of study material in Vedic Vaastu so that you are well-equipped with all the resources that you require to excel in your chosen subject. We believe in equipping a student with all the knowledge beforehand rather than leaving them on their own to swim or drown. This practice of giving the students full access to the study material is precisely what has made us stand apart from the competition.   

Audio and Video CDs

The study material does not stop at books alone! You also get audio and video CDs for a comprehensive learning experience. Institute of Vedic Astrology understands the fact that while some students are auditory learners, others are visual learners. We cater to all kinds of learning abilities and strive to ensure that each of our students can learn at his/her own pace in a safe and non-threatening environment. 

Specialization courses for 1-year course students in Environmental Vastu, Industrial Vaastu, Commercial Vaastu and Geomancy

Vedic Vaastu is a vast subject and we offer all kinds of courses for students with different preferences and predilections. Students learning with us can join a plethora of courses such as Environment Vaastu, Industrial Vaastu, Commercial Vaastu, and Geomancy. 

Orientation program for professional practice

Institute of Vedic Astrology also offers specialized orientation programs for professional practice. Do you want to become a professional consultant? Do you think you have what it takes to excel in this field? Well, then we’ve got your back! We help the students who wish to become professional consultants through an orientation program that assists them in getting first-hand practical knowledge of their studies and turn their hobby into a profession.

Get your doubts resolved through email within 24 hours on working days

We are very prompt in answering all the queries of our students. We understand that queries or questions are the natural courses of events when you are studying a subject. Once you email us with your queries, no matter how busy we are, you are guaranteed to hear from us usually within the next 24 hours on working days.

These reasons and are more than enough why you must pursue a Vedic Vaastu Course with the institute of vedic astrology right away! Our web pages are packed with testimonials from happy students! So, why not join their list of becoming world leaders and professionals in Vedic Vaastu? 

For Astrology- 

Astrology is an admirable science and an art that you can utilize with the end goal to foresee outcomes of the future in any individual’s life. Believe it or not, it is a very compelling subject. If you want to Learn Astrology, you are at the right place. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the Leading Astrology Institute in India that offers opportunities to individuals to Learn Online Astrology, numerology, palm reading, Vastu Shastra and other allied subjects. Being the leading Astrology Institute in Indore, we have deployed renowned astrologers from all across the nation to provide you with quality training in Astrology and other subjects.

A great degree of individuals are aware of the fact that astrology is composed of twelve zodiac signs, which relies upon the date of birth. Hence, every single individual all across the globe comes under one of these twelve zodiac signs.

And with the help of these zodiac signs, we can comprehend the one of a kind personality traits of individuals that have taken birth under a particular zodiac sign. Speaking generally, there is a large number of ways, such as, numerology, zodiac predictions, tarot reading, palmistry and face reading through which we can predict an individual’s future.

While foreseeing the future of an individual by utilizing zodiac sign, more often than not, both astrology, as well as numerology are used to work out exact future prediction, at the time of birth, as well as the place of birth, is also taken into account to achieve the same.

Vedic Astrology for future prediction takes a very scientific approach. It is a globally accepted technique that is completely authentic to foresee one’s future. The methodology of foreseeing future with Vedic Astrology incorporates a combination of charts, numbers and categories.

The popularity of Vedic Astrology is more than ever before these days. A great degree of individuals are using the power of astrology and received tremendous positive results in their life by proper applications of Vedic astrology. In case, you want the same, enroll yourself today with the Institute of Vedic Astrology – the leading Astrology Institute in Indore.

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 12 2017

Some properties that are purchased for a business turn out to be so lucky that people prosper. Be that as it may, there are also some properties that are so unlucky that no matter how hard you try to run your business, eventually you will end up in a loss. Not everyone is aware of the reason behind the same.

While buying properties for business, it is vital to take consideration of Vastu Shastra for the success of your business. For that, you need to Learn Vastu for Business. In spite of the fact that you can even consult some Vastu consultant for advice, it would be an unquestionable idea to learn Vastu for better and effective results. Consulting a Vastu consultant for the same would cost you a lot. In addition, there are many fake Vastu consultants as well in the market, who are good at nothing but making a hole in your pocket. Hence, you should learn Vastu rather than consulting any professional Vastu consultant to guide you.

Today, with this post, we are going to provide you with some tips that are recommended to keep in mind while buying commercial property. Let us have a look at them in brief.

While buying property for business, ensure that its shape is regular with all the four corners meeting at 90 degrees. It would be best to have an entrance door in the north or east or northeast. Having an entrance door in the said direction can shower you with an abundance of wealth & success in business. There are many instances where individuals have experienced infinite growth by having an entrance door at the east, which is the direction of the rising sun & new opportunities.

Northeast and southwest areas offer stability in business. It is advised to not make toilets in the said direction. The energies near the elevator is not stable as it keeps moving up and down. Avoid making your office in an area that directly faces an elevator.

Above mentioned things is just a piece of common advice from IVA Indore. There is a lot more than this to learn in Vastu Shastra. If you are planning to start up a business, know that Learning Vastu Shastra would help you a lot to prosper in business. The power of Learning Vastu Shastra for Business is undeniable. There are countless number of institute where you can enroll yourself to Learn Vastu. However, we understand that you must be a busy person. If yes, we would recommend you to opt for online institutes offering training in Vastu Shastra. One such institute is Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. It is the most renowned name in the field of offering training in Vastu Shastra and other related subjects, under the guidance of expert faculties and qualitative study material to make you an expert in it. 

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Aug 28 2017

One needs to work hard to be prosperous and increase wealth. However, at the same time, you also need good luck and good energy from everywhere and everything around you to be wealthy. Regardless of how hard you work, how much you earn and how much you cut your expenses, a minor Vastu defect in your home or workplace can obstruct your progress.

Hence, it is advised to Learn Vastu Shastra to be wealthy. These days, owing to the advancement in technology, one can easily Learn Online Vastu Shastra online from reliable institutes. Institute of Vedic Astrology is one of them offering opportunities to individuals to learn Vastu Shastra at the ease of their home.

Today, with this post, we are going to present you with some Vastu tips to increase your wealth. Let us have a look at them:

Placement of Locker

Lockers placed under beams creates financial stress. It would be a great idea to avoid beams. The ideal direction of your locker should be in the direction of ‘Kuber’ i.e. north. Be that as it may, the cash locker must be placed in a specific direction based on the location of your home and the date of birth of the breadwinner.

Placement of Mirror

It is suggested by the Institute of Vedic Astrology to place a mirror in front of your cash locker. It represents that your cash is doubled.

Keeping an Aquarium and Feeding the Birds

Place an Aquarium in your home. Aquarium can sort out several Vastu defects in your home. For positive energy, keep in mind to keep the aquarium clean and aerated. To attract more positive energy, you should feed birds with grains and water.

Repairing Leaking Faucets

Leaking or broken faucets represents loss or wastage of money. To stop both water and money wastage you should get those faucets repaired or replaced as earliest as possible.

Decorate the Main Door

In Vastu Shastra, the main door plays a very important role. In order to attract the prosperity and wealth in your life with ease, it is suggested to keep the main door of your home clean and decorated, since the main door is the entrance and exit of many things including wealth.

Learn Vastu Shastra with the Institute of Vedic Astrology to create more happiness, love & money in your life. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below.

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jun 13 2017

Vastu Shastra is a science mentioned in the Vedas and dates back to more than 4000 years. The word ‘Vastu’ means Habitat and ‘Shastra’ stands for Science. It is an architectural science which provides a vast reservoir of knowledge focusing on reducing the negative energy in and around premises and boosting the positivity.

Vastu Shastra, commonly called as ‘Vastu,’ provides a unique guideline for architectural structures based on their purpose or usage.

Here are a few recommendations dictated by Vastu Shastra for offices, shops and other such workplaces:

For direction facing (entrance) of the premises

  • Vastu recommends that the opening of your business should either face north or east. These directions bring in positive energy and prosperity. Every direction provides its power to the workplace. West and south side opening are not suitable for businesses as they bring instability.
  • The entrance of the workplace should be obstruction free so that there is no hindrance in the path of growth.
  • The entryway should never have water stagnation or a drainage opening in front of the entrance. Also, the floor of the premises should never have a slope toward the door.
  • It’s essential to make sure that the entrance door and other windows don’t make creaking noise during opening or closing.

For the shape of the premises

  • The design of the office should always be symmetric, and four-walled shapes like square and rectangle are auspicious.
  • Irregular or asymmetrical shop design is usually not advantageous.

For sitting arrangement and Placement of furniture

  • Placing the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the premises brings success. The northeast corner of the premises is the most auspicious place for setting the Idols.
  • The sitting arrangement for employees in the north and east parts of the office is favored.
  • The office of the owner can be positioned in the south or southwest part of the premises. But the sitting position should be such that it is facing north or east.
  • There should not be any seating arrangement under a beam. Sitting under a beam brings evil thoughts and a lack of creativity.
  • Racks and closets should be put in southwest pas of the shop/office.

Institute of Vedic Astrology provides professional education and training in Vastu Shastra. Currently, the institute offers a one-year Postgraduate Diploma Course in Vedic Vastu for the professionals who want to attain a deeper understanding of the subject. A short-term diploma course of six-months is also offered which helps in creating the knowledge of the principles of Vastu science and its extensive applications.

Our courses provide many benefits, such as:

  • All our faculty members are highly qualified and have vast experience in teaching Vastu.
  • Our teaching structure focuses most on creating an understanding of the subject which enables the students to learn the practical applications swiftly.
  • Vastu is a prominent field, and there are many employment opportunities in this field. Our courses help in keeping you ahead of the competition and maximize the available opportunities.

Want to know Indian Astrology? Find the Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews at Facebook and Google Plus.

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology May 29 2017

Vastu is the traditional Indian technique of home designing that combines the natural forces with architectural orientation. According to the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore every modern household is following Vaastu rules, as the home is the first place that brings happiness and peace in our life. The kitchen is not an exception and modern kitchens are being designed following Vastu rules. As we all know Vastu has a connection with the Vedas and there are specific rules for every corner of a house in Vastu, to provide maximum peace and prosperity to its habitat.

Why it is essential to follow the Vastu tips in the kitchen: -

If we consider our home is the center of happiness, then the kitchen is its heart. The role of a kitchen is to provide healthy food and to maintain the health and energy of the family members. The kitchen design has evolved over the years. Before it happened to be a place with a closed-door at the farthest corner of the house, but the concept has been changed a lot. The modern kitchen is a spacious open place, equipped with household gadgets where the family can meet at the end of the day. So, it is essential to design the kitchen according to Vaastu to keep the family healthy and eradicate health-related problems. Also, in Hindu Shastra kitchen and food is related to the Goddess Laxmi. So a proper layout of the kitchen is vital as it is believed to bring good luck and peace to the family. Let us check the tips.

1) Kitchen direction

According to Vedic Vaastu direction is vital since the kitchen symbolizes the ‘fire’ element. Fire or Agni is beneficial if we can control it properly but could be very dangerous if it goes out of our hands. The symbolic fire is the origin of all hopes and desires in our minds.

So, the fire element needs to be handled with great care in Vaastu. Each direction has a significant role in Vaastu. There is a specific direction to keep fire elements like oven, stove, etc. in the kitchen.

The South-West direction is known as the home of the fire element, and the North-West is meant as the home for air element. Following this fact, in the kitchen location of such equipment should be towards South-East. If not possible, the North-West is the right option, as air and fire are interconnected.

2)  Ideal placement of kitchen sink

The kitchen sink symbolizes the flow of water as it is meant for different washing purposes in the kitchen. Since sinks and taps point out the water flow, it should be placed away from the gas stove and the North-East corner of the kitchen is the best option for it. Vastu Shastra indicates the fire and water as opposing elements and repulsive to each other.

3)  Place the exhaust fans and windows in the East

The kitchen should be airy and well ventilated. So, to keep your kitchen airy, there must be windows and exhaust fan to ward off the smoky air from inside. According to Vastu, the kitchen window and exhaust fan must be placed in the East.

4) Placement of Gas Stove

The ideal installation of a gas stove is the South-East as it is known as the Agni cone. Moreover, the cook must be facing towards the East direction while cooking. A gas stove is used for cooking food and food is the primary source of our energy. So, it is necessary to choose the right corner for the fire element to keep the energy flow in the household.

5) Place the electronic kitchen gadgets in the proper place

The modern kitchen is equipped with electric kitchen appliances like microwave, heater, induction stove, toaster and mixer-grinder. As per Vastu, all these appliances should be placed in the South-West direction.

6) Kitchen color

The kitchen should be vibrant in color as it is the place where we spent quality time. If the kitchen color looks dull and pale, it will create a negative impulse in the family members. So according to Vastu, the kitchen must be colored with yellow, green, orange and unique color. Never use black color in the kitchen.

7) Choose the perfect flooring

Flooring is an essential aspect of the kitchen, and it must be made with marble, tiles or mosaic. Floors made with these substances are hard, non-scratch able and easy to clean.

8) Ideal place for storage

Storage is a vital part of every kitchen. It should be spacious, comfortable to access and separate from every purpose. According to Vastu, walls that are situated towards Southern and Western walls are perfect for making cupboards and drawers.

How can you learn Vastu?

The Institute of Vedic astrology offers different courses on Vedic Vastu, which could be very helpful for anyone to know about the Vastu laws of orientation. The courses are

•    1-year post-graduate diploma course in Vastu.

•    Six months diploma course in Vastu.

Benefits of joining the course

•    Knowledge of Vastu is a must for those who are dealing with construction, renovation, development and interior designing business. Vastu courses can help then a lot to serve their clients in a better way.

•    In the Vedic institution of astrology, the Vastu course is taught under the guidance of skilled professionals.

•    After completing these courses, anyone can work as a Professional Vastu Expert


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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 26 2016

Ever since hundreds of decades the concept of 'Vastu' is believed and practiced by people. Setting your home according to Vastu has proven to bring positivity and prosperity in people’s lives. Even in today’s modernized world people are now more inclined towards creating and setting their homes according to Vastu. A home is a place where a person finds peace and comfort and no one wants to compromise with it. Therefore Vastu helps people to create a positive aura and calmness in their house which helps them to gain inner peace.

Here are a few Vastu tips for your home to bring positive energy:

Placement of mirror in your bedroom

The mirror in the bedroom should never be parallel to the bed. The mirror should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t reflect your bed. Placing the mirror where it is exposed to the bed is known to create health concerns and quarrels among people.


It is important to make your house according to sunlight Vastu factor. Your house must be made in such a way, that it can receive sun rays according to Vastu. Sun rays play a vital role in maintaining positivity in the house. The warmth of the sun rays eradicates all negativity from the house and brings energy in the family member.

Sleeping in a favorable direction

One must sleep in a favorable direction to break the negative energy which will help you to absorb positive energy. This is especially for those people who have sleeping disorders and if they'll sleep according to Vastu it will help them to have a full and sound sleep.

Remove unnecessary items from your house

Declutter your house and remove all unnecessary items from your home. This will help the positive energy to flow freely and you will also experience prosperity in all spheres of life.

Colors of your home

Colors used in your home play a very vital role according to your mood and life both. The light colors are mostly used to paint houses, but you can add some colors to your home to bring positivity. Earthy tones are soothing for the mind and soul. You can also use colors from the seven colors of the rainbow.

A bowl of salt

This may sound a little absurd to some people. But placing a bowl of salt in the South-West and North-East direction of the house purifies the home from all kinds of negative energies.

Indoor plants and garden

Green is the color that spreads peace, energy and tranquility. Placing indoor plants like bamboo, money plant or other flowering plants maintains prosperity and peace in the house. The green color soothes our mind, relieves stress and anger and is healing for the soul too.

Music from bells or wind chimes

Wind chimes or bells can be hung on the entrance door. The music from these items creates a flow of positivity in the house. The mild music is soothing to ears, relieves stress and eliminates all negative energy from the house.

Aroma candles

Lighting scented candles create a pleasant environment in the house. You can use aroma candles or incense sticks to create a positive energy and purify your home from any foul or negative energy.

Apart from the above tips, it is also important for you to stay positive in all situations of life. These are was important Vastu tips which helps people fight with negativity to get their prosperity and inner peace.

If you want more tips realted to Vastu you can Learn Vastu from one of the best institute for Vastu, the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 28 2016

Vastu is more like an ancient science that has helped people for many centuries to create homes that are favorable to Vastu and are filled with prosperity and positivity. People now design their home totally according to Vastu and it has proven to be quite effective in maintaining peace, positivity and prosperity in the house and among family members.

If you are looking for a few tips on how to design your home according to Vastu then this is the right place for you. Here are some basic Vastu tips for home design:

Buying the plot – While buying a plot we must go for a rectangular or a regular shaped one. It is easier to design and your designer can use the area of the plot properly without any wastage. It is recommended to buy a North, East or West facing plots, as the entrance facing these directions is good according to Vastu.

Position of the house

While building the house you must leave more space in the North-East side as compared to the southwest side, it is good for Vastu. If possible you must construct the house in the middle of the plot, leaving some space on all the four sides so that the air circulation will be free and continuous.  

Entrance of the home

According to Vastu, you must place the entry gate of your house on the North-East side, it not only provides good ventilation but your house will also welcome positivity, prosperity and good health. 


The location of master bedroom also plays an important role in the life of the master of the house. The master bedroom must be located in the area which should be the highest point of the house and in the South-East part.


The kitchen must be located in the South-East part of the house. It is a good Vastu, as it creates warmth and in family and brings family members together to build a strong relationship.


The location of the staircase in your house should be in the South or West part of the house. The staircases should be constructed in such a way that you climb from north to south or east to west in a clockwise direction. This helps to eliminate staircase accidents.

Bathroom and toilet

The bathrooms and toilets must be in the West and South parts of the house to ensure proper ventilation and keep the house cool. 

Water tanks

The water tanks or bore well should be installed in the North-East part of your house to ensure good Vastu.

Prayer room

The prayer room or the puja room should be facing East and located in the Northeast part of the house, according to Vastu.

Center of the house

According to vaastu, the center portion of the house must be light and no heavy construction, like stairs, must be made there. This ensures free and continuous circulation of air.

The above mentioned are the few Vastu Tips which will help you live happily and peacefully. Vastu helps people to stay positive, happy and strengthens the family bond.
Else you can also opt for an Online Vedic Vastu Course at Institute of Vedic Astrology to gain deep and authentic knowledge about Vastu and related subjects. 

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 24 2016

Why should you check the 'Vastu' of a flat before purchasing?

The architectural Indian science of "Vastu Shastra" which is most commonly known as "Vastu" has been a foundation for recognizing and developing the best living spaces. This is the science of construction applied in Hindu Architecture. Plots and homes which are recognized by the 'Vastu' help the residents to live their lives with more happiness and prosperity. This is the antique practice that has gained popularity in the real estate space, for identifying the best places, plots and structures for residential, as well as commercial purposes.

'Vastu' is also based on Buddhist beliefs and has been formed with the aim of integrating architecture with nature, the relevant roles of various parts of the structure and ancient beliefs employing geometric designs and symmetry. When you're going to buy a flat in an apartment or also planning to let out a flat then you should still look for certain Vastu aspects. A lot of people still think that Vastu is not important because their house is not touching the ground but Vastu doesn't work that way.

Why is 'Vastu' important?

'Vastu' is very important which is considered to be the favorite aspect of buyers. These days considering 'Vastu' is important because of the designs and directions. The concept and main parameter is the construction and the directions. In real estate, the Vastu is considered to be the main parameter and flats and residencies are being planned after consulting the Vastu expert only. For people who believe and construct the home under the guidance and as per the direction of Vastu brings a lot of positive energy and general well-being for the owner.

Why should a person get it checked by an expert?

Vastu is an influential constituent that determines the decision of home users and tenants.  One of the main difficulties of living in a leased flat or apartment is that you cannot make a lot of changes in the flat, without securing the prior approval of the owner. If a house is made by keeping Vastu principles in mind, then people living in such flats will not face any difficulties which are also assumed by the Vastu Experts. So it becomes important to check this before buying any flat, building or plot and the same if you renting the home.

A basic structure plan is one of the key requisites for a fruitful meeting with our Vastu Specialist or expert. If you don’t have a building plan, it would be better to draw one yourself for the initial meeting. Vastu Methodology undertakes a 100% matching of symptoms and reasons to give you effective solutions to your problem.  

How will it help?

Your surroundings can have a huge influence on your life to the point of affecting your personal happiness, your prosperity, even the possibilities that come to you in your life thus making your choice of home a very important one. Because most of the important moments in our lives occur in our houses, the house itself becomes more than just four walls where we eat and sleep. That’s why thoughtful consideration is called for you if you are thinking about purchasing a home. These are the types of considerations that are taken into account when you want to assess the good Vastu of a home. Of course, these are not all of the elements that make up a home with good Vastu, but these are some of the important considerations which will definitely help you before and after purchasing the home.

Pros -

(1) In the Vastu, it is considered that the North direction is the symbol of happiness, growth, success and wealth. This space is the zone of God of wealth Lord Kuber who rules the finance and development in the house.

(2) It is also said that people who are living in such auspicious properties, whether commercial or residential properties are usually faithful and lodging by their moral values and beliefs.

(3) Vastu is a very interesting and highly useful science which is given to us by the tradition. We have several useful inputs from Vastu to plan the layout and other aspects of our houses.

(4) Houses which are purchased after Vastu check, make people live healthy and happy and ensure their peace and security.

(5) Planting of neem trees, coconut trees and big trees from 'South-East' to the South-West which means from Agneya to Naishritya gives us good results.

Cons -

(1) The possession of the Vastu effect is comparatively less to the south-east placed land or house and it is also very weak in giving good results.

(2) Water used in the house is not suitable to flow through the South-East direction. So it is essential that the South-East side of the house during construction to minimize bad effects in the house. 

Learn more about Vastu related tips and ideas for purchasing, constructing or renovating the house. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the right place to learn Vastu with easy learning methods by only sitting at your home. 

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 12 2016

Vastu Shastra is a very ancient and traditional method of architecture that is determined by astrological aspects. It is aimed to bring peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness in a home. Astrology and Vastu are not just popular in India but are also steadily rising its importance in occidental countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, etc. More and more people in western countries today, are getting inclined towards designing their homes according to the science of Vastu that consists of the five essential elements - Earth, Fire, Sky, Air and Water.

Let’s check out the influence of Astrology, Vastu and Yoga on the occidental society and how one can possibly make a career out of it!

Yoga is now a global phenomenon!

Statistics demonstrate how an ever-increasing number of people in Europe and the United States are practicing yoga and making it a part of their lifestyles. People often brush it off as a fad, but the countless psychological and physical benefits of yoga cannot be doubted. As yoga research expands every day, we see more and more people embracing this Indian form of body postures or asanas to lead healthier and more peaceful lives. Yoga has been known to heal people and cure a variety of diseases including but not limited to hypertension, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Make a career out of harmonizing people’s lives!

As we discussed earlier, Vastu Shastra deals with spreading peace and tranquility within architectural structures, obeying the laws of astronomy. These days, people want their homes to be just perfect! Yet, only some give importance to natural lighting and ventilation. Vastu takes a holistic approach towards a home architecture that takes all the scientific principles into account like ground preparation, measurement, spatial geometry, space arrangement, etc. This is all aimed at harmonizing your home or workplace and incorporating scientific, astronomical methods to bring a balance in the space that surrounds you and your life at large.

With the increasing industrialization and urbanization, Vastu Shastra opens some of the most lucrative career options for people not just in India but also the western countries. With the right amount of knowledge and learning, one can work towards making people’s lives better. Everyone looks for prosperity and peace in their lives and this is precisely why there is a huge demand for reliable experts in the art of Vastu Shastra. Even a beginner can earn an attractive remuneration in this career.

What’s in it for you?

Well, looking at the highlights:

  • An attractive remuneration
  • A gratifying job
  • Social connectivity
  • Recognition and fame

It cannot be disputed that Vastu opens a lot of doors for people looking to find their true passions or career possibilities. Given the immense scope and perks of being a Vastu expert and its growing recognition in the western countries, Vastu is now a global phenomenon that can help you pave a new professional path and find a career in making people happy. How gratifying is that! 

Make a great career 

By learning Vastu you can start your own part-time career in Vastu by suggesting people Vastu tips and ideas, construction ideas, interior, etc.  For that, you should Learn Vedic Vastu from the Institute of Vedic Astrology with their online distance learning course. Which will help you to become an expert in Vastu. 

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