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Astrology By Institute of Vedic Astrology Feb 18 2020

Maintaining a proper relationship with everyone in today's world is so important for every single person. The relationship holds great importance in everyone's life because this is the only thing on which people rely in their life because they always need someone in their life. Like a child needs a parent, friends, a person needs a life partner, etc. Every relation is important. Today it is also very important to maintain a proper relationship with your professional contacts to have a smooth working in the business or in the office.

But do you ever thought that how you should maintain a proper relationship with every person around you? If you are thinking that talking or meeting them properly or giving time to them is enough to create a better relationship with them is not always right. As we all know every human being is different so as their behavior and nature. So you should always keep in your mind that how you have to deal with every person around you. Astrology can surely help you with that!

We have always heard about astrological horoscope and zodiac signs somewhere, but have you ever thought that these things can actually affect your life and relationship with people around you, whether it is family, friends or professional relationships.

If you are facing difficulty managing relationships with some people in your life then here we are going to give you an idea about some people and their behavior according to their zodiac sign.

There are total of twelve zodiac signs in astrology here we are going to give you an idea about every zodiac sign that how these people are so that you can create a better understanding and approach with them.

- Aries

Most of the time they get so frustrated about some things and never stop thinking about it. As you should maintain calm relations with them as they are very aggressive and feisty sometimes.

 - Leo

They are the most positive ones in their life. They have a positive attitude with everyone around them which take them to the fair things in their life. 

 - Cancer

These people are highly sensitive and moody that is why you should always have to think before speaking with these kinds of people. But once you are friends with them you can ensure a lifetime of friendship.


Pisces adapt well to their circumstances both good and bad. They are highly empathetic.


You should mess with them as they are very turbulent. They are self-concerned and mysterious in their nature.


They are known for their stubbornness. But they are highly determined you can create good terms with them in business as they are totally ambitious.


They are optimistic and restless. They are highly aggressive in their nature and freedom is their catnip.


They are adaptable, so they can be adjustable as well. They are versatile, curious and fun-loving. You can have better terms in friendship with them.


They can be a perfect business person because they have logical and practical thinking and approach towards everything in their life.


These people have a tendency of forgiving but not forgetting. So try to be patient and calm with them in every situation.

 - Capricorn

They are the actual working bees. They are always concerned about their work and career. They are goal-oriented as you can have good terms with them in business.


They care about their privacy a lot, that is the reason it is hard for them to make close friends. They are intellectual and innovative as well.

Know more about astrology by learning Vedic Astrology with the Institute of Vedic Astrology from online distance learning courses. Now learn Vedic Astrology and know your friends, family and create a better relationship.



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Gems_and_crystals_therapy By Institute of Vedic Astrology Feb 14 2020

In today’s modern world no one is free from stress and anxiety. A student facing a competitive exam to a person dealing with business activities is surrounded by the vibe of stress and anxiety which will later harm their life and health due to their bad effects. Keeping yourself away from a different kind of stress and anxiety is in your hands.

There are many ways through which you can get relieved from the stress and anxiety within you. The most unique and proven ways of fighting with stress and anxiety are different gems and crystals.

With the help of particular gems or crystals, you can get rid of the stress and anxiety which you are facing for a very long time, as well as you can also suggest this to your family members and other people also so that everyone can get the benefits from it.

Some crystals are easily available and some are rare but it all depends on the person facing the problem that which crystal or gem he wants to use according to his or her problem.

Most commonly people use gems and crystals as per astrological concepts to get rid of many different life-related problems and health problems.

It is not obvious or compulsory to use crystals or gems only as per the astrological concept. There are many gems that are used in different ways to get rid of many problems in life. Stress and anxiety are commonly found in many people, but the reasons are different so one should prefer crystal or gem according to their problem or a particular life situation.

Everyone is aware of crystals or gems but not every person knows that they can be used in many different ways possible.

Here are some generally used crystals and gems that can surely help you to fight with the stress and anxiety of your life.

The main and important crystals which are specially used for getting relief in stress and anxiety are:
1. Moonstone

  1. Rose Quartz
  2. Himalayan salt rock
  3. Howlite
  4. Clear Quartz


  1. Moonstone-This crystal helps us to understand ourselves better. By understanding ourself better you can create a better perception towards life and towards your work, it will help you to reduce your anxiety within yourself. 


  1. Rose Quartz- This is the crystal which basically represents love. This can increase self-love as well as love with others also. By wearing this one can create love with self and can increase motivation and positivity in themselves. 


  1. Himalayan salt stone- This is the best stone that is used for fighting and getting relief from anxiety due to any work or life situation. It also helps to get relief from insomnia. It raises the energy level in the person and boosts the flow of blood in the human body. 


  1. Howlite- It is known as the calming stone. The howlite stone calms communication between people. It also encourages and facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. This can help you to balance your emotions and you can easily deal with stress and anxiety. 


  1. Clear Quartz- It is the stone that generally clears negativity from the mind and enhances the spirituality in the person which will take him to the right path and help them to get rid of the anxiety depression and stress.

    Learn more about crystals and gems from the best institute of learning about gems and crystals therapy, the Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore. Here you can get the best guidance about gems and crystals with the online distance learning course of IVA. Join and create a stress-free and happy life.

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Palmistry By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Feb 04 2020

What is hast Mudra ( hand posture)?

In India, there is a popular method of hand’s posture therapy ( hast mudra chikitsaa) since ancient timings. The inclusion of hand postures ( hast mudras ) is already placed in the prayer methods of the Hindu spiritual services. Almost everybody is familiar with 24 postures before chanting the Gayatri mantra and 8 postures after the Gayatri mantra. These postures keep one healthy.

 Natural five elements :

The human body is made of Natural five elements, it is mentioned in the Charaka Samhita's career sthanam’s. These five Natural five elements are including earth elements, water elements, air elements, fire elements, and sky elements. These are present into every part of our body including the hands. The earth element is present into the closest finger from the smallest finger which is known as Anamika or ring finger. A water element is present into the smallest finger (kanistha finger). Air element is present into the tarjani finger which is close to the ring finger, fire element is present into the thumb finger and sky element is present into the middle finger.

Diseases and the Natural five elements(Panchabhoota)

We know that the human body is consists of Natural five elements. these natural five elements are present in every part of our body, but with a certain fix proportion. If this balance or proportion gets disturb then, the balance of the human body gets disturbed. This imbalance finally leads to various kinds of illnesses. If this imbalance gets rectify with the help of the fine balancing of these five Natural five elements.then the body automatically gets cured.

Major hand postures(Hast Mudras):-

There are several kinds of hand postures( hast mudras). A few major hand postures are as follows.

1- Earth Posture:  

    The ring finger is the representative of earth posture. In the earth, the posture ring finger is touched with the thumb finger.

2- Water Posture:    

    In the water posture, the smallest finger is touched with the thumb finger.

3- Air Posture: 

  In the air posture Index, a finger is its representative finger. In this posture index finger is touched with thumb at its root point and then by the thumb, index finger needs to press very gently.

4- Sky Posture (Akaash Mudra):

   In this posture, the middle finger is considered its representative finger. This middle finger is touched with the thumb while practicing this sky posture.

5- Muskingam Posture :

   In this p[osture both hand’s fingers are kept close in tiding position. Then they need to press gently each other.

6- Life posture (Prana  Mudra):

     In this posture, ring finger and smallest finger which are representatives of the earth element and water element respectively are touched with the thumb finger.

7- Sun Posture :

        In this posture fingers of both the hands are kept fix in such a way that they should make fist position, thereafter left hand’s thumb to be kept in the state up position and then right hand’s thumb is kept in its backside position.

8- Yampashsm posture :

        In this posture, both hand’s Index fingers are to be kept tide with one another and remaining fingers are used for making fist position.

Various postures and their relativity with curing diseases ;

Ling mudra keeps cold and coughs away, prana mudra keeps eye-related problems away, Vaayu mudra keeps pimples away, Aakash mudra keeps ear-related problems away. Other than these effects Surya mudra keeps diabetes away and Surya mudra keeps lover related problems away. Whenever these postures (mudras 0 are to be practiced one should sit in a Padmaasan position and then he or she should keep their back, neck, and hands must keep state and erected position. One must always remember or concentrated over his or her Est dev before doing any posture.  

Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore which is the best institute in India and the USA provided Distance learning courses on Palmistry through which you can learn Palmistry easily and become a master in this skill. Join and know yourself better and help others with Palmistry.


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VedicVastu By Institute of Vedic Astrology Jan 28 2020

    Is your house facing a T-junction of the road? Then it's time to get the right advice to secure yourself from the bad effects of this T-junction. Many people face this problem in their house, office or factory or showroom which is not auspicious as per Vastu.

This is the main reason why our house or office is not getting prosperity and happiness. According to the Vedic Vastu, the house or a plot which is facing T-point of the road outside of the house’s main door is not so auspicious, or if you are still living in that type of plot then you should take some measures to protect yourself from the negative effects, road that runs straight into the face of the house is considered obstruction and symbolize as spear that obstructs the good fortune of the house.

Sometimes people are also unaware of the fact that T-facing houses bring bad luck, inauspiciousness, and misfortune for the people living there. It does not matter if you believe in these things or not but the fact is that this can actually affect your personal as well as professional life.

You cannot change the direction of the road where your home exists but you can bring some minor or major changes in the house and take some measures to protect yourself from the negative effects of the road which is facing your house straightly.

These T-junction is also known as Veedhi Sulas as per Vedic Vastu. This Veedhi Sulas happens when the road affects the house that means when road approaches the site, some are considered bad while some of them don’t matter so much.

When it is about the T-junction then it is like a gun pointed straight towards our house, which will be going to kill your happiness, peace, the prosperity of the house. One should think to rectify this thing with some measures soon.

According to Vastu that house which is facing East, North, and Northeast direction and has T-junction is only said to be auspicious as it will bring wealth, fame and name to the owner of the house, that other directions are not considered as auspicious.

Here are some measures and tips you can follow to avoid that negative energy to avoid you

  • You can add plants like shrubs at the border of your house which can control the effect of the negative energy which is coming directly to your house.
  • Add a mirror or small pieces of the mirrors at the outside wall of the house.
  • If you are having your door straight towards the road then try to relocate the main door to avoid some effects.
  • You can install Vastu copper strips in your house it will work as a virtual partition to cut off the negative energies which are coming towards your house.
  • Rectify defects related to the road towards the south by using a lead metal pyramid.

To know more about various aspects of Vastu faults you can follow our recent and upcoming blogs on Vastu.

You can also learn Vedic Vastu from the Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore, through their online distance learning courses in Vedic Vastu.

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Astrology By institute of Vedic Astrology Jan 25 2020

That was a huge achievement for Indians that we have got our democratic rights in India on 26th of January 1950. On this day in the 1950s, we had become a Republic country in the world. The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949 and came into effect across the country on 26 January 1950. Republic Day of India is one of the three national festivals in India.

By celebrating Republic Day, we ensure that we have fulfilled our responsibilities and duties towards our nation. Change, development, growth, and culture is the soul of Nation and Nation is still waiting to become a developed country from a developing country.
Believe or not believe but it is all dependent on some Astrological aspect due to that Nation has faced and are still facing different kinds of things and situations.
Astrology shows that the planetary effects in the sky not only affects the life of the human but it also affects the whole nation where the person used to live because a person used to live in the society and the aspects like weather, societal environment, democracy, government, law, employment, education directly affects the human life.
If the planetary positions and the movements in the sky is favorable then it will give good effects on the people of the nation also.
With no doubt, 2020 has brought many changes in the astrological situations of the sky as well as in the human’s life.

If we talk about the astrological aspect of India at the time of the Republic then it is said that planet Pluto was occupied by the Leo sign that was the reason which indicates that the nation has faced various struggles and problems and then got high achievements after getting the republic rights in the world. 
There are various transits in the whole year of 2020 which will affect the lives of many people due to the change in the positions of the planets. India is going to face various changes and development this year.

The planet Saturn has the main transit in the month of January, as it is transiting to the zodiac sign Capricorn and later in Sagittarius. The planet Saturn is the planet of justice and discipline as it will bring many changes in the life of the people after the 26th of January. The planet is going to give the right directions and path to the people of Capricorn sign, it will affect many things the democracy as well.  People who are ruling the country or a particular state will take the right decisions for the nation and the society which will provide great benefits to the citizens of India. 
As Saturn is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius as people with this zodiac sign will also face various changes. As the zodiac sign, Sagittarius and Capricorn are already facing the phase of Sade Sati, Aquarius is also going to join their team soon this year.
Saturn will be going to make realize all the zodiac signs that success can only be achieved with the help of hard work and struggle. So, it is believed that people who are ruling the country will soon be going to realize many things through which the nation can get the development and changes.

If the nation gets the development and growth it will directly affect the life of the people living in the nation because people are connected to the society and nation.
You can also follow our latest and future blogs to get the astrological updates on various Indian festivals

On behalf of the Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore, we are wishing you a very happy Republic day. 

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Fengshui By Institute of Vedic Astrology Jan 10 2020

                      There are probably few people who face financial crises, loss in business, instability in business or work after working hard or after investing a high amount of money they do not get the expected results or did not get the expected outcome.
There are various reasons behind not getting the expected and proper business or work outcome. But there might be a reason that the place is not as auspicious as your work or you might use some wrong steps or activities in your office like in regular sitting, location or any other work-related things. For getting a proper solution for this you can apply Feng Shui principles or tricks in your workplace or office to get the best results in your work.

What is Feng Shui and how does it work?
Feng Shui is a Chinese system of designing buildings, homes, offices, and space arrangement according to special rules about the flow of energy, which aimed to achieve harmony with the surroundings, because according to Chinese Mythology a system of spiritual energies, both good and evil are present in our environment.
It was majorly used in the China country but later with modernization, it got trendy in neighboring countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan, South Korea, etc. Now it is highly used and believed in India as well.
Applying Feng Shui not only harmonizes your house, office or living but also purifies the environment.

Some Feng Shui Tips to follow to get benefits-

  1. You should try to make the entrance of your office in the direction of the West or North. If you have a door in the East or South direction then you face damages in business. 
  2. The owner of the business should always sit in the direction of West or South and he should not sit facing the back towards any gate or window. 
  3. If you don’t feel like sitting or working so long in your business work you can place a crystal on your table for that. 
  4. You should put feng shui coins tied with the sacred red thread of Feng Shui in your locker where you generally save money. 
  5. You should always place a mirror above the main entrance gate if the entrance gate is facing any tree, temple, electricity pole, sewage or any other thing which holds the flow of positive energy. 
  6. You can also place Gems tree in the North direction of the office this will bring profit in business. 
  7. A laughing buddha should be placed in front of the entrance of the main door so that it can attract every person entering the office as well as it will increase the profit of the business. 
  8. You should face electric connections and extensions in the direction of the West or South it will give auspicious results and will protect every person from the accidents. 
  9. In feng shui, the right location of walls can promote a good flow of energy and enhance the positive feelings in a home or an office.
  10. If you are working in the work of a creative field try to give the desks in the proper directions to your employees. 

There are many other aspects when it comes to Feng Shui if you are passionate about your business and work then you can also learn Feng Shui as a course in some institutes like the Institute of Vedic Astrology and become an expert of your business with their online distance learning course

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Gems&Crystalstherapy By Institute of Vedic Astrology Jan 03 2020

 Wear Gems cautiously before wearing as per Astrology- 

Almost every individual scholar, material science related scientist and astrologer has unanimously accepted this very fact that gems radiate a special type of light. These specific lights irrespective of their nonvisibility does affect human life in one or another form. This effect is very much similar to that effect which comes into the earth from the planets. Astrological experts and other experts related to this subject matter have given a principle according to which every planet has a resembling stone on the earth. This stone is considered a Gem and there are several types of Gem unlike various kinds of planets on our solar system. Sun has a similar effect producing stone which is known as a Manik, Moon has its resembling stone with the name of Moti, Mangal has Munga, Budha has Panna, Guru has Pukhraj, Sukra has Diamond, Shani has Neelam, Rahu has Gomeda and Ketu has Lahsunia. These stones have very similar effects on what their associated planets are having on our well beings.

Select the metal of Gems with utmost care:

If you wear any Gem without knowing its perfect suitable ally metal then, it will do more harm than any good effect for its wearer. After many years’ research and intense observation subject experts came to this conclusion that one should wear any precious Gem with its properly suitable combination making metal like Gold, Silver, Copper, Germanium etc.etc. One can wear these Gems after putting them into the ring or locket.

The alliance of various Gems with different-different metal is as follows:

A-   Manik with the Gold

B-   Moti with the Silver

C-   Munga with the Gold 

D-   Panna with the Gold 

E-   Pukhraj with the Silver 

F-  Diamond with tri-metal (Tridhaatu)

G-  Neelam either with tri-metal or with the Silver 

H -Gomed with the Panchadhatu 

I - Lahsunia with the Panchadhatu 

Although, in this classification, there is a difference of opinion too. Many rich and wealthy people use to wear any such Gem with Gold or any other precious metal which is actually recommended only with the Silver. This is not at all recommended from the point of view of astrology and it may give adverse effects instead of giving some benefit to that person who is wearing it. It is a proven fact that Diamond and Moti are not beneficial when they are used with the Gold. Before wearing any Gem and selecting its ally metal one should take proper advice of any knowledgeable astrologer.

Select Gem’s wearing order with utmost care:

Many people wear NavRatna rings in their fingers or chain in their neck just for the sake of fashion. On the other hand, many people wear them for getting instant benefits. This is a very tricky situation and one should always wear such kind of Navratna ornament with its appropriate order according to the science of astrology. This order must be in such a way that the first row must have Panna and Diamond in the second row there must be Pukhraj with Manik and Munga, in the third row there must be Lahsunia, Neelam and Gomed.  This order very clearly indicates that in the first row there are Buddha, Sukra and Moon. In the second row, there are Guru Surya and mangal, in the third row, there are Ketu, Shani and Rahu planets. One should wear any Gem after keeping this very fact and this precisely defined order only   

Wear Gem with its proper weight:

Any that ornament, including the ring which consists of Navratna, is beneficial only when it is worn inappropriate weight according to the astrological calculation. Many such precious ornaments are useless or without any good results producing the effect which is not made of right pr proper weight. Only wearing precious gem is not that important but it is important to \wear them with proper weight and proper combination.

Before wearing any Gem know its friendliness and enmity :

It is a very natural and common fact that like-minded people like one another’s company but in contrast those who are lacking like-mindedness and if they happen to meet with one another will not like one another’s the company and they will enjoy unpleasant company.

If the characteristic of any gem is not matched with another, it will give ill effects and create a very unpleasant situation in day to days life. Before wearing any Gem one must check very carefully, whether it is friendly or not for him or her. Many Gems if not worn according to its friendly nature may cause harmful effects, therefore it is very important to wear them wisely and according to the principles of astrology.

Follow our latest and upcoming blogs to get more information about different Gems and Stones from our institute, the Institute of Vedic Astrology. And you can also learn more things about Gems in the IVA from an online distance learning course




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Astrology By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 31 2019

Every person is different from each other and hold some unique qualities and skills within them. Astrology shows their different personalities through their zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is different from each other and shows the different qualities and faculties of a person.
Each different sign holds different qualities and specialties in it. Those people who have creativity inside them, are seems to be more attractive by nature and preferences.
Then, there are some signs that are very creative and innovative by their nature. These particular signs are special and different from other zodiac signs. According to astrology, creativity in every individual is dependent upon the planets which are present in their horoscope, and we can assume their nature and attitude according to their zodiac sign.
If any person is aware about his or her inner quality, then they are able to choose the right career track in their life, and it also helps them in other ways also.

Signs which are creative by their nature-

  • Virgo (Kanya)
  • Leo (Singh)
  • Taurus (vrishabh)
  • Capricorn (makar)
  • Pisces (Meen)

These are the most creative zodiac signs (Rashis) in astrology. Now we will get to know about the faculties present in these signs.

  1. Virgo (Kanya)-
    People with Virgo sign always tries to perform something different than others. They always try to learn new and different things. They usually don’t waste their time on unnecessary things and use to mind their own business.
  2. Leo (Singh)-
    They are the people who are very creative and innovative by their nature. They always try to give their life, be it personal or professional. They always work to give their best in their life and don’t leave any room for error in their work.
  3. Taurus (vrisabh)-
    The people lying in this sign are much imaginative and creative by their nature. They can do their best in creative sections related to money or property. Taurus people are good painters as well, and no one can beat them in it.
  4. Pisces (Meen)-
    These people are much thoughtful and imaginative. They are always stuck in their own thoughts and imagination and then work according to it.
  5. Capricorn (makar)-
    People with Capricorn sign are much practical than other signs. They always use to learn new things and then work according to it or apply those tips in their present work. They bring out something new after learning, that’s why they seem to be more creative among all.

The above signs were the most creative signs in astrology. If you want to know more about zodiac signs and its effects on human nature, you can also learn Vedic astrology from the Institute of Vedic Astrology, which will give you better knowledge about astrology from their online training distance learning course, with their online video course.



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ASTROLOGY By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 28 2019

People are much excited about their future predictions. What they are going to have in the future, where they will going to have success, they will get money or not, how will be their health, etc. Every person wants to know the answers to these questions.

It is very important to get your future predictions so that you will be able to control the unfavorable situations and can enjoy favorable situations well. If you will get an option to change your future or destiny then you can absolutely able to change that with the help of Astrology. In this modern generation where people are dependent on their karma (deeds) on the other side, Astrology is also dependent on your karma. If you will get to know the future prediction as per your Astrological sign you can control and manage the future situations.

Every day is a new day and every year is a new life. To live your new year full of positivity and changes you should have a look at your zodiac predictions as well, it will help you to know about future holds for you in the new year.

Institute of Vedic Astrology has got the right predictions for your zodiac sign with which you can make your new year prosperous and favorable for you.

You can also learn Astrology to get your future predictions.

While discussing the astrological signs and predictions you should also know about its various aspects like it differ person to person according to their zodiac sign. Each sign has its own pros and cons and it works according to the positions of planets especially Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Sun. The placement of those planets in a particular house defines the person’s zodiac situation.

The upcoming year 2020 is full of opportunities and chances for all 12 zodiac signs. The 2020 Astrology forecasts that the year will be refreshing and full of new challenges for some particular zodiac signs. Let’s have look at some of the zodiac signs and their future predictions.


  The year 2020 has something big and interesting for you, as it is coming with new challenges and opportunities for you in the upcoming year. In the horoscope of Aries people, Jupiter along with Saturn and Mercury are going to position in the 10th house, which is the indication that you will be going to achieve something big in the future. But don’t forget to put your hard work in your job or career to make your life easy going. The money will be stable and you should not use your cunning and strategies to gain money in an unethical way.


Including the planet Jupiter and Saturn the Mercury is seen to be weaker in the 9th position of the house. Don’t be tensed about it because it will not go to harm you. All you need here is to work with full of your heart and mind. There are chances of having a religious trip in 2020, if you are interested in spirituality then it will surely lead you to a religious journey. The trip is going to help you to get new ideas and to gain the capacity to fight with battels and stress in your life.


  The planet Saturn will be going to positioned at the 9th house in your horoscope. This year going to be positive for you as you will face peace of mind and satisfaction within yourself. It might be possible that you can have some health-related issues this year. You can start exercises and Yoga to make yourself fit and to avoid unusual illnesses and diseases.


All the major astrological planets are going to positioned in the 7th house, Jupiter is seen to be weak here, as you may face new challenges and difficulty in this upcoming year. Here you need to start working on your self-esteem to be motivated and empowered towards your goals.


In 2020 the Sun is going to rule your sign and all the major planets are going to be positioned at 6th house. Here you can expect some major changes in your life. You should also stop thinking about unnecessary things. In the mid-2020 you can expect some good luck for you, as destiny is going to have something big for you.


To know more about 2020 Astrology predictions, follow our website blogs or you can also learn Astrology from the Institute of Vedic Astrology with their online distance learning course.

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NUMEROLOGY By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 24 2019

  Following the path suggested by any number can be a myth but it’s true that every number holds your destiny according to your date of birth. Everything related to your numerology is dependent on your date of birth. 
            There are many types of numbers which vary person to person according to his date of birth and sometimes the time of birth. 
                In numerology, there are some numbers which are termed as lucky numbers, unlucky numbers, life path numbers or auspicious/inauspicious numbers. Then there come the master numbers, they can be just as much of a curse as they can be a blessing also.
Every number in numerology is significant, yet there are special numbers which can be observed by the numerologists as master numbers. Those master numbers of numerology are 11, 22, and 33. 
           Number 11, 22 and 33 are called as master numbers in numerology which can be proved as strongest numbers for the person who have these numbers in his or her birth chart. 
       These numbers have profoundly powerful meanings in it and they can appear in your chart, they can advise you in difficult situations of your life. 

With the help of numerology and the master numbers, you can uncover your specific yet hidden and unique talents so that you can increase the chances for success in all fields of your life. 
Number 11-
     This number represents instinct and it is the most intuitive of all the numbers. It will give you the feeling of knowledge and is also termed as a ‘number of faith’.  The negative aspect related to this number is anxiety, shyness, and stress in humans. 
If you have this number in your numerology chart, you can use this number to create personal power and spiritual development. 

Number 22-
A person with this number holds great confidence and leadership qualities. It is the practical number, as it can be beneficial for the people who are attached with business-related activities. People with this number are capable of changing their lush dreams into solid reality. 

Number 33-
The person having 33 in his or her numerology chart has the ability to throw them into a project that goes far beyond the practicality and makes it come true. 
Number 33 is rare and it is only significant if it is one of your core numbers like life path number, personality number, heart desire number, etc. 
These people are highly knowledgeable and always recheck the facts before executing any new project or idea. 

Learn Numerology to understand more about numbers and its meaning in your life. 

Institute of Vedic Astrology is offering you online training in a distance learning course of numerology, under supervision of experts in numerology. Come join the course to become a numerology expert. 

   Following the path suggested by any number can be a myth but it’s true that every number holds your destiny according to you date of birth. Everything related to your numerology is dependent on your date of birth.
There are many types of numbers which vary person to person according to his date of birth and sometimes time of birth.
In numerology there are some numbers which are termed as lucky numbers, unlucky numbers, life path numbers or auspicious/inauspicious numbers. Then there comes the master numbers, they can be just as much of a curse as they can be a blessing also.
Every number in numerology is significant, yet there are special numbers which can be observed by the numerologists as master numbers. Those master numbers of numerology are 11, 22, and 33.
Number 11, 22 and 33 are called as master numbers in numerology which can be proved as strongest numbers for the person who have these numbers in his or her birth chart.
These numbers have profoundly powerful meanings in it and they can appear in your chart, they can advice you in difficult situations of your life.

With the help of numerology and the master numbers, you can uncover your specific yet hidden and unique talents, so that you can increase the chances for success in all fields of your life.

Number 11-
This number represents instinct and it is the most intuitive of all the numbers. It will give you the feeling of knowledge and is also termed as a ‘number of faith’.  The negative aspect related to this number is anxiety, shyness, and stress in humans.
If you have this number in your numerology chart, you can use this number to create personal power and spiritual development.

Number 22-
A person with this number holds great confidence and leadership qualities. It is the practical number, as it can be beneficial for the people who are attached with business-related activities. People with this number are capable of changing their lush dreams into solid reality.

Number 33-
The person having 33 in his or her numerology chart has the ability to throw them into a project that goes far beyond the practicality and makes it come true.
Number 33 is rare and it is only significant if it is one of your core numbers like life path number, personality number, heart desire number, etc.
These people are highly knowledgeable and always recheck the facts before executing any new project or idea.

Learn Numerology to understand more about numbers and its meaning in your life.

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KPAsrology By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 21 2019

Every person wants to know the answer to their different life-related questions like which things are going to happen and when? When they will get married or when they will get the right job? Here the term known as KP Astrology will surely work for them to predict their upcoming life or future events in a much predictional manner.

Astrology is the science related to the planets and KP Astrology is the extension of Astrology. The KP Astrology is basically known as Krishnamurthy Paddhatti Astrology which was developed by the late prof. Krishnamurthy. The KP Astrology is developed with the help of Vedic Astrology which is Indian Astrology and Western Astrology which is generally used in Western countries. So, we can say that this is developed with a mixture of both Vedic and Western Astrology.

The KP Astrology system of Astrology is commonly used to predict future events with higher accuracy. In Vedic Astrology, things can be predicted easily like what things will going to happen in the future but KP Astrology shows that when things are going to happen.

What is Krishnamurthy Paddhatti Astrology?

In the KP Astrology, the birth chart is made by classifying the 12 houses of the birth chart. This system of Astrology suggests besides looking for the planet movement and positions on the particular sign, you can look for the planet according to the placement in the particular constellation (Nakshaktras). Also, it is important to look for the lord of the particular constellation. So, hereafter seeing the positions and movements according to the constellations the final predictions are done. Through this system and process, the new technique of astrological prediction has been developed. This is the easiest method of getting the right future predictions.
In this system, no planet is auspicious or inauspicious. This system suggests that those planets who are giving its positive impacts are the auspicious planet and the one who is not are inauspicious planet.

Principles to predict any event as per KP Astrology-
The one and most important principle to predict the future according to the KP Astrology are that one should look after the main house in the birth chart and its upper constellation (Nakshaktras) lord. And if the lord is in the higher house in the birth chart then it will give better results in the event prediction. To get the right time prediction in this system the astrologer looks after the ‘Vimshottari Mahadasha’ according to the KP Astrology.

Prashna Kundali (Question chart)  the new trend-
According to our Hindu Astrology system if any person has got his or her birth chart or not he will always have many questions that are not possible to be answered only with the help of the birth chart that questioned are answered with the help of Prashna Kundali (Question chart). General questions like, when a person will get married, when the child is going to take birth or when one will get a house or flat etc, this type of questions are generally answered with the help of birth chart only, but to get to know about, at which floor one will get the flat can be answered with the help of question chart. When will someone gets the job can be answered by the birth chart but in which area, field or post one will get the job this can be answered by the Question Chart easily.
In this process, the question chart is been prepared to give the answers to the questioner. The answers are given according to the planetary positions and effects at that particular time, this is how the KP Astrology system works.

Where to learn about KP Astrology?

Anything can be learned easily through various methods and techniques. KP Astrology can also be learned easily through various options available in front of you. The best option to learn about KP Astrology is from the Institute of Vedic Astrology. The institute is known for its quality education in online distance learning courses with the guidance of expert faculties and study material. Join the institute and learn the art of predicting future events.


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FENGSHUI By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 17 2019

We all know that our planet and our life work with the help of natural elements. There are various kinds of natural elements that are present on our earth but there are five main elements without which we cannot imagine our life. But have you ever wondered that not only our life but our whole personality is also connected and based on these natural elements. These natural elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. It will be interesting to know that our nature and our body are also dependent on these particular elements.
Here we will be explaining to you, how these elements are connected with our life and personality. 

As it is cleared that, what are the main five natural elements which are connected to our life and personality. Feng Shui suggests that each of the five elements is connected to our daily life which cannot be replaced. In the day to day life of the people, these elements play a pivotal role. For cooking food, we use fire elements. The water element is used for our survival on this planet as no living entity can survive without water, humans, animals, plants, everything needs water. Through the help of Earth or land, one gets the place to build their house, grow trees, crops, food, etc. The metal element is used to make jewelry, interior decoration, construction, making accessories, etc. And the last element which is wood is used to make necessary items in the house like furniture and other wooden material. All these five elements have many applications in human life.

All these elements are also used in Astrology for predicting the future of the person and the Chinese traditional medicines connect these five elements with the body organs. These elements are not used in Feng Shui but they are pervasive in nature which is used in every aspect of life.
In Feng Shui, it is used to maintain the flow of energy in and outside of the house. The main function of Feng Shui is to maintain a balance between the positive and negative energy which later harmonizes the environment of the house. But Feng Shui has also connected these elements with human’s life and personality. It also suggests which element should be placed at which direction in the house, so that people living in the house can enjoy the positivity of the house to the fullest.

Let’s get to know about each element and how it is connected with our personality and you can also check which natural element you are! 


  1. Fire Element-
    The main source of the fire element is the sun. Our planet and the whole creation absorb solar radiation from the heat produced by the sun. Most of the fire element is the energy-giving element. In Feng Shui, the fire element is connected with the fame and the outer personality of the human being. These people are aggressive in nature but have an impressive personality that can easily attract others towards them. 
  2. Earth Element-
    The earth element is represented by the soil, rock, and ashes. On this earth some portion is covered with soil, some with stones and some with vegetation and greenery. These kinds of people are generous in nature, they are ready to help others at any time and also they are social and cheerful as they have their roots connected with the earth. 
  3. Water Element-
    Water is the most important part of life not only for humans but for every living entity in this world. People who are connected with this element are soft-hearted and peaceful from their nature. Water element has the flow so the people connected with this element love to be in flow in their life. These people are also emotional as well as creative and sensitive. 
  4. Metal Element-
    Metal is the natural phenomena that are found under the earth’s crust. Metals are hard and stuff by their nature, so as the people. Those people who are tough, honest and straightforward are connected with the metal element. These people have strong will power to do everything in their life. They also take responsibility effectively. 
  5. Wood Element-

In the five elements wood shows the plants and green vegetation. With the help of the earth and water element, the wood gets developed in the form of a tree or plant. Its energy rises towards the sky and shows growth. It is also related to the new beginnings of the cycle. People who are deep thinkers and fast thinkers are connected with this element. These people have the quality to cheer and enlighten the people. As well as they create a different kind of environment around them.

There is more and deeper information about every element in Feng Shui for that you can learn Feng Shui from the Institute of Vedic Astrology. This is the best destination where you can learn the subject with the help of online distance learning courses. Join the IVA and know yourself better and also create a change in your house’s environment. 


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Gems_and_Crystal_therapy By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 14 2019

 There are many crystals and gems on this planet but some are rare and some are commonly found. One of the most precious stones on this planet is Pearl. The pearl is considered as the queen of gems, which has huge benefits in it. There are many other stones but some stones have different healing power as well as Astrological benefits in it. 

Where the Pearl is found?
Just like the Coral (Munga) stone, the pearl is found in the deep oceans. ‘A pearl is a hard, glistening object produced within the soft tissues of living shelled mollusk.’  Later mollusk is collected by the shell collectors and after killing the living shell they collect the pearls which are inside it. 
Normally people assume that the real pearl only looks round and white but it has more colors. The pearl is available in black, grey, pink, white, purple, blue, green, yellow and brown color. Nowadays scientists usually try to develop a masterpiece of the pearl by using different techniques, but we can assume the real one which is developed naturally without any scientific method of producing. 

The qualities of the Pearl-
The pearl is the kind of gemstone that is simply loved by many people in this world and used by millions regularly. Some people use this stone on a daily basis and some people use this occasionally. The pearl is normally used according to the texture and structure it has got. 
According to the astrological aspect, the pearl is related to the planet moon. So it is said that the planet moon controls the mind and thoughts of the person, so the pearl also controls the thoughts and the mind of the people. It is said that a good pearl can control your mind and can make your life more organized and manageable.  
The person who is weak from their inner thoughts and mind can use the pearl to make themselves bold and strong. In this situation, one can wear a flat pearl to take more advantages and benefits from it. 

Pearl and the Astrology-
There are many astrological benefits of gem pearl. If we look forward to the qualities of the pearl, it is the gemstone of planet moon. The Cancer zodiac ascendant’s lord is the moon, so the people who have cancer zodiac can wear pearl and it will surely give them the great benefits in their life. The people who have their zodiac cancer should wear the pearl gemstone for their whole life as it will give them great benefits like good health, prosperity, positive thoughts, beauty, and goodwill. Most importantly if is worn for a lifetime then it will always keep the negative thoughts and problems away from the native. 

Pearl as a Medicine-
The pearl has hundreds of benefits in it. It can be used for many purposes but did you know it also has the medical property. The pearl not only enhances the beauty of the person wearing it but has huge medical benefits as well. If the color of the pearl appears light orange in color then it will be used to cure many health issues like blood disorders, eyesight faults, eye disorder, physical weakness, thoracic disorders, and many more health issues. 
This is also proven by material science that using that particular type of pearl can improve many health disorders. 

Various Dimensions of Pearl-
As we have said before that the pearls have hundreds of benefits in it. So it is used in many other fields also. If you believe in Numerology science then the people who have their radix 2 (Mulank) then can wear pearl, as radix 2’s lord is the moon and we know pearl is the gemstone of the moon. 
If we just separate the uses of pearls according to the caste and community than the people of Vaishya community (one of the Hindu caste) can wear pearl as this will be beneficial or them as mostly Vaishya people are business person, so if they wear pearl then it will surely give them the great benefits in their business and personal life. 
If it is gifted to the bride in her marriage then it will give her a prosperous life ahead.  
If it is worn by the people who have regular stress and anxiety in their life, then it will give them mental peace and calmness. 

How to know to learn about Pearls?
There are many sources and options through which one can learn about the pearl and various other gemstones. One of the best ways to learn about gemstones is from the Institute of Vedic Astrology, India. The institute is known for its online distance learning courses in various subjects like Gems and Crystal Therapy, Astrology, Feng Shui, etc. Learn Gems and Crystal therapy and become a master of gemstones. 

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Gems&Crystal By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 10 2019

Being an Indian we are all aware of Indian customs and traditions. In India, everything is divided into the category according to its properties whether they are clothes, food, customs or language everything holds its importance in human life. 

In India gems also plays a very important role in the ancient time period. In ancient India, people who were kings and queens use to wear crowns and heavy jewelry made with precious gems and stones which gives them energy and mental stability to tackle the kingdom. Later in modern India people are using gems and stones as jewelry, to cure disease, for remedies and luck rising. We can say that one gem has thousands of properties.

In the family of gems and stones, one of the most precious gems is Rudraksha. The Rudraksha is connected with human beings scientifically as well as spiritually. It is scientifically proven that Rudraksha has remedial powers and positive energy, and spiritually it is associated with Lord Shiva.
The ancient Rudraksha beads are now getting popular because of their scientific and spiritual effects on the human body and mind. It is identified that it gives physical and mental power to the person using or wearing it.

What are the Rudraksha beads?

Rudraksha beads are the dried fruits of the Rudraksha tree whose scientific name is Eleo Carpus Granitrus. These are commonly found in India and Nepal mainly found in the Himalaya region. They are also found in Thailand and Indonesia. Now at this time, there are only a few trees of Rudraksha are left due to modernization, as these trees were used to make the railway sleepers that is why it is found limitedly in India and Nepal. 


Here we will tell you about the Rudraksha therapy which you can use to cure many serious diseases and problems.
In ancient times it was used to cure different diseases and modern science shows that the electromagnetic nature and vibrations of Rudraksha beads affect the neurophysiology of humans. 

There are many kinds of Rudraksha which are used purposely by humans to solve many problems in their life related to health, mind, career and wealth.
The main purpose of using Rudraksha by humans is their healing property. There are various kinds of Rudraksha like 1 Mukhi (faced), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11(faced) commonly known & some others too which are rare. 

These are used particularly for curing various problems related to health, mind, career, education, and business.

  • For getting relief in blood pressure you can wear Rudraksha and try to put it close to your heart as it will help to keep your BP stable and it does not let it go up or down. 
  • The most serious diseases which still do not have proper medication that is Cancer and Aids can be cured using Rudraksha. Externally wear it or you can also use it internally by drinking the milk boiled with Rudraksha beads and consuming water of Rudraksha dust. 
  • Hysteria, Coma, and female diseases related to their genital organs can be cured by wearing 6 faced Rudraksha of 3 beads. 
  • You can remove your sleeping disorders with the help of 8 faced Rudraksha. 
  • If someone has a problem related to the nervous system can wear 11 faced Rudraksha.   
  • If your children are having a problem of frequent fevers and easily get sick you can let them wear 3 faced Rudraksha.
  • If you are facing mental stress, tension or depression you can use 7 and 14 faced Rudraksha to overcome negative thoughts and unnecessary stress. 

There are many more types of rudraksha in this world. One of the best rudraksha is also the 8 faced rudraksha, which can be used in many ways for the betterment of life and health, to know more about other benefits of Rudraksha you can learn Rudraksha therapy from the Institute of Vedic Astrology. At IVA you will get the quality learning about various gems and stones under the proper guidance with online distance learning courses. Learn to use the various gems as a remedy with IVA, Indore.



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