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Mr. Sharma's Second Act: From Bored Retiree to Beloved Vastu Guide

Mr. Sharma's Second Act: From Bored Retiree to Beloved Vastu Guide

Retirement wasn't the golden years Mr. Sharma envisioned. Endless days stretched before him, empty and purposeless. He missed the structure, the feeling of being

useful. His concerned daughter suggested exploring Vastu, an interest he'd always held. Little did he know it would change his life.

Intrigued, Mr. Sharma came to know about IVA's Vedic Vastu Professional program. The world of Vastu ignited something within him. His sharp mind, honed from decades in banking, found a new outlet in analyzing spatial energies and their impact on lives. He completed IVA's professional course, excited to put this knowledge into practice.

A New Purpose, A New Community

At first, Mr. Sharma only offered advice to family and friends. But as word of his surprisingly accurate readings spread, requests poured in. Retired life was suddenly far busier than his working years! His days were filled with consultations, helping people achieve harmony in their homes and businesses.

But the most profound shift was internal. Vastu gave Mr. Sharma a newfound sense of purpose. He wasn't just passing time – he was making a tangible difference in his community. Gone was the boredom, replaced by deep satisfaction and a renewed zest for life.

Wisdom, Respect, and Unexpected Joy

Now, Mr. Sharma is the go-to Vastu expert in his circle. His insights are cherished, restoring his sense of value and belonging. And while he never intended to launch a second career, grateful clients often insist on payment. This bonus income allows him to spoil his grandkids, adding an unexpected sweetness to his golden years.

“I thought retirement was about slowing down life. Vastu taught me it's about finding new ways to grow! IVA’s Vedic Vastu Integrated Professional Course helped me tap into my knowledge and create a life more meaningful than I ever imagined.” - Ashish Sharma