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  1. When will I receive study material (Study material sent to Students in India)?
  2. Study material will be dispatched within 7 working days of receiving your application form and fees (1st month's study material for Regular Track Students. All study material for Fast Track Students). Study material will be sent to you by express courier, speed post or registered post. Next month onwards you will receive study material generally in the first week of each month until course completes. (for Regular Track).
  3. When will I receive study material (Study material sent to Students outside India)?
  4. For Students outside India, Study material will be dispatched within 10 working days of receiving application form and fees. In this case all the study material alongwith Specialisation course is sent in one parcel by speed post or express courier.
  5. Do I have to come to Indore for appearing in examination ?
  6. No, you do not have to come to Indore to take examinations. We have Online System of examination where a student can give online exams and can get instant results. Multiple choice questions based on Practical aspects are asked based on various case studies. If a student have studied the course thoroughly then only you will be able to pass the examinations. We will soon be starting online examination
  7. If I do not understand anything in the study material then how will it be solved ?
  8. We have a dedicated team of experts who is involved in student's subject related queries. You just need to email your doubts to us at or send it by snail mail at our office address. Our experts will generally respond to your queries / doubts within 3 working days (except Saturday, Sunday or Holidays).
  9. I am a professional / businessman / student and I am quite busy with my schedules, will I be able to learn this course ?
  10. To learn something new, you will have to take out time. However, with a consistent study of 30 minutes per day will definitely make you an expert in the subject in 1 year.
  11. Can I join more than 1 course simultaneously ?
  12. Yes. If you have time then you can join 2 or more courses simultaneously.
  13. Can serious subjects like Astrology, Numerology, etc. can be learnt through correspondence /distance learning ?
  14. Yes. Correspondence courses are written in such a way that student can master the content easily. Study material contains examples, practical, self exercises and case studies that aid in learning through correspondence. Hundreds of our students have learnt the course and are practicing it professionally or as a hobby, why can't you?
  15. Can I become a professional after completing the course ?
  16. Yes. After completing the prescribed course you can become a professional consultant and can earn income from it. Many of our students have made it full /part time profession and are earning handsome income.
  17. I belong to South India where system of making horoscope is different, is South-Indian style horoscope is included in the course ?
  18. Yes. We send a special booklet with Module 4 that teaches students to convert North-Indian style horoscope to South-Indian style and vice versa.
  19. Should I do Diploma first ? Can I join Diploma now and upgrade to Professional Diploma later ?
  20. The first 6 modules of Diploma and Professional Diploma are same. You can join Diploma or Professional Diploma as per your choice. However, we recommend that joining Professional Diploma initially will be more beneficial as there is a discount of Rs. 3198 + GST (Diploma - 9145+GST, After completing Diploma, Professional Diploma Course - Rs. 9145+GST, Total 18290 +GST while Professional Diploma Course is Rs. 15092+GST, thus a saving of Rs. 18290 - Rs. 15092=Rs. 3198+GST). Moreover, you get a specialisation course with Professional Diploma course. Also, one Certificate of 1 year is more valuable than two Certificates of 6 months each.
  21. I wish to complete the course faster, is there any way I can do that?
  22. Yes, of course. If you can spare more time or already have basic knowledge of the subject then you can opt for fast track in case you have more time or have some pre-knowledge of the subject in which we will send you all study material of 1 Year Professional Diploma course together in 1 parcel.
  23. Why you should join Professional Diploma Course?
  24. If you want to become a Professional Consultant or if you want in-depth knowledge of the subject then we strongly recommend that you should join Professional Diploma course. All our Professional Diploma Courses contains vast and in-depth knowledge of the subject.