Vedic Vastu

Make your home a receptor of all positive energy – enrol at vastu shastra workshops in India

What is Vastu Shastra? It is a science of construction which helps the occupants of a home derive the maximum benefits from the five basic elements of the universe – fire, water, wind, earth and sky. In the construction of a building, when the basic harmony between these five elements is disturbed, this disturbance is transferred into the home, which ends up affecting the occupants. If this is happening at your home, it is time to modify the architecture and construction of your house, and make it achieve harmony. At the Institute of Vedic Astrology, the best Vastu Shastra workshops are organized, which you can join to gain more knowledge about this intriguing science.

The basics of Vastu – founding principles of this science of architecture

Primarily, this science dwells on three basic principles:

  • Bhogadyam – the principle of utility. This principle of vastu dictates that each space of the designed construction should be useful and easily utilizable.
  • Sukha Darsham – the principle of beauty. This principle of the vastu science states that each element of the constructed building should be pleasing to look at. The interplay of various elements of the construction should display interplay of beauty.
  • Ramya – this is the principle of positivity. It dictates that whichever construction is designed vastu should evoke a positive feeling, a thinking of well-being among the occupants.

The Institute of Vedic Astrology has intuitively designed courses especially designed for the common crowd to be able to understand and learn. This prestigious institute hosts the best vastu shastra workshops online in India, in order to be able to expand its outreach far and wide. The team at the institute aims at spreading the benefits of this ancient science across oceans, to help the world be the better for it.
Vastu Shastra is an extremely interesting science, which allows humans to utilize the positive energy of the universe to their own benefit. Here are some major advantages that a vastu-friendly home will bring you:

  • It fills the home with intense cosmic energy
  • It aids the occupants towards living a healthy life
  • It helps keep the environment of a home filled with positivity
  • The cosmic energy channelled inside a home through vastu brings health, wealth and prosperity to the dwellers.

Some interesting facts to know about an entity being Vastu friendly would be the cases of some famous places around the world. Take Japan, for example. Being situated in the North-East direction, this country has marked a highly prosperous growth. The Mumbai port in India is prospering because of its correctness of location according to the vastu science. The famous city of London has all it takes to be a pro-vastu city. More of such interesting facts would be revealed to you in the vastu shastra workshops in Indore, organized by the Institute of Vedic Astrology.
At these workshops, you learn:

  • What is Vaastu, Effect of cosmic energy and its centralization, Vastu Purusuha, Why Vastu? The +ve effects, Basic Vastu principles, Vastu ShilpVidhya
  • Vastukala, Murtikala, Chitrakala, The 5 elements, The 10 Celestial directions, Finding directions using various method,
  • The Vastu Consultant, Stages of Vastu Consultation, Takshak, Vardhaki, Sutragrahi and Sthapati
  • The Directional Zones – Zone Plan: The Analysis side, making a Zone plan, the reading of maps as per plan, The Environment, Desha Bheda, Paryankaadi Vastu, Allaya Vastu.
  • The Plot – Plot Selection, Practical aspects on how to know and select a plot, The land, The Environment around the plot, The atmosphere around the land, Shape of plot, Inclination of land, Pathway to plot, Direction analysis of plot. Land Selection, Plot Shapes, Land Types: Brahaman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra. Vithi Vinyaas, Angles of land, Vastu Vedh, Land Strata. Roads in North, East, South, West directions
  • # Soil testing – Soil tests to select the best plots, Testing of land, Removing impurities
  • # Starting Construction Work – Construction planning, Do’s and Don’ts, The water element : borewell, well, underground and overhead water tank, storage of water, exit of water, slope, Boundary wall, Gate, Doors, Windows and Ventilators, Stairs : straight, spiral, movement, directions and placement, Garage. Location of Bedrooms : Master Bedroom, Elder person’s room, Study Room, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Guest Room, Children room, Worship Room, Servant room, Sleeping positions, interior and placements aspects in bedrooms. Kitchen: Placements, platform, stove, facing directions, dining inside and outside kitchen, separate kitchen, wash area, store, racks, cupboards, refrigerator, microwave oven, water. Toilets and Bath Rooms, location of basin and commode, direction of mirror, geyser. Store, Verandah, Basement. The Brahmasthan (Center), The Shiras, Vansha and locating Brahmasthan in house. Vaastu Formulae. Constructional Plan.
  • # Interior – Wardrobes, Aesthetics, and Colour schemes based on location, Colour schemes based on birth stars, Practicals & Case Studies. Practicals: Understanding map, visits to houses and finding Vastu defects. Many real plans of house, bungalow, flat, row-houses and other residential properties from different cities across the globe. Many original plans of various plots and lands in various townships and how to select the best one. Case studies of shops, offices, godowns, warehouses and other commercial buildings. Elevations of many residential and commercial properties with analysis. Practical & Case Studies
  • Vastu for commercial premises – Shop, office, showroom, godown, location of store in a mall. Direction of Shop and Office, Directions of door. Office: Boss cabin, staff sitting, placement of key personnel (GM, VP, CEO, CFO), accountant, marketing; cash, prayer, lobby, entrance, conference room, interior aspects of various sectors. Shop: counter, shop-keeper sitting, staff sitting, sales personnel,cash-box, water kettle, prayer, entrance, interior aspects.
  • Finding out Vastu defects and Remedial measures, Problems caused due to Vastu fault, Effects of each Vastu fault, How to rectify Vastu fault, Remedial Measures, Tools used to create balance, Assessment and re-alignment of the five elements in existing structure, Neutralizing Vastu defects of existing Vaastu without structural demolition.
  • Remedies for Vastu of Plot, Remedies for Vaastu of House, flat, Bungalow, row-Houses; Remedies for Vastu of Commercial properties.

You can avail the best vastu shastra courses online in India, offered by us in a variety of forms to suit your needs and flexibility. We offer diploma courses, online classes, workshops and degrees in Vastu Shastra.
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