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Next Vedic Vastu Workshop : 12-13-14-15 August 2017 (Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday)

Learn Vastu Shastra Training Courses through Vastu Workshops conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology India at Indore. Make your home a receptor of all positive energy through our 4 Days Vastu Workshop Seminar.

Learn Vastu Shastra in 4 Days Seminar and Become a Professional Vastu Consultant

Institute of Vedic Astrology is organising a 4 Days Live Seminar on Vedic Vastu Shastra. Students who wish to join this workshop can become an expert in Vastu Shastra and practice as a professional Vastu Consultant after completion.

What is Vastu Shastra? It is a science of construction which helps the occupants of a home derive the maximum benefits from the five basic elements of the universe – fire, water, wind, earth and sky. In the construction of a building, when the basic harmony between these five elements is disturbed, this disturbance is transferred into the home, which ends up affecting the occupants. If this is happening at your home, it is time to modify the architecture and construction of your house, and make it achieve harmony. At the Institute of Vedic Astrology, the best Vastu Shastra workshops are organized, which you can join to gain more knowledge about this intriguing science.

Enrol for the best Vastu Shastra workshop in India organized by the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, an ISO 9001:2015 institution.

Vastu Shastra Workshop – Training Mode  

The Workshop will consist of 2 Parts.

  1. Live training on various Modules as per the prescribed Diploma Course Syllabus of Vedic Vastu
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Vastu Shastra Study Material as provided by Institute of Vedic Astrology

Learn Vastu Shastra Live in Training Workshop – Syllabus

  • Introduction to Vastu Shastra: What is Vaastu, Effect of cosmic energy and its centralization, Vastu Purusuha, Why Vastu? The +ve effects, Basic Vastu principles, Vastu Shilp Vidhya
  • The Five Elements: The five elements and their impact on various aspects of human dwellings. The directions controlled by each element. Creating balance between these elements
  • The 10 Directions: Directions are the basis of all Vastu Shastra principles. Placement and proper utilisation of each direction to its best will be covered at length in the workshop.
  • Taking (Measuring) Directions: The first and foremost knowledge a Vastu Consultant needs is to properly and accurately measure the facing and the Site Direction of a property. We get this aspect practically covered for each student so they can become an expert.
  • The Zone Plans: After accurately identifying the directions in a house next important aspect is to place them on the map or plan of the property. The various
  • The 4 Cardinal – 4 Sub Cardinal and 8 Sub-Sub Cardinal Directions: Know the importance of 24 parts of all the direction. Each direction has its significance and effects. Learn the art of using each direction to its perfection.
  • The Vastu God: The Vastu God and the Vastu pad-vinyas. The 45 Gods of the Vastu Mandal and their effects.
  • Taking out the best Door Location: Learn to find the best door locations as per Vastu. The various methods to find out the locations and effects on various entries in plot, building and house.
  • Plot SelectionLearn to select the best plot out of available plots.
  • Soil Testing: Learn to do various soil tests on plots to know the best energy and receptivity of the land. Learn the 6 powerful tests and their implications on the modern world.
  • The Construction Process: Learn to know various ideal placements in plots like the compound wall, well or borewell, underground tank, septic tank, slope and the gate location for various direction facing houses. Also, learn to place the different aspects in a building as main door, other doors, master bedroom, puja room, children bedroom, guest bedroom, parent’s bedroom, kitchen, dining, store, toilets, staircase, sleeping positions, parking, garage, Brahmsthan and their perfect placements.  
  • The Placement as per Apartments, flat, Duplex, row-houses: The placement that needs to be done in apartment and flats. Identifying extensions and missing corners and their effects. Ideal placements and important Vastu facts for duple and row-houses will be covered at length.
  • Auspicious and Inauspicious Trees and Plants as per Vastu: Plant auspicious trees and plants good as per Vastu in their respective directions. Avoid inauspicious ones.
  • Commercial Vastu – Vastu for Shop, Office, Showroom: Learn to apply the ideal placements for various commercial establishments. The boss cabin, the senior staff locations, location of various teams as sales, admin, HR, finance, etc. The cash box, goods location, display counters, use of mirrors in showrooms, the puja place, etc.
  • Remedial Vastu by Structural Changes (demolition): Exactly point out the defects in a property and its effect on the residents. What structural needs to be demolished and what can be avoided. The demolition process.
  • Remedial Vastu without Structural Changes (NO demolition): Exactly point out the defects in a property and its effect on the residents. Learn to find out how these defects can be corrected and to what level. 100s of simple and easy to apply remedial solutions that does not require to break any structure and yet very Result-Oriented.
  • Practicals and Case Studies100s of practical real examples and case studies. Students house plan will be made and application of Vastu principles on each house will be discussed other than the case studies of many properties across India.
  • Interactive SessionWorkshop will be interactive where students can clear their doubts related to the course contents. There will be doubt clearing session after each topic before moving on to the next topic.
  • 1 Year Post Graduate Diploma Syllabus in Vedic Vastu CoveredThe prescribed syllabus of 1 Year Post Graduate Diploma course in Vedic Vastu of Institute of Vedic Astrology will be covered in the workshop in addition to other Practical aspects of Vastu Shastra.

Institute of Vedic Astrology offers the best Online Training workshop in Vedic Vastu Shastra through live course classes in India.

Where Will you be after completing the Vedic Vastu Shastra Live Training Course Workshop

After completing the 4 Days Vastu Shastra Workshop you will be able to do the followings:-

  • Understand Vastu terms
  • Accurately take directions
  • Draw basic maps yourself
  • Make zones in map
  • Identify directions in house plans
  • Select plots
  • Plan construction in plots, buildings and flats
  • Suggest trees and plants for all residential and commercial properties
  • Check Vastu defects in existing residential and commercial properties
  • Suggest corrections in existing residential and commercial properties

Next Workshop Date:

12-13-14-15 August 2017 (Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday)

Workshop Venue: Institute of Vedic Astrology Campus, Indore

Workshop Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fees: Rs. 30000 + Applicable Service Tax (including Rs. 12790 for Post Graduate Diploma Course. IVA students who are doing or completed Post Graduate Diploma Course will get Rs. 12790 adjusted in the fees.) Fees for IVA Students who have joined Post Graduate Diploma Course will be Rs. 17210 + ST.

Course Fee Includes:

  • Study material of Post Graduate Diploma Course in Vedic Vastu Shastra (14 Module available either in Hindi or English)
  • Vastu Ready Reckoners, Charts, Handouts, Tracing Sheets
  • Dual Certification (Certificate of Attendence on last day of Workshop and Certificate of Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Vastu Shastra on clearing Examination and Submitting project report)
  • Writing Material and Notepad
  • Vastu Kit including Magnetic Compass

Registration for Workshop:

Students desirous of attending the Workshop can online transfer fees or pay using Credit Card at our website A detailed Application Form to be filled up at the Venue on the first day of attending the Workshop. Email us at or Call on + 91-90099 10008 for further details or queries.