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Vastu Shastra Online Video Course - At a Glance

Vastu Shastra Online Video Course

Now, learn Vastu Shastra Online through Video courses designed by Institute of Vedic Astrology. Many of our students had asked to make detailed Video lessons in Vastu Shastra for an enhanced learning experience. We offer video lessons supervised by Vastu experts, who after years of theoretical and experiential understanding, are the pre-eminent minds in Vastu Shastra. Now you too can become an expert in the subject with ease and proficiency.

Learn Vastu Shastra online through easy to follow Video tutorials created by practicing experts in the field. You can watch the video lessons as many times as you need. Effective learning systems brought to you by Institute of Vedic Astrology in association with Astralvarsity.

The content of the course is designed in a thorough and comprehensive manner. Vastu Shastra foundation course offers video lessons by Vastu experts, who after years of theoretical and experiential understanding, are the pre-eminent minds in Vastu Shastra. Vastu online course through latest communication technologies is a unique offering of this most ancient knowledge system. If you are interested in knowing the life-enriching principles of Vastu Shastra, then enrol now for this highly effective course.

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Course Structure


Objective of the Vastu Shastra Online Training Video Course is to give students exactly the same environment as that of Live Vastu Shastra training course or workshop. This specialised course aims to teach students become experts in Vastu Shastra. You will learn the course from basics. So, no prior knowledge of Vastu is required to enrol with the course.


You can learn Vastu as a hobby or as a part time or a full-time profession. The course helps you learn concepts easily one by one. Course also includes many real-life case studies and other practical examples. This Vastu course will guide you to become an expert in observing, analyzing, and correcting various places of human interaction including house, office, shop, warehouse, factory, etc.

  • 170+ Videos of an expert explaining the nitty-gritty of the Vastu Shastra
  • Experience learning of a live session
  • Ancient knowledge given with the most modern communication medium
  • Notes in pdf format can be downloaded for reference.
  • Exhaustive Videos shot in serene backgrounds
  • Life-time and multiple time access to Videos

The Vastu video training program offers course through Video lessons. After enrolling, student have to watch and listen to various Videos which are categorised as lessons. Many lessons are combined to make a chapter. Each chapter ends with a test, which needs to be passed by the student. Student can go to next chapter only after passing the test. After completing all lessons in all chapters and passing every test, student will have to give a final exam.

On successfully passing the examination, the student will get a certificate from Astralvarsity (sister concern of Institute of Vedic Astrology). The course is designed in a very student-friendly manner where each concept is explained in a thorough manner. Notes in pdf format can be downloaded for reference.

Highlights of Video Courses

  • 170+ Videos shot in exotic locations across India
  • Vastu explained step by step
  • A real feel of the Live Classroom training
  • Understand and learn Vastu by seeing Videos
  • See Videos multiple times whenever struck
  • World-class support is just an email away


  • Acknowledgement
  • Course Overview
  • Where you will be after the course
  • What is Vastu
  • Scope of Vastu
  • Development of Vastu
  • Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 1
  • Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 2
  • Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 3
  • Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 4
  • Veda & Up_veda
  • Rig Veda
  • Ayurveda
  • Yajurveda
  • Dhanurveda
  • Samveda
  • Gandharvaveda
  • Atharvaveda
  • Sthapatya Veda
  • VastuKala (The Art of Vastu)
  • Chitrakala (The Art of Drawing)
  • Murtikala (The Art of Sculpture Making)
  • Prasaad - Part 1 (Vastu of Palaces)
  • Prasaad - Part 2 (Vastu of Temples)
  • Yana Shayana (Travel & Interior Design)
  • Types of Architects
  • The Sthapati
  • The Sutragrahi
  • The Vardhaki
  • The Takshak
  • 5 Elements
  • Prithvi (Element Earth)
  • Vayu (Element Wind)
  • Akash (Element Sky)
  • Jal (Element Water)
  • Agni (Element Fire)
  • Cardinal & Sub-Cardinal Directions
  • Direction North
  • Direction North-East
  • Direction East
  • Direction South-East
  • Direction South
  • Direction South-West
  • Direction West
  • Direction North-West
  • Direction Akash (Sky)
  • Direction Paatal (Earth)
  • The Conical Method (Traditional System)
  • Locating Directions using Compass
  • Locating Directions using Compass 2
  • Zone Plans and Its Importance
  • The 8 Simple Steps in Drawing Zone Plans
  • Drawing ZonePlan - Case Study 1
  • Drawing ZonePlan - Case Study 2
  • Drawing ZonePlan - Case Study 3
  • Land Based on Natural Environment - Part 1
  • Land Based on Natural Environment - Part 2
  • Land Based on Natural Environment - Part 3
  • Land Based on Slope - Part 1
  • Land Based on Slope - Part 2
  • Land Based on Slope - Part 3
  • Land Based on Strata
  • Land Based on Fertilization
  • Road in North
  • Road in East
  • Road in South
  • Road in West
  • Road in 2 Direction - East and North
  • Road in 2 Direction - East and South
  • Road in 2 Direction - South and West
  • Road in 2 Direction - West and North
  • Road in 2 Direction - North and South
  • Road in 2 Direction - East and West
  • Road in 3 Direction - North, East and South
  • Road in 3 Direction - East, South and West
  • Road in 3 Direction - South, West and North
  • Road in 3 Direction - West, North and East
  • Road in All Directions
  • T-Junction of Roads
  • Shape of Land - Part 1
  • Shape of Land - Part 2
  • Shape of Land - Part 3
  • Shape of Land - Part 4
  • Shape of Land - Part 5
  • Shape of Land - Part 6
  • Soil Testing - Density Test
  • Soil Testing - Moisture Test
  • Soil Testing - Colour Radiation Test
  • Soil Testing - Fertility Test
  • Soil Testing - Radiation Test
  • Soil Testing - Wind Test
  • Open Space
  • Trees
  • Temples - Part 1
  • Temples - Part 2
  • Natural Environment
  • Public Place
  • Bridge Subways
  • Poles
  • Large Plots
  • Big Buildings
  • Animals Around Plot
  • Classification of Land
  • Classification Of Building
  • Building in Plot
  • Compound Wall Placement
  • Well & Borewell Placement
  • Well Borewell In Various Direction
  • Underground Tank
  • Septic Tank
  • Rain Water Exit
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Garage
  • Slope
  • The Constructions Process - Do's and Don'ts
  • Bedrooms Placement
  • MasterBedroom
  • Children Bedrooms & Study
  • Drawing Room
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Puja (Prayer) Room
  • Servant Room
  • Sleeping Position
  • Toilets
  • Basement
  • Tips for Placement in Bedroom
  • Kitchen Placement
  • Kitchen Away from Building
  • Effects of Kitchen in Various Directions
  • Dining Room
  • Store Room
  • Staircase
  • Circular Staircase
  • Overhead Water Tank
  • Brahmsthan - Its Importance
  • Locating Exact Location of Brahmsthan
  • The Marma Point
  • Care to be taken in Placement of Brahmsthan
  • The Various Door Entries
  • Auspicious Door Entries in North Direction
  • Auspicious Door Entries in East Direction
  • Auspicious Door Entries in South Direction
  • Auspicious Door Entries in West Direction
  • Results of Doors in Each Direction
  • The Second Formula of Door Entries
  • Exalted Door Locations
  • Door Characteristics
  • Blockages in Door
  • Door Placement in Square Plot
  • Door Placement in Rectangle Plot
  • MainDoorPlacement in other Plots
  • Ideal Layout - North Facing Plot
  • Ideal Layout - East Facing Plot
  • Ideal Layout - South Facing Plot
  • Ideal Layout - West Facing Plot
  • Case Study 1 - Bunglow
  • Case Study 2 - Flat
  • Case Study 3 - Flat
  • Case Study 4 - Office
  • Case Study 5 - Shop / Showroom

Mr. Aashish Patidar

Mr. Aashish Patidar is a man of varied talents. The many titles that he has donned over the years include Software Engineer, Teacher, Educationist, Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Advance Feng Shui Consultant, among others. He has mastered and is proficient in a wide range of subjects. He has a Master’s Degree in Management Studies, C-DAC – an advanced diploma in computing, and a work experience spanning two decades. He has trained in various parallel science disciplines: Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Advanced Feng Shui, all under the tutelage of world-leading Masters in those disciplines.

Mr. Patidar saw the value of learning at a very young age while growing up amidst financial hardships. While just 15, he began contributing to the household income by tutoring younger students. His penchant for learning eventually led him to create amazing memory techniques around which he designed a course, which he later imparted in his own school to teachers and other students. As he excelled academically, so he mastered several parallel sciences such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Aura Scanning, Astrology and Feng Shui. He also learned Chinese Astrology and is perhaps the only person in central India who can make horoscopes of places and people using Chinese Panchang in Cantonese Chinese Script. After completing his C-DAC, he was employed as a software engineer, where he researched on Search Engine Optimization.

In his spare time and on weekends, he would give consultations on Feng Shui and for this purpose even travelled to different parts of the country to meet clients. From Jammu to Trivandrum and from Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh, Mr. Patidar became a popular name owing to his extraordinary knowledge and the effective practical solutions he provided. Not long after, he gave up his job, and an attractive posting in Detroit, USA, to begin full-time astrology and other consulting services. He has been doing this for the last 18 years, and has helped 2000+ businesses and 8500+ individuals on Astrology and Chinese Numerology. In addition to his Vastu consultations, he carries knowledge of and can advise on 60 types of businesses in certain strategic and infrastructural matters.

Mr. Patidar draws inspiration from his mother, brother, Master Chen KunWah and considers them his role models. He likes reading, long walks and music. He says that if he were not an astrologer, he would have been an army man or a drummer in a band. He is a lifelong learner and continues to add to his diverse range of knowledge and skills.

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  • Excellent courses. Excellent people. Excellent support. Gr8 learning experience., God Bless.

    Ranbir Kaur Baidwan, Patiala (PGDIV, PGDIA, PGDIK, PGDIG, PGDIF, PGDIN, PGDIT)
  • मैंने IVA से ज्योतिष में पोष्ट ग्रेजुएट डिप्लोमा की उपाधी प्राप्त की है। एक वर्ष कैसे बीत गया पता ही नहीं चला। पहले माड्यूल से ही दूसरे की प्रतिक्षा रहती थी। इसी संस्थान ने मुझे इस योग्य बना दिया है कि मैं अर्जित ज्ञान का सदुपयोग करते हुए शनै-शनै इस क्षेत्र में पेशेवर की तरह कार्य करने लगा हूँ।

    Piyush Chiraniya, Kolkata (PGDIA, PGDIV)
  • The astrology course was very informative and the practical, case studies and examples were well supported and taught in simplified user & friendly language. Staff were helpful. IBA definitely deserves ISO certification for its commitment to quality. I wish IVA the God speed.

    N. Pramod Kumar, Bangalore (PGDIA, PGDIV)
  • (Translated) Being a priest by profession, I had learnt Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vastu From FVA in 2004. Now, I don’t get time to perform puja for people. Instead, I have a big list of clients and industrialists who regularly take my advice for all their personal, professional, commercial and social matters. Especially the material on Dosha and their remedies is very comprehensive. Now, I am learning gems and Crystal Therapy. Om Swasti.

    Pdt. Vijay Kumar Shastri, Rishikesh (B.A. (Sanskrit), PGDIV, PGDIA, PGDIG)
  • मैंने वास्तु शास्त्र पर कई किताबों का अध्ययन कर के अपने बंगले का निर्माण करवाया। किन्तु कई वर्ष बाद अपने मित्र की सलाह में मैंने प्ट। के वास्तु पाठ्यक्रम में प्रवेश लिया। कोर्स के दौरान मैंने पाया की मेरा ज्ञान अधूरा था जिसके कारण मेरे बंगले में अनेकों वास्तु दोष उत्पन्न हो गये थे। माड्यूल 11 एवं 12 द्वारा मैंने इनके समाधान को समझा व बिना तोड़-फोड़ के उसे सही करना भी जाना।

    Shri Hemant Sharma, Jaipur (PGDIV, PGDIF, PGDIN)
  • The course is very useful for getting knowledge of Numbers. Study material is designed very well which gives us clear idea of subject in simple language.

    Aarati Khadsare, PGDIN
  • It is very great opportunity to be a part of IVA.Sincerely getting a great knowledge & opportunities through the courses.As an Architect these courses improves my vision to see my working platform.

    Ar Pragati JainAhmedabad (PGDIA)


Study Material supplied within India

Indian Student Rs. 11000
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International Student US$ 150
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Special Note :

Courses are made in association with Astralvarsity (Institute of Vedic Astrology’s Sister Concern). Video Course Certificate will be issued by Astralvarsity. Previous IVA students will get dual certification i.e. Distance Learning Course Certificate from Institute of Vedic Astrology and Video Course Certificate from Astralvarsity on passing the examination.