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Whether you believe it or not, tarot cards have been around since very ancient times. They have been travelling the world in various forms since the fourteenth century. If documentation be spoken about, the first tarot card deck on records can be traced back to 1430 and 1450 in Milan, Bologna and Ferrara. In those times, these cards were used to play popular games like Tarocchi; however, somewhere down the line, they began to be used for more occult, divinatory purposes. If you wish to learn the art of reading your future in tarot cards, you can take Institute of Vedic Astrology’s Best Tarot Card Reading Courses and Classes online in India and abroad.


Welcome to IVA – Institute of Vedic Astrology

  • Divination has always been a subject filled with interest, but remains plagued with questions at the same time. With origins in ancient Egyptian theology, which included Isis, Osiris and Typhon, the art of Tarot reading holds many connections with the Egyptian Book of Thoth. When it comes to life, most people wish for nothing but the best of everything. But alas - life, in most cases, has a roller coaster planned for us all - a myriad of surprises, some good while others, not so much! And while these surprises might be just what is needed to make life interesting, it couldn’t hurt to get a sneak peek into what’s ahead right? That is what the art of Tarot reading can do for you and the Institute of Vedic Astrology can help you get the power to glimpse into what the future has in store for you.

  • Tarot cards usually have two kinds of readings – the question reading and the open reading. In the question reading, the candidate goes to a professional tarot card reader in order to get some of his very specific questions answered. It is important for these questions to be focused (but not too detailed) in order to get the best readings from the tarot cards. When you ask a question, the tarot card reader helps to guide you to the answer to your question through the cards. The second type of reading is the open reading. They are not design to address any specific area of your life, and focus rather on the bigger picture. You can get an open reading done whenever there is a transition phase in your life, to help you get some direction. At the Institute of Vedic Astrology, we help you learn tarot card online in India in all its forms.

  • The Institute of Vedic Astrology offers many ways to gain greater insights into the finer details of tarot card reading, through our range of flexible courses:

    • Tarot card diploma online in India
    • Tarot card college online in India
    • Tarot card correspondence course online in India
    • Tarot card distance learning online in India

    Pick the one that suits you best! Make IVA a part of your success story in the world of divination through tarot cards.To know further about our courses and career options please write to us on email id or you can reach us on +91 + 91-90099 10008.

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Tarot Card Course Syllabus

Find out the electrifying and comprehensive online Tarot Card post graduate diploma in India from the admirable group the – Institute of Vedic Astrology. As these cards are very unique and thrilling tool to foresee our future, and people are showing so much curiosity in that. If you desire to be a Tarot Card expert then you can also enroll in the best Tarot card college in India.

Our focused approach of offering responsive and performance-oriented learning technique to enhance the ability of students. There are set of test and practical as well throughout the course, to test your knowledge and understanding of the cards. Opt this course from IVA to make your career brighter in this niche.

  • Diploma Course (Module 1 to 6)

    Diploma Study Material Contains

    {6 Modules} for Diploma Students

  • Post Graduate Diploma Course (Module 1 to 6 of Diploma Course + Module 7 to 12 + Specialisation Course + Orientation Program for Professional Practice)

    Post Graduate Study Material Contains

    {14 Modules (12 Modules + Orientation Program for Professional Practice + 1 Specialisation)} for Post Graduate Diploma Students


Module 1

Tarot Card Reading, Tarot Deck, Major & Minor Arcana cards, The four suits, Court cards, effects on persons and situations. Upright and Reverse cards. Major Arcana Cards : Pictorial representation, divinatory meanings, effects in a reading, meaning of reversed cards, supportive and opposing cards examples.

  • Ex. 1
  • Major Arcana Ready Reckoner

Module 2

The Minor Arcana Cards (Part 1) : The Cups and The Wands : Pictorial representation, divinatory meanings, effects in a reading, meaning of reversed cards, supportive and opposing cards examples.

  • Ex 2
  • Ans 1
  • Minor Arcana (Part 1)
  • Ready Reckoner

Module 3

Power and influence of Lagnank number, formula to calculate life number, effect and influences of Life number. Nature & Personality, Important days, months and years, Health, Marriage, Hobbies & business, What not to do, etc.

  • Ex 3
  • Ans 2
  • Minor Arcana (Part 2)
  • Ready Reckoner

Module 4

Tarot Card Reading : Rules of Reading, Reader and Querent, Ethics and responsibilities of reader, Asking questions from reader, Tarot Spreads (Part 1) with diagrams and illustrations.

  • Ex. 4
  • Ans 3
  • Rule Book
  • Spread Sheets - 1

Module 5

Tarot Spreads (Part 2) with diagrams and illustrations. Reading Tarots for solutions and querying about many questions. Knowing past influences, current trends and chances of future development.

  • Ex. 5
  • Answer 4
  • Spread Sheets - 2
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Module 6

Tarot Card reading practicals, Real life examples of Tarot Card experts, Case studies, step by step guidance on reading Tarot Cards, Tarot Card Spreads for specific life questions, Tarot Card for direction in life.

  • Ex. 6
  • Answer 5
  • Real life case studies.
  • Project
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Module 7

Chinese Tarot Reading Part 1 : This module shall cover 5 elements, basic concepts, element & their mutual relations. Tai-chi and the various trigrams and basics of doing Chinese tarot is also covered in this module.

  • Ex. 7
  • Ans 6
  • Rule Book
  • Spread Sheets - 1

Module 8

Chinese Tarot Reading Part 2 : Many concepts, theories and reading Chinese Tarot is covered in this module. It shall take a student from start to the deeper aspects of this system.

  • Ex. 8
  • Answer 7
  • Spread Sheets -2

Module 9

Chinese Tarot Reading Part 3 : In this module students shall get a fine tuning about reading and interpretations on Chinese Tarot methods. Various techniques and practicals will be explained at length on the same.

  • Ex. 9
  • Answer 8
  • Inner Circle Paper 3

Module 10

Constellation, their Planet Lords and Deity, 4 Parts of each constellation, nature and basic life of native born in different parts of a Constellation, sets of solutions : the deity to worship for fast & effective results, gems & Crystal to wear, daana to give.

  • Ex. 10
  • Answer 9
  • Practical examples
  • Inner Circle Papers

Module 11

Vedic Divination Methods. Methods, practices and techniques to enhance and awaken intuition and sixth sense to become a powerful tarot Reader. Human Aura, energy centers of Human Body and their empowerment techniques.

  • Ex. 11
  • Answer 10
  • Professional Report Writing

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Module 12

Divination methods, why it is so popular?, What is Dowsing, Dowsing Philosophy, How dowsing works? Dowsing methodology, tools. Practice and concentration. Concepts, Application of dowsing in life and as a reader.

  • Ex. 12
  • Answer 11 & 12
  • Project
  • Exam Paper
  • Orientation Program
  • Guidance for taking exams
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Available ONLY with Post Graduate Diploma Course
  • 2


    Remedies in Tarot reading is the first innovative topic that is developed by our experts. This specialization will train students on various remedies for negative cards especially Swords, Death, The Tower, etc. Giving remedies for combination of cards as and when required is also covered.

Orientation Program for Professional Practice

Available ONLY with Post Graduate Diploma Course

Since no learning is complete unless it enables the student to earn as a professional, we have tried to ensure practical utility of these courses in terms of reasonable remuneration. What separates our students from that of conservative pundits is the sense of self marketing vis-à-vis the prevailing prejudices against Astrology and allied sciences. The institute offers a one month program free of cost to every student who successfully completes the Post Graduate Diploma course. Thus, the leadership style that we develop is aimed at an instant manager who not only explains the wisdom of an Astronomical phenomenon but as someone who is adept at psycho-spiritual counseling.


  • Excellent courses. Excellent people. Excellent support. Gr8 learning experience., God Bless.

    Ranbir Kaur Baidwan, Patiala (PGDIV, PGDIA, PGDIK, PGDIG, PGDIF, PGDIN, PGDIT)
  • मैंने IVA से ज्योतिष में पोष्ट ग्रेजुएट डिप्लोमा की उपाधी प्राप्त की है। एक वर्ष कैसे बीत गया पता ही नहीं चला। पहले माड्यूल से ही दूसरे की प्रतिक्षा रहती थी। इसी संस्थान ने मुझे इस योग्य बना दिया है कि मैं अर्जित ज्ञान का सदुपयोग करते हुए शनै-शनै इस क्षेत्र में पेशेवर की तरह कार्य करने लगा हूँ।

    Piyush Chiraniya, Kolkata (PGDIA, PGDIV)
  • The astrology course was very informative and the practical, case studies and examples were well supported and taught in simplified user & friendly language. Staff were helpful. IBA definitely deserves ISO certification for its commitment to quality. I wish IVA the God speed.

    N. Pramod Kumar, Bangalore (PGDIA, PGDIV)
  • (Translated) Being a priest by profession, I had learnt Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vastu From FVA in 2004. Now, I don’t get time to perform puja for people. Instead, I have a big list of clients and industrialists who regularly take my advice for all their personal, professional, commercial and social matters. Especially the material on Dosha and their remedies is very comprehensive. Now, I am learning gems and Crystal Therapy. Om Swasti.

    Pdt. Vijay Kumar Shastri, Rishikesh (B.A. (Sanskrit), PGDIV, PGDIA, PGDIG)
  • मैंने वास्तु शास्त्र पर कई किताबों का अध्ययन कर के अपने बंगले का निर्माण करवाया। किन्तु कई वर्ष बाद अपने मित्र की सलाह में मैंने प्ट। के वास्तु पाठ्यक्रम में प्रवेश लिया। कोर्स के दौरान मैंने पाया की मेरा ज्ञान अधूरा था जिसके कारण मेरे बंगले में अनेकों वास्तु दोष उत्पन्न हो गये थे। माड्यूल 11 एवं 12 द्वारा मैंने इनके समाधान को समझा व बिना तोड़-फोड़ के उसे सही करना भी जाना।

    Shri Hemant Sharma, Jaipur (PGDIV, PGDIF, PGDIN)
  • Institute of Vedic Astrology has given much more value for each penny I have spent in the course. The course material is very exhaustive. The support of experts is phenomenal and very prompt. I am delighted with my experience with the Institute. I have already done 3 courses and in the next 5 years, I plan to complete the remaining 5.

    Pankaj Kamdar, PGDIA, PGDIT, PGDIP


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