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Vedic Astrology Consultation

Vedic Astrology has roots in The Veda. Astrology is a subject that looks into the study of stars and planets, their movements, relationships and their impact on the life of a human being. When a person take birth then the position of stars, constellation at that particular date, time and place influences the life of that person. The influence is directed on attitude, personality, body make-up, lifestyle, outlook, career, wealth and all other aspects of life. As an Best Vedic Astrologer our job is to predict these effects on the basics of logical formulae.

01. Horoscope Analysis and Remedial Suggestions

Data Required

  • Name of the Person
  • Correct Date of Birth
  • Correct Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth


  • A detailed Remedial Report to improve the life aspects in English or Hindi is made and emailed / given as hard copy to Client.
  • To improve the situations in life, we expect the client to follow the Remedial Report Holistically.
  • Support for 3 days post-Consultation on application of Remedies is given as and when required through EMAIL.

Our Methodology

  • On receiving Accurate data of the client (Date, Time and Place of Birth of Client) we make Detailed computerized horoscope using a very reliable and accurate software. Based on the horoscope we see various aspects of Person’s life. These details are discussed with clients. Past, current trends as in horoscope and in person’s life are discussed. Future aspects are also discussed. Dos and Do Nots for future are also suggested to clients. How client can make the best of his life using easy to apply remedies are suggested. Answer to questions of clients are also informed.

{Fees for horoscope analysis – Rs. 5100 per horoscope for upto 30 minutes. Extra Rs. 5100 for additional 30 minutes each}