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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is Chinese system of building construction and placement of things. The word Feng Shui is Chinese word that literally means Wind and Water. It also means Heaven and Earth. Feng Shui aims to bring balance in properties of elements by Art of Placement for harmonious growth of residents. Feng Shui is a very vast subject and is not yet totally known in India. Feng Shui mainly consists of two branches: The form School and The Compass School. Most of the practitioners in India only know Elemental Form School of Feng Shui which deals with placement based on Form and basic direction readings are done. Compass School Feng Shui which is very advanced system has many styles that are being followed by its experts.

There is another in-depth system in Compass Feng Shui where Chinese Horoscope of residents known as Ba-Zi charts is made. These charts will help us know which elements are beneficial to a person according to his or her horoscope and which are to be avoided. A Tung Shu (Chinese Almanac / Panchang) in Cantonese Chinese is used to make these charts. Forecast for the current year and the coming years for the residents is analyzed and corresponding Feng Shui suggestions are given.

After analyzing Person’s Personal details, property is analyzed using a Lo-Pan (a Chinese Compass) with various formulae. This compass helps us to analyze various aspects of the property, the energy of the place, the elements dominating that place, etc. This information is then combined, and analysis of the property is done using various styles in Feng Shui. There are different formulae based on Early Heaven Sequence and Late Heaven Sequence that are used to determine the strong and weak areas of a property. Simple and Easy to Apply Elemental cures are suggested to get good results.

1. Residential / Commercial / Industrial Feng Shui Check and Correction

(House / Flat / Bungalow / Office / Shop / Factory and other)

Data Required

  • We need to perform the Physical Verification of the Property
  • To-scale plan of the Property or plan will be made by our team (on extra charges)

Our Methodology

  • If Feng Shui property is a patient, then we are like Doctors. So, we cannot comment perfectly without seeing and feeling the energy of the Property. Thus, we need to visit the site at least once.

Checking of the property

  • Checking of the property
    • Outside Environment – Road, entry to house from road, features on right, left, front and back side of the plot, Strong Chi influences, poson arrows analysis, 9 Curses analysis as per Lo-Pan and prevention from same.
    • Building - Best location for entry door, plants, trees, and driveway. Also, we cover the Ming Tank area and its enhancement, colour scheme, electricity, etc.
    • Floors - We analyze data regarding Door entry, missings, extensions, Center area, shapes, room by room calculation, 8 Mansion Style formulae analysis, etc.
    • Individual units Bedrooms, Kitchen, Puja Room, Drawing, dining, colour in rooms, flooring, furniture placement, bed position, paintings, sceneries, locations, the 5 Celestial Animals configuration, etc
  • Reading the Chinese Horoscopes of Residents
    • Horoscope of Residents – Effect of Chinese horoscopes is determines using Chee Ping Style and 9 Ki Style of the residents along with the Feng Shui analysis of house. The calculation of how these both are interlinked and the overall cumulative effect on people and House are analyzed.


  • Based on the inspection of the property and Residents, we suggest
    • Symbolic Cures according to Feng Shui concepts
    • Preparation of the property to apply the Cures according to Advanced Feng Shui Concepts.
    • Remedial Cures for individuals are also suggested based on Chinese Astrology to reduce the negative impact of House and also to increase the positive impact.

{within the city – Rs. 35000 per property Visit}
{Outside Indore – Rs. 100000 per Visit (including analysis of 5 horoscope of family members). Travel extra}