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India is a land of numerous beliefs that stem from the rich Vedic history the country has had. The astrological advantage bestowed upon the country in terms of numbers has contributed much to the modern-day devotion of the people to numerology. Numerology is the art of the mathematical and scientific explanation of the phenomena happening in your life through numbers associated with you (like your birthdate, name spelling, signature, etc.). Today, Numerology has emerged as one of the major contributors to astrology practices today, so much so that there are many people enrolling for Institute of Vedic Astrology’s Numerology Online (distance learning) training course in India and abroad. If you are among them, then Institute of Vedic Astrology offers in-depth and highly insightful numerology training courses and is the right choice for you.

Numerology Online Training Course

Welcome to IVA – Institute of Vedic Astrology

  • In a conversational context, when one mentions numerology, it usually refers to the Pythagorean system, widely adopted as the modern practice of the science. Some of the much older systems that have been around since ancient times include the Chaldean system and the Vedic system (Indian numerology). Indian numerology (or Vedic Numerology) is widely practiced in the southern peninsula of the country (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc.). The IVAnumerology workshops online in India offer courses of varying complexity online on a highly flexible basis.

    When talking about the Vedic numerology system, there are three basic numbers that govern your life:

    • The first is your name number. This number is derived from the number of names that you have. Many people end up having many nicknames, which affects the course of their life in some way. This number is one of the primary numbers required for a numerology reading in the Vedic system.
    • The second basic number is your destiny number. This number becomes relevant only after you have become 35-40 years of age. It is determined by how other people perceive you and interact with you, especially the people who don’t know you. This number is based on your date of birth.
    • The third number which is important in the Vedic system is your psychic number. This number is based on how you look at yourself, what your fundamental talents are and whether or not they are fully developed. It becomes less relevant after the age of 35. This number is also derived from your date of birth.

    All this information is just scratching the surface – you will learn more through a numerology diploma online in India.

  • If you want to learn numerology online in India, there is no destination better than the Institute of Vedic Astrology. Flaunting highly researched and informed learning modules suited for all types of learners, our institute believes in systematic delivery of knowledge through easily comprehensible formats. Through numerology distance learning courses of IVA in India, you will be able to:

    • Decipher personalities and character traits based on a person’s birthdate
    • Behavioural traits of a person
    • Optimization of your lifestyle and practices as dictated by your fateful numbers

    The IVA offers a variety of courses for you to choose:

    • numerology college online in India
    • numerology correspondence course online in India
    • numerology workshops online in India
    • Numerology diploma online in India

    Many famous public figures are constantly taking advantage of the benefits that numerology has to offer – enrol for a course today! To know further about our courses and career options please write to us on email id admission@ivaindia.com or you can reach us on+ 91-90099 10008.

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Numerology course syllabus

Are Looking for the Numerology post graduate diploma course in India ? Do you know the Excellent institute with the team of best professionals is a key to your success. If you are eager to find such organization which impart perfect guidance for Numerology than IVA is there for you.

The Institute of Vedic Astrology has the knack to provide certification courses in the particular niche. We have create the appropriate plan to teach our students in a unique way so that they can able to predict about individuals, their nature , life path and future, etc. Moreover, if there is any massive situation so they can suggest powerful solutions for the same. So, Discover the Numerology courses online from IVA and have the promising career.

  • Diploma Course (Module 1 to 6)

    Diploma Study Material Contains

    {6 Modules} for Diploma Students

  • Post Graduate Diploma Course (Module 1 to 6 of Diploma Course + Module 7 to 12 + Specialisation Course + Orientation Program for Professional Practice)

    Post Graduate Study Material Contains

    {14 Modules (12 Modules + Orientation Program for Professional Practice + 1 Specialisation)} for Post Graduate Diploma Students


Module 1

Evolution of Numbers, develop-ment of Numerology, Methods of Numerology, Numerological sys-tems, Charac-teristics based on Numbers, Various personality traits, Spiritual / Destiny Numbers and their effects, Supporting numbers.

  • Ex. 1
  • Case Study

Module 2

Combined numbers and their effects, Application of combined numbers, determination of ausp-icious dates, co-ordination of name and birth numbers, making name numbers, city selection, number and diseases,

  • Ex 2
  • Ans 1
  • Prac: King Edward VII, Jawaharlal Nehru, Abraham Lincoln, Subhash Chandra Bose.

Module 3

Power and influence of Lagnank number, formula to calculate life number, effect and influences of Life number. Nature & Personality, Important days, months and years, Health, Marriage, Hobbies & business, What not to do, etc.

  • Ex. 3
  • Ans 2
  • Ex. 3

Module 4

Kabala Method of finding fate and money numbers, Sarvank Number, fate number, friend, neutral and enemy numbers, day numbers, month numbers, hora, collation numbers: Bride & Groom, Ques-tion number. Practical examples.

  • Ex. 4
  • Ans 3
  • Illustrations and Examples

Module 5

How to make Numerological reports, step by step instructions on Numerological systems, Practical applications, tips that will influence your presentation to clients, Case studies & Practicals.

  • Ex. 5
  • Answer 4
  • Numerology Chart Format 1
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Module 6

Case Studies and Real Life examples : Pramod Mahajan, Amitabh Bachan, Atal Bihari Bajpai, Kareena Kapoor, Bill Clinton, Adolf Hitler, Sheela Dixit, Pdt Ravi Shankar, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Harshad Mehta, Ashok Gehlot, Azharuddin, Parvej Mush-haraf, RamKrishna Dalmiya, etc.

  • Ex. 6
  • Ans 5
  • Project
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Module 7

The 9 Planets and their numbers, Planets and their characteristics, effect of planets on nature, personality, looks, vision, life aspects, relationship, days, dates, carrier aspects, gems, direction, zodiac signs, friendly & enemy numbers, etc.

  • Ex. 7
  • Ans 6
  • Inner Circle Paper 1

Module 8

Astro-Numerological aspects : The 12 zodiac signs, relation of planets and signs, Solar signs and lunar signs, comparative study of the two systems and their influences, method of finding your signs, applications.

  • Ex. 8
  • Answer 7
  • Inner Circle Paper 2

Module 9

Numerology based on elements, personal characteristics of people, areas of life, health, likings, nature, professional aspects, areas needing improvement, prediction for year and month and precautions for year and month.

  • Ex. 9
  • Answer 8
  • Inner Circle Paper 3

Module 10

Constellation, their Planet Lords and Deity, 4 Parts of each constellation, nature and basic life of native born in different parts of a Constellation, sets of solutions : the deity to worship for fast & effective results, gems & Crystal to wear, daana to give.

  • Ex. 10
  • Answer 9
  • Constellation Pocket Book

Module 11

Remedy, Precious Gems, Crystals, Mudra, Puja, Japa, Simple solutions, Daana, Mantra, Yantra, Number Yantra, Drawing Yantra, Vedic Traditional Remedial Measures.

  • Ex. 11
  • Answer 10
  • Numerology Chart Format 2
  • Professional Report Writing

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Module 12

This module covers how to go about doing Numerological calculation and readings. Numerological predictions are explained in length with examples. The last mile thrust on reading a Astro-Numerological chart.

  • Ex. 12
  • Answer 11 & 12
  • Project
  • Exam Paper
  • Orientation Program
  • Guidance for taking exams
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Available ONLY with Post Graduate Diploma Course
  • 1

    Name Numerology

    A subject covered at great length and empowers students on matching and recommending names of people, company, matching, house, etc. as per Numerology for overall success in life.

  • 2

    Casting Numerological Charts And Reports

    This capsule course shall train students to cast a person's Numerological chart, similarly as it is casted in Astrology. Many examples along with Master copy of Numerological chart would be provided to the students.

Orientation Program for Professional Practice

Available ONLY with Post Graduate Diploma Course

Since no learning is complete unless it enables the student to earn as a professional, we have tried to ensure practical utility of these courses in terms of reasonable remuneration. What separates our students from that of conservative pundits is the sense of self marketing vis-à-vis the prevailing prejudices against Astrology and allied sciences. The institute offers a one month program free of cost to every student who successfully completes the Post Graduate Diploma course. Thus, the leadership style that we develop is aimed at an instant manager who not only explains the wisdom of an Astronomical phenomenon but as someone who is adept at psycho-spiritual counseling.


  • मैंने IVA से ज्योतिष में पोष्ट ग्रेजुएट डिप्लोमा की उपाधी प्राप्त की है। एक वर्ष कैसे बीत गया पता ही नहीं चला। पहले माड्यूल से ही दूसरे की प्रतिक्षा रहती थी। इसी संस्थान ने मुझे इस योग्य बना दिया है कि मैं अर्जित ज्ञान का सदुपयोग करते हुए शनै-शनै इस क्षेत्र में पेशेवर की तरह कार्य करने लगा हूँ।

    Piyush Chiraniya, Kolkata (PGDIA, PGDIV)
  • The astrology course was very informative and the practical, case studies and examples were well supported and taught in simplified user & friendly language. Staff were helpful. IBA definitely deserves ISO certification for its commitment to quality. I wish IVA the God speed.

    N. Pramod Kumar, Bangalore (PGDIA, PGDIV)
  • (Translated) Being a priest by profession, I had learnt Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vastu From FVA in 2004. Now, I don’t get time to perform puja for people. Instead, I have a big list of clients and industrialists who regularly take my advice for all their personal, professional, commercial and social matters. Especially the material on Dosha and their remedies is very comprehensive. Now, I am learning gems and Crystal Therapy. Om Swasti.

    Pdt. Vijay Kumar Shastri, Rishikesh (B.A. (Sanskrit), PGDIV, PGDIA, PGDIG)
  • मैंने वास्तु शास्त्र पर कई किताबों का अध्ययन कर के अपने बंगले का निर्माण करवाया। किन्तु कई वर्ष बाद अपने मित्र की सलाह में मैंने प्ट। के वास्तु पाठ्यक्रम में प्रवेश लिया। कोर्स के दौरान मैंने पाया की मेरा ज्ञान अधूरा था जिसके कारण मेरे बंगले में अनेकों वास्तु दोष उत्पन्न हो गये थे। माड्यूल 11 एवं 12 द्वारा मैंने इनके समाधान को समझा व बिना तोड़-फोड़ के उसे सही करना भी जाना।

    Shri Hemant Sharma, Jaipur (PGDIV, PGDIF, PGDIN)
  • I have been searching for a good course on numerology since long. I came to know about Institute of Vedic Astrology institute. I have joined Post Graduate Diploma Course in Numerology. Numerology course is wonderful and the course material is very informative and easy to understand. Thank you

    Dr. Santosh Kumar Pandey, PGDIN,


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