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IVA unlocks the wisdom of the past to empower the leaders of tomorrow. We make ancient knowledge accessible to all, shaping a future of self-discovery and innovation.

Our Guiding Light

Where Innovation Meets Tradition for a Brighter Future. We believe…

Innovation in Learning

Ancient wisdom deserves the best teaching methods of today.

Student Focus

Your success is our success.

Unwavering Commitment

To quality, to our students, to preserving knowledge.

Transforming Lives

Because knowledge without action is meaningless.

Your Path Starts Here

  • Distance Learning: Unlock your potential on your time.
  • Expert-Crafted Materials: Learn from the best, even from home.
  • 100s of Video Lessons: Gain real-world insights directly from field experts.
  • Dedicated Support: Every question matters to us.
  • Career-Ready Training: Build a fulfilling profession, or simply enrich your life.

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From a Spark to a Global Movement: Our Journey

In 1999, our founder saw a need. Precious knowledge was fading, and people craved guidance. One student turned into a handful, then dozens and then thousands. Handwritten notes became our first courses. We vowed to turn those sparks of wisdom into a beacon, not just sharing knowledge, but sharing the best ways to learn it. Our courses grew alongside technology, adding expert video lessons, interactive tools, and a global community.

Today, we're a global family of over 14,000 students and growing. With IVA, you don’t just learn, you become part of a legacy.