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India is a land of numerous beliefs that stem from the rich Vedic history the country has had. The astrological advantage bestowed upon the country in terms of numbers has contributed much to the modern-day devotion of the people to numerology. Numerology is the art of the mathematical and scientific explanation of the phenomena happening in your life through numbers associated with you (like your birthdate, age, passport number, etc.). Although highly surrounded by the fires of scepticism, numerology has emerged as one of the major contributors to astrology practices today; so much so that there are many people enrolling for numerology courses online in India. If you are among them, the Institute of Vedic Astrology offers in-depth and highly insightful numerology classes online in India.

In a conversational context, when one mentions numerology, it usually refers to the Pythagorean system, widely adopted as the modern practice of the science. Some of the much older systems that have been around since ancient times include the Chaldean system and the Vedic system (Indian numerology). Indian numerology (or Vedic Numerology) is widely practiced in the southern peninsula of the country (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc.). The IVAnumerology workshops online in India offer courses of varying complexity online on a highly flexible basis.

When talking about the Vedic numerology system, there are three basic numbers that govern your life.

  • The first is your name number. This number is derived from the number of names that you have. Many people end up having many nicknames, which affects the course of their life in some way. This number is one of the primary numbers required for a numerology reading in the Vedic system.
  • The second basic number is your destiny number. This number becomes relevant only after you have become 35-40 years of age. It is determined by how other people perceive you and interact with you, especially the people who don’t know you. This number is based on your date of birth.
  • The third number which is important in the Vedic system is your psychic number. This number is based on how you look at yourself, what your fundamental talents are and whether or not they are fully developed. It becomes less relevant after the age of 35. This number is also derived from your date of birth.

All this information is just scratching the surface – you will learn more through a numerology diploma online in India.

If you want to learn numerology online in India, there is no destination better than the Institute of Vedic Astrology. Flaunting highly researched and informed learning modules suited for all types of learners, our institute believes in systematic delivery of knowledge through easily comprehensible formats. Through numerology distance learning courses of IVA in India, you will be able to:

  • Decipher personalities and character traits based on a person’s birthdate
  • Behavioural traits of a person
  • Optimization of your lifestyle and practices as dictated by your fateful numbers

The IVA offers a variety of courses for you to choose:

  • numerology college online in India
  • numerology correspondence course online in India
  • numerology workshops online in India
  • Numerology diploma online in India

Many famous public figures are constantly taking advantage of the benefits that numerology has to offer – enrol for a course today! To know further about our courses and career options please write to us on email id or you can reach us on + 91-90099 10008.


Numerology is most successful and used for making or adjusting names of individuals or companies. Many filmstars, politicians, industrialist, production houses, people, etc. have changed their names based on this art. One of the very successful name is Ekta Kapoor who starts all her serials with letter K and has a special spelling suiting to her Numerological systems. Numerology Training Course at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore covers all these aspects in great details.


Examples Covered in study material: Pramod Mahajan, Amitabh Bachan, Adolf Hitler, Sheela Dixit, Pdt Ravi Shankar, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Harshad Mehta, Azharuddin, Parvej Mushharaf, Ashok Gehlot, Ram Krishna Dalmiya and many more.

Consultation Book

Post Graduate Diploma Course students of Numerology will get ready to use astro-numero consultation guide for success in their readings, analysis and practice. Students will learn to predict about individuals, their nature, likings, wealth, carrier, health, luck rising and remedial solutions and will learn about making effective presentation to their clients.


Numerology Diploma Course Syllabus (DIN)

In India the Institute of Vedic Astrology is the supreme destination to learn Numerology. Explore the best Numerology diploma Courses online here to devise an ideal career in the field of Astrology. Numerology! One of the most popular divine art. It is totally based on numbers and calculations. With these fascinating and powerful calcu...

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Numerology Post Graduate Diploma Course Syllabus (PGDIN)

Are Looking for the Numerology post graduate diploma course in India ? Do you know the Excellent institute with the team of best professionals is a key to your success. If you are eager to find such organization which impart perfect guidance for Numerology than IVA is there for you. The Institute of Vedic Astrology has the knack to pr...

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Name Numerology

A subject covered at great length and empowers students on matching and recommending names of people, company, matching, house, etc. as per Numerology for overall success in life.

Casting Numerological Charts And Reports

This capsule course shall train students to cast a person's Numerological chart, similarly as it is casted in Astrology. Many examples along with Master copy of Numerological chart would be provided to the students.

* Specialisation Free with Post Graduate Diploma Course