Advance Vastu Online Training Course

Advance Vastu Shastra Course - At a Glance

Advance Vastu course is also called as Vastu Shiromani Course at Institute of Vedic Astrology. Vastu Shiromani is the advance course. Students who have completed 1 year Post Graduate Diploma course should take up this course for a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of Vastu. The course deals with Pyramids. Pyramids are covered at length. Environmental conscious designs with Plants and Herbs are covered in length. Basic drawings and reading maps are covered at length. Effects and uses of Gems and Crystal are covered.

Use of gems in Vastu corrections are also covered. Energy channeling through crystals is also covered at length. Temple Vastu with energy systems of temples and various case studies of temples has been dealt in details. Industries are the major clients for Vastu consultations, so as many as 25+ industries are covered.

Eligibility: 1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Vastu

Medium: Hindi or English

Where Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Vastu gives a person knowledge from beginning whereas Advance Online Correspondence Vastu course aims to cover deeper aspects of Vedic Vastu. It fine tunes students in this art. Students will become expert in dealing with various Industrial and Commercial projects. It also covers various aspects of correcting or giving cures and placing cures.

This course covers Pyramid Vastu, Industrial Vastu, Colour Vastu, Environmental Vastu, Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu and Industrial Vastu. It covers how to use various aspects of forms and environment in making a property more positive in terms of Vastu. Various Industrial Units with their layout plans are covered in-depth in the course.

Students who have completed or are doing Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Vastu can only be admitted in the Vedic Vastu Advance Course.


Vedic Vastu Advance Course Syllabus(PGDIVV)

Post Graduate Diploma Course : Module 1 to 12 (1 Module per month for 12 months) ...

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