Course Material

Study Material Dispatch

As soon as your application form and payment is received, first month’s study material will be dispatched within 3 working days at your given address. Next month onwards, study material will be dispatched on the last day week of the month so that you receive it in first week of the coming month. Thus, second month onwards students will receive study material in the first week.

The courses of study offered by the institute provide a vast and indepth knowledge in different subjects. Career as a practitioner or a consultant will bring all the charms and attraction related to the field of a practitioner and will bring pleasure of acquainting oneself with the vast ocean of knowledge and learning. Every step forward will bring you new knowledge and experience.

Comprehensive Course Material
Simplified and authentic reading materials authored by eminent professionals are provided as Modules. These modules are sent to students every month from the date of commencement of the course.
Since sky is the only limit, we encourage our students to learn beyond our PG Diploma. This envisages an option for specialisation in the relevant subject. Requisite material is supplied by the Institute and successful scholars are conferred specialisation certificate in the branch concerned.
This is a check off chart professionally designed for giving an easy, interesting, accurate and short analysis of your subject.
Post Graduate Diploma students have the opportunity to become part of an exclusive Inner Circle membership. Inner Circle members will receive papers on special areas related to courses from time to time.
As we train our students to become leading consultants of tomorrow, we also train them on how to make professional and marketable reports for properties, people, etc. that they can confidently and proudly present to their clients.
Examples of famous people and celebrities are also covered to give a real feel and connectivity with the subject
Ready Reckoners are small handouts that fit in a briefcase or pursue. They give ready formulae and concepts that are most frequently used.
Study material contain examples that further illustrate the sequence of instructions. Calculations and formulae given in the examples provide clarity in each step and eradicate all misunderstandings or confusions.
A real-life project is assigned to every student after the course is completed which student has to return back after solving. Our experts will analyse and send a detailed report on your strong areas and areas you need to improve.
For better understanding of the textual matter, self-exercises are planned and placed with study material. Students can check their growth and understanding of the subject by solving these exercises. Answers are sent along with the next month's study material.