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Feng Shui is a prehistoric Chinese art and a philosophical system to attract the positive energy of nature. The term “Feng Shui” is factually translated as “wind-water” in English. This spiritual system has the power to keep the natural force peaceful for human being. To get the smooth, strong and positive energy in your home or work place this divine system plays an important role. The primary purpose of this spiritual art is to bring in just right balance, growth and happiness in your residence or work place to make peaceful and positive to reside in or work at for human beings.

Compass School Feng Shui which is a very advanced system has several different styles that are being followed by the Feng Shui experts, but if we talk about India it has not explored much yet. With the growing interests of individuals in Feng Shui in India, individuals visit the experienced and professional Feng Shui consultants to maintain the required balance, peace and harmony in their respective lives. The professional Feng Shui consultant in India can deliver you the best recommendations and remedies to fetch the positive outcomes.

They will let you know about the recent situations and for the prospective years and will suggest some facts to cure all the worries. There is more in-depth system in Compass Feng Shui where Chinese Horoscope of residents known as Ba-Zi Charts are made to know which elements are beneficial to them and which are to be avoided. The compass helps us to analyze the different aspects of the property, the energy of any given place and a lot more. After analyzing an individual’s details and their problems with different Feng Shui formulae the Feng Shui consultants in India will give you exact solution to your problems. The Feng Shui is very deep & complex to understand and the more you try knowing about it, the more you feel is there to explore!

Data Required 
  • Physical Verification of the Property to be done by Us
  • To-scale plan of the Property or plan to be made by our team (on extra charges)
  • Correct Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

Based on the inspection of the property and Residents, we suggest

  • Symbolic Cures as per Feng Shui
  • Preparing the property to apply the Cures based on Advance Feng Shui Remedial Cures for individuals are also suggested based on Chinese
  • Astrology to reduce the negative impact of House and also to boost positive impact
Our Methodology 

In Feng Shui property is like a patient and we are like Doctors so we cannot comment perfectly without seeing and feeling the energy at the Property, thus visit to site atleast once is must

Checking of the property Outside Environment – Road, entry to house from road, features on right, left, front and back side of the plot, Strong Chi influences, poson arrows analysis, 9 Curses analysis as per Lo-Pan and prevention from same Building – door entry location, plants, trees, driveway, The Ming Tank area and its enhancement, colour scheme, electricity, etc. Floors – door entry, missings, extentions, Center area, shapes, room by room calculation, 8 Mansion Style formulae analysis, etc. individual units - bedrooms, Kitchen, Puja Room, Drawing, dining, colour in rooms, flooring, furniture placement, bed position, paintings, sceneries, locations, the 5 Celestial Animals configuration, etc.

Checking of Chinese Horoscopes of Residents o Horoscope of Residents – effect of Chinese horoscopesusing Chee Ping Style and 9 Ki Style of the residents with the Feng Shui analysis of house. Combination of how they are interlinked and the overall combined effect on people and House are analysed

Best feng shui consultation online in India – change your space to change your life!

Often we hear people complaining of a lack of balance in their life – no matter how much they try and how many efforts they put in, things just don’t seem to pan out. They seek out mistakes, places where they are lacking, things that can be improved – but nothing seems to work out. These are the situations where the best Feng Shui consultation online in India can help you create the difference in your life. And the Institute of Vedic Astrology (IVA) can offer you expert advice and suggestions that can help you create the turnaround in your life that is needed for success, prosperity and satisfaction.

Why do you need Feng Shui Consultation and advice?

Whether you are building and designing a place, buying, selling or renting a premises or maybe are living or working in a space, the principles of Feng Shui can help improve your life in so many ways. For people looking to create a marked difference and improvement in life, whether in terms of energy, peace, success, prosperity, focus, performance, creativity or self-environment, Feng Shui changes and tactics can help you achieve exactly what you want to enjoy life to the fullest. With the guidance and support of the best Feng Shui advisor online in India, you can design your living space in a way that it helps you achieve your dreams!

What can you expect from IVA Feng Shui advisors?

During your one-to-one sessions with IVA, our experts attempt to understand your space and lifestyle, trying to discern specific elements that are hindering the balance in your life and suggest practical and easy-to-manage ways through which harmony can be restored. We conduct direct visits to your home/office, analyze different aspects of the premises and will work out a solution that actually suits your specific requirements. If there is something going wrong in your life, there will be a corresponding environment adjustment that we can suggest to get things back in order. Health, career, life, success, money, relationships, settlement, love – no matter what your desires – the best Feng Shui advisors in India from IVA can help you achieve exactly what you wish for.

How to know if Feng Shui is the solution for you?

You will have an amazing experience working with the advisors and consultants from IVA. Our suggestions will prove to be an answer to your life, especially if:

  • If you are ready to make big changes that will change the course of your life.
  • You wish that your house looks and feels like more than a simple home – it should be the place where you are most happy at!
  • You are experiencing the feeling of being stuck – Feng Shui changes can help you bring yourself out of the rut.
  • You need a way out from the confusion and clutter of your work and personal life.
  • You wish to break free of the unproductive habits of the past.

Just get in touch with the best Feng Shui advisors in India here at IVA – this one step will becoming the stepping stone to the successful and satisfactory life that you always wanted to lead! To know further about our services please write to us on email id info@ivaindia.com or you can reach us on + 91-90099 10008.

Our Completed & Ongoing Projects in following States

States Cities
MP & CG Indore, Dewas, Ujjain, Bhopal, Maheshwar, Mhow, Gwalior, Neemuch, Ratlam, Raipur
Rajasthan Jaipur, Sikar, Kota, Pali, Jodhpur, Palsana, Udaipur
Delhi & NCR Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida
Haryana Hissar, Rohtak, Bahadurgarh, Yamunanagar, Chandigarh, Barwala, Jind
Andhra & Telangana Hyderabad, Karim Nagar, Vishakhapatnam
Tamilnadu Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Erode, Nagaercoil
Kerala Thiruvanthpuram, Pathnamtheeta, Cochin, Kovalam
Karnataka Bangalore
Maharashtra Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Nagpur, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Shirur, Rajnandgaon, Thane, Ullhasnagar
Gujrat Gandhidham, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Dahod, Silvasa, Daman
Assam Guwahati, Sonari, Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Marghereita, Ledo, Moran, Alipurduar
Arunachal Pradesh Rangluwa, Chowkham, Hasai, Devmali
Meghalay Shillong
West Bengal Siliguri, Malda, Kolkata, Durgapur, Dankuni, Burdman, Dhupguri, Jalpaigudi, Jaigaon,
Sikkim Gangtok
Bihar & Jharkhand Purnea, Patna, Kishanganj, Khagaria, Kasba, Forbesganj, Araria
Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal Lucknow, Bareilly, Ghaziabad, Sahanpur,
Orissa Cuttack, Bhubhaneshwar
Punjab Batala, Amritsar, Banga, Patiala
J & K Jammu, Samba
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