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  • Vaastu Tips for Your Home to Bring Positive Energy

    Vaastu Tips for Your Home to Bring Positive Energy

    • 09-Apr-2018

    Ever since hundreds of decades the concept of ‘Vaastu' is believed and practiced by people. Setting your home according to vaastu has proven to bring positivity and prosperity in people’s lives. Even in today’s modernized world people are now more inclined towards creating and setting their homes according to vaastu. A home is a place where a person finds peace and comfort, and, no one wants to compromise with it. Therefore, vaastu helps people to create a positive aura and calmness in their house which helps people gain inner peace.

    Here are few vaastu tips for your home to bring positive energy:

    Placement of mirror in your bedroom

    The mirror in the bedroom should never be parallel to the bed. The mirror should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t reflect your bed. Placing the mirror where it is exposed to the bed is known to create health concerns and quarrels among people.

    Sun light

    It is important to make your house according to sun light vaastu factor. Your house must be made such, that it receives sun rays according to vaastu. Sun rays play a vital role in maintaining positivity in the house. The warmth of the sun rays eradicates all negativity from the house.

    Sleeping in favorable direction

    One must sleep in favorable direction as per your home to break the negative energy and helps you absorb positive energy. This especially helps those people who have sleeping disorders and sleeping according to vaastu will help them have full and sound sleep.

    Remove unnecessary items from your house

    Declutter your house and remove all unnecessary and useless items from your home. This will help the positive energy flow freely and you will also experience prosperity in all spheres of life.

    Colors of your home

    Colors used in your home play a very vital role on your mood and life both. The light colors are mostly used to paint houses, but, you can add some colors to your home to bring positivity. Earthy tones are soothing to mind and soul. You can also use colors from the seven colors of the rainbow.

    A bowl of salt

    This may sound a little absurd to some. But placing a bowl of salt South-West and North-East direction of the house purifies the home from all kinds of negative energies.

    Indoor plants and garden

    Green is the colour which spreads peace, energy and tranquility. Placing indoor plants like bamboo, money plant or other flowering plants maintain prosperity and peace in the house. The colour green soothes our mind, relieves stress and anger and is healing for the soul too.

    Music from bells or wind chimes

    Wind chimes or bells can be hung on the entrance door. The music from these items create a flow of positivity in the house. The mild music is soothing to ears, relieves stress and eliminates all negative energy from the house.

    Aroma candles

    Lighting scented candles creates a pleasant environment in the house. You can use aroma candles or incense sticks to create a positive energy and purify your home from any foul or negative energy.

    Apart from the above tips, it is also important for you to stay positive in all situations of life. This is an important vaastu tips which helps people fight their way to prosperity and inner peace.