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  • Vaastu Tips for Your Home Design

    Vaastu Tips for Your Home Design

    • 06-Apr-2018

    Vaastu is more like an ancient science which has helped people since many centuries to create homes which are favorable to vaastu and are filled with prosperity and positivity. People now design their home totally according to vaastu and it has proven to be quite effective in maintaining peace, positivity and prosperity in the house and among family members.

    If you are looking for few tips on how to design your home according to vaastu then this is the right place. Here are vaastu tips for home design:

    Buying the plot – While buying a plot, go for a rectangular or a regular shaped one. It is easier to design and use the area of the plot properly without any wastage. It is recommended to buy a North, East or West facing plots, as the entrance facing these directions are good according to vaastu.

    Position of the house

    While building the house you must leave more space in the North-East side as compared to south west side, it is good for vaastu. If possible you must construct the house in the middle of the plot, leaving space on all the four sides. The air circulation will be free and continuous.

    Entrance of the home

    According to vaastu, you must place the entry gate of your house on the North-East side. Not only it provides good ventilation, but also your house will welcome positivity, prosperity and good health.


    The location of master bedroom also plays an important role in the life of the master of the house. The master bedroom must be located in the area which should be the highest point of the house and in the south-east part.


    The kitchen must be located in the south-east part of the house. It is a good vaastu, as it creates warmth and in family and brings family members together to build a strong relationship.


    The location of the staircase in your house should be in the south or West part of the house. The staircases should be constructed in such a way that you climb from north to south or east to west in a clockwise direction. This helps to eliminate staircase accidents.

    Bathroom and toilet

    The bathrooms and toilets must be in the West and South part of the house to ensure proper ventilation and keep the house cool. 

    Water tanks

    The water tanks or bore well should be installed in the North-East part of your house to ensure good vaastu.

    Prayer room

    The prayer room or the puja room should be facing east and located in the north east part of the house, according to vaastu.

    Center of the house

    According to vaastu, the center portion of the house must be light and no heavy construction, like stairs, must be made there. This ensures free and continuous circulation of air.

    The above mentioned are few vaastu tips which will help you live happily and peacefully. Vaastu helps people to stay positive, happy and strengthens the family bond.