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  • Uses of crystals in day to day life

    Uses of crystals in day to day life

    • 11-May-2019

    You come across certain stones in your daily life. Have you ever thought that there is a connection between them and your life? Yes. They are connected to your life somewhere, says astrology lessons. Here is some information about such stones and their usage on your regular life.

    Know the crystal that matches you

    Not all then crystals will be beneficial, some may give off your regular energy some may feel warm and some cold. Choose the right one that suits you consulting the right astrologer like who hold degrees in astrology.

    Clean them

    It is the nature of the crystal to collect various forms of energies like emotions, thought, touch and several other sources. It any have able to gain the energy of the other person if they hold your crystal but is not a good factor. When you use a crystal it should be yours. To clear them, take that and imagine that a golden light radiating on them and it is filling your crystal. Or just hold them in the sun or the moonlight for 8 hours; make use of your instincts as you develop the methods you feel it works well for you.

    Program your crystal

    When you want your crystal to manifest your desire and dreams you will need to program them by your thoughts, visualizations, and feelings. To do so, hold your crystal close your eyes and repeat your chants. When you want to feel your crystal lay down and have your crystal on you like a third eye. You will feel a lot or sometimes feel nothing but the crystal is picking up your vibration. When you are struggling for it you can seek help from people who complete course in college like the Institute of Modern astrology.

    Place them

    Having placed the right crystal at the right place near you will help to gain or improve the quality of your life. When you meditated placing crystals near you, you can feel the complete effect of the crystal and its vibrations in your life. To do so, just have a crystal in your hands during meditation. When you place them under your pillow you may sleep well without nightmare and psychic attacks, it is more suitable for people who suffer from insomnia.

    Wear your crystals

    Every crystal possesses each character and it is important to wear them in the right place of your body to completely achieve the advantages of them. It is better for a consultant to the right astrologer to know about them or you can take up any of the courses in college like IVA Indore.

    People understand the effects of the crystal and so they are opting to choose the right stone for them. You can also become an expert in them by choosing astrology courses and you can look at some review also like visiting Institute of Modern astrology Indore reviews, on your personal you can even choose them as your profession as well.