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  • IVA Indore Suggests that Use Numerology to Select your Brand Name

    IVA Indore Suggests that Use Numerology to Select your Brand Name

    • 23-Jan-2019

    Are in a stage to choose a business brand? Is it necessary to discuss a numerologist before you start a business or to choose a brand name? You would have noticed several times that certain numbers come across your life repeatedly. Yes, the life of the person is connected to numbers and study of it is called numerology.  Indian numerology plays an essential role in various huge aspects like baby names, vehicle numbers, business, etc.

    Numerology for business

    Money plays a key role in a family’s well being and happiness, having a business or running a company makes your life and employee’s life brighter. Choosing a name for your brand is equally important as you invest money in your business. Choosing the right brand name according to your numerology determines the development of your business.

    Choose your brand according to numerology

    It is important to choose the brand name according to business name numerology because every name is associated with a number. Every such numbers energy that vibrates related to certain ideas.  When the energy of vibration behaves consistent with the brand name and its purpose, it is considered to be good in numerology. IVA Indore provides more information about various effects of numerology.

    Meaning of each number

    As far as astrology is concerned, each number has each meaning and it has to be taken into account for various parts of life and business as well.

    •    Number 1: It denotes the sense of self-reliance and the exploration defines the best brand name for camping gear.

    •    Number 2: It denotes the sense of relationship and diplomacy that is contrary to number 1

    •    Number 3: it denotes creativity and social easy and it is good for party supply stores.

    •    Number 4: It denotes responsibility and pragmatism it indicates for number compatibility with party supplies store.

    How to find your brand name?

    Your brand name can be calculated by adding the values of the alphabet in your brand name. When it comes to numeric values it can be denoted by number like A, J, and S as 1; B, K and T as 2; C, L and U as 3; D, M and V as 4; E, N and V as 5; F, O and X as 6; G, P and Y as 7; H, Q and Z as 8; I and R as 9. Look at the number to choose the right brand name for your business. You can also discuss with professionals who are graduated in numerology courses from various colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology

    It is always to a consultant with a numerologist when you take any such giant. Choosing the right brand name according to numerology and working can make you have a high success rate in your business.  If you are passionate toward numerology you can also choose to study a numerology course. There are various colleges that offer these courses and also many online courses available.