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  • Use Gems for Luck Rising

    Use Gems for Luck Rising

    • 19-Jul-2019

    Do you ever think that there is a certain relation between real life and certain gemstones? Yes. Certain stone has some ability to make some changes in the life of people. When you have to completely enjoy the results that you get out of them, you should know what type of stone to be used and where they have to be used and also effects that you will have out of them. When you do not follow or do them in the wrong manner, you may have some negative consequences that you may face. You can consult the person who holds degrees in astrology. Here are some of the stones and their values.


    It is meant for wealth, prosperity and protection, helps you to chase and achieve your dreams and when you keep them in your purse you can have good financial growth. When you wear it as jewelry it increases its vibration when it touches your skin.

    You can be an expert in the gem therapy when you learn some astrology courses in some colleges like IVA Indore.


    It helps to repeal negative energy and attracts the positive energy this will help in shifting to the energy field and creates better luck in life. It helps in balancing all the chakras and works with the root chakra. When you keep them in a home and in contact with your skin you will be able to feel the positivity, good luck, and abundance in your life.

    Smokey quartz

    Some negative and emotional state in your field is the reason for many negative aspects, this gem will remove them and thus you become lucky. This will also take forward in your life without negative energy. When you need them better consultant with the right astrologer or learn Vedic astrology.


    When you are the person who lost your status recently, this is the right stone to be used. It restores balance and brings back harmony. It connects with the right intuition and this serves as the way to bring clarity and shows you what is good in your life. On taking up some courses in some colleges like the Institute of Vedic astrology helps you to gain more knowledge regarding these stones.


    It is considered as a magical stone that helps in sprinkling some dust that is present in your life. it helps in increasing self-confidence, creativity and completely changes your life in a higher direction. People who study courses in colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore advises to have them near you during your sleep or wear them in your body.

    These crystals also agree with some of the aspects of science and they are interrelated to each other. Do not just believe any astrologer and just go by their words since they may miss guide you and that may lead to danger. Understand where exactly your problem is, consult with the best astrologer, wear the right stone in the right area.