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  • The simple technique of reading horoscopes

    The simple technique of reading horoscopes

    • 02-Apr-2019

    A Vedic birth chart is the unique karmic map that tells all about the particular person that includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body level; also about the wisdom of past, present, and future. When you are passionate about it you can learn them and become an expert in it. It takes some time to completely understand and know about it. There are also some colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology offers you with the astrology courses. Here are some techniques that will help you in reading the horoscope.

    Know the sign

    Using the diagram find the first house in the chart and that is the place where the rising sign is located. The small numbers that you find in the first house denote the rising sign. 1 indicates Aries, 2 for Taurus, 3 for Gemini, 4 for Cancer, 5 for Leo, 6 for Virgo, 7 for Libra, 8 for Scorpio, 9 for Sagittarius, 10 for Capricorn, 11 for Aquarius and 12 for Pisces. Some astrology lessons will help you to find them more easily.

    Find Sun and Moon

    Count from the counterclockwise in the chat finds the house of Sun and Moon locating the first through all the 12 houses. When you find the Sun and Moon find the sign and remember of the houses of the respective signs. When you learn astrology it will help you highly in finding and proceeding with them. 

    Planetary signs

    First, identify all the nine planets in the chart and find the signs of all those planets that they appear. This may take time and so be patient and take enough and make the determinations right it will not affect anything later. When you do any courses it will highly helpful in the prediction. You can look for some colleges and reviews like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore reviews.

    Vedic birth chart

    A Vedic birth chart will give completely about the person, it is very important to know the basic principles and also it is harder to find the meaning in some of the elaborate pieces. When you need to go with all the required layers of the Vedic chart it is necessary to have enough knowledge of it and you can acquire them by studies, meditation, and contemplation; in addition the proper practice. When you want to be an expert astrologer and choose them as your career you will need to grow some Jyotish skills by reading books, attending and taking classes, having discussed the various topics and spending more time in analyzing the Vedic birth chart.

    When you reach a particular point you can take your own Vedic birth chart and start reading them. This helps you to have more awareness and to unlock your personal inner knowing. Before you go for other charts, read yours and have a better understanding of them and apply them for reading other charts as well. Choose the best college to learn the courses like going through the reviews like Institute of Vedic astrology reviews to become a professional in the field of astrology.