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  • The flexibility of thumbs tells your character

    The flexibility of thumbs tells your character

    • 04-Aug-2019

    Have you ever noticed the shape or the flexibility of your thumb? Do you believe that there is a certain relationship between them and your character? When a person who holds degrees in astrology looks at your thumb, he will be able to tell your entire character. Here are some of the basic detail that you can by the flexibility and the shape of the thumb.

    Length of the segment of the thumb

    When the first half of the thumb is longer than the second half, it means that you will have an iron will and you are a hard-working person. When it comes to love you will be 100% dedicated and faithful to the core. When both halves are equal, it says that you are balanced and you will understand what you are doing in every situation. When the first half of the figure is longer than the second half, it encourages your quality of perfectionism.


    As per Indian palmistry, when your thumb can bend more and when it is more flexible it represents that you can adapt to anyone and are flexible to any situation. If your thumb does not bend, it means that your mind will not change according to the situation and people will need to twice before they manipulate you.

    Straight or crooked thumb

    A straight denotes that you are a serious person and crooked expresses that you a less serious and you can express yourself easily. When you want to learn about them you can learn palmistry and it helps to predict the future just by reading the palm of the person.

    Degrees between your thumb and pointing figure

    Stretch your thumb and your pointing figure, if you can stretch them more than 90 degrees it means that you possess high self-confidence, self-reliant. You will like to things in the right and the precise manner. You are a lucky person and fell, stick to your values.

    In cases when you cannot stretch more than 90 degrees it seems that you are a bit shy person and wish to be in your comfort zone but you may not shoe them out. It is better if you try to open up yourself and be flexible.

    Obtuse angle thumb

    Some people have the thumb that is always at an obtuse angle that is the first half is bent. They are the types of people who are a calm and meditative type. It denotes their creative nature and they can be good artists. When you take some courses in colleges like the Institute of Modern astrology will help you to expertise the subject and have degrees.

    Length of the thumb

    A long thumb shows the leadership skills and you love to be within control. When you have a short it shows that you are struggling to control your emotions and you work only on your self-esteem.  When your thumb is twisted, it means that you are understood the situations and quite warm.

    When you possess sinters in the field you can take up some astrology courses in colleges like IVA Indore, learn and become an expert in them.