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  • The first letter of your name - tells your future and nature

    The first letter of your name - tells your future and nature

    • 06-Jan-2019

    Nowadays, numerology is considered as an important tool divine in the relationship based on the numbers, words and also in names etc. Based on the Institute of vedic astrology, some people do not have a proper practice on the numerology in traditional. As we all know that numerology is considered the interesting subject which has the curiosity and sparks in nature.  On the daily basis, Institute of Vedic astrology Indore review, it is considered as an important tool in which the numbers can also be implemented.

    A-    The person who names starts with alphabet “A” seems to be rude and egoistic in nature and they know the basic necessity they need to lead a happy life.

    B- These people lead a life personally like a separate person. Often pamper about your love and exchanging the gifts and these people are considered as more sensitive. In some cases, people may consider them like a stubborn, because are generally strong headed. Possessive and loyalty is the major important thing in you. You need a caring partner throughout the life

    C-    The C alphabet people hear the brain and live the life accordingly. You are good and need some of the intellectual conversations to take place. When you speak, you think that everyone should listen to your words, lack of sense o humor.

    D-    The most romantic person is alphabet “F” people. You remain ideal and are very passionate about nature. You are expecting the trust and loyalty from the partner.

    E-     The person in this alphabet is perfect they expect the same from the partner. Always active and never get tired.

    F-    Enjoys every small thing in life. These people help others in good and bad. Never satisfy the things easily.

    G-    Really enjoy the luxury life, appreciate and sometimes worship them. Easily get bored and not provide any loyalty.

    H-    Remains super active with a large amount of energy in them. Have a capacity to manage a relationship.

    I-    By learning astrology, I alphabet needs only luxury life focuses full on money, and to be worshipped all the times. Generally acts loyal in nature.

    J-    Very good in expressing the feeling outside and also provide separate time to appreciate in their good time.

    K-    Secretive, passionate, very romantic and sensual. Remains a good friend to all the people and loved.

    L-    Secretive, passionate, very romantic and sensual. Remains a good friend to all the people and loved.

    M-    Innocent in nature, highly volatile. Often have a belief in perfection and never give up.

    N-    Gets emotional often and being pampered by everyone. You are selfless people on planet, mainly imaginative and energetic.

    O-    Based on institute of vedic astrology indore, Loves fun hides desire. Always expect the best from all. They are very loyal to dear people and has possessiveness.

    P-    Image and reputation is important to alphabet P person. They remain intelligent in nature and attract everyone.

    Q-    Has full energy and very different in nature. Remains enthusiastic.

    R-    Based on the vedic astrology review, they remain as the action-oriented person in life.

    S-     They are strong and never lose emotions.

    T-    Very sensitive and private person. Remains committed and loyal and does not share feelings with others.

    U-    Happy- go person and enthusiastic.  Love the feeling always.

    V-    Expects the freedom and remains selfishness. Strong in the heart but remains calm.

    W-    Ego and proud person as they feel proud inside. Ideal and romantic. Puts effort on love and feel it.

    X-    Enthusiastic but gets bored. Multi-talented as they can do work in a short time and have good company.

    Y-    Independent in nature and do things in a proper way. Controls the emotions fully do not express that outside.

    Z-    Has an inclination on love. Remains as romantic. Has the capacity to tend the things in life by messing it.