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  • The 10 Vastu Directions

    The 10 Vastu Directions

    • 18-May-2019

    Directions play a vital role in Vastu Shastra. Having in-depth knowledge of directions in vastu is very much important to make a decision about building the structure. Those who are interested in vastu, you can learn astrology in Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore to learn everything about vastu as well as become a professional astrologist.

    In the modern era, use the magnetic compass to check the directions. Totally, there are 10 directions, but the compass checks only 8 directions. It has 360 degrees in astrology. There are 10 directions including four are main directions and four are sub-directions

    Main directions

    • North
    • South
    • East
    • West


    • Northeast - meeting point of North and East (Ishan)
    • Southeast – meeting point of South and East (Agneya)
    • Northwest – meeting point of North and West (Vayaya)
    • Southwest – meeting Point of South and West (Nirutya)

    Some people haven’t heard about the 9th and 10th direction in vastu

    • Space
    • Patal

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    Importance of Directions as per Vastu


    An east corner is represented as the symbol of the new beginning. This is a favorable direction for those who are trying to end up with the bad things and want to get started with something new. Having living room, entrances, and puja room face the east is a good idea.


    It represents the stability of life. You shouldn’t live in the west region, if doing this you can’t lead a happy life.


    North is a good direction which is known for health, wealth, prosperity and career direction. Having an office in the north region of the houses is to climb up the ladder of success.

    South The ruler of the south corner of your home is a Yamraaj. You should never ever have a door or a mocker in this region. If you co, it can lead to fighting between the family members. Sometimes, it may unfortunate death happens in the family.

    North West

    It is said to be a hub of positivity and prosperity. If you leave this region dark, it will lead to bad happens in your house.

    South East

    Is there any grandparent or older people in your house? If yes, don’t construct a room for them in the southeast direction. Doing, this can lead to negativity in the house. Those who are living in a nuclear family, then your room must not be constructed in the southeast area.

    South West

    This is the source of demeanor, character, death, and case of longevity. It is highest your building and then your happiness and self-esteem also highest. So, you learn vastu and then start your construction as per vastu.


    It is said to be a wonderful direction and a sensitive direction which promotes positive aspects in men and women. Leave this region as open space is a great idea.

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