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  • Scientific Basis of Vastu

    Scientific Basis of Vastu

    • 17-Jul-2019

    Vastu is considered a science-based climatology and has little connection with religion and spirituality. Ancient people provide some standard guidelines to construct the homes, shops, offices, industries in any more details an efficient manner that helps to live a healthy life and promote overall power and prosperity. Do you want to become a vastu astrologer? You can study the course in IVA Indore to become the best astrologist.

    Vastu has a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts

    Science influences on Vastu

    Nowadays, there are more vastu experts who learn astrology in reputed institutes and they have followed the standard rule and principles to ensure that vastu Shastra compliance.

    Vastu is considered as,


    Generally, vastu is the study of the impact of the sun’s rays on the earth. Vastu has the ability to read the features of the house and shows the effects on the residents in a scientific way.


    The scientific concept of vastu is based on directions like north, east, south, and west. Those directions and the effects of vastu are a permanent thing.


    In a scientific manner, vastu helps to makes your life happier and problem free. That’s why most people learn vastu in any astrology site to live the happiest life.


    Just simple! As per the guidelines of vastu, you people construct your house that leads to a healthy and happy life.


    All you know vastu is based on the properties of the sun and the earth. That’s why it is universal, nationality, caste, religion, etc. all those things have nothing to do with the science of vastu. Everything is equal.

    Above mentioned features shows the action, cause, and effect of vastu. Now, you definitely concluded that vastu is a scientific approach. For more information about the science of vastu, you can study the deep astrology in Institute of Vedic astrology Indore that makes your future brighter.

    How Vastu Works Behind the Science

    Everyone knows the solar system. Sun provides life to all living things by giving enough light and heat. It makes life possible on earth right. That’s why the Vedas and Upanishads praised the sun as a Supreme soul or God. The rays of the sun travel and reach the earth. While traveling, the sky element is considered as the carrier of life energy and it could carry generous life force into the house.

    In Vastu, there are three postulates of design that cover the entire field, building, craft item and article of daily use. Those principles are

    • Bhogadyam – appropriate for the purpose
    • Sukha Darsham – should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye
    • Ramya – provide a feeling of well-being and contentment

    Basically, every manifest object is a package of energy and electromagnetic waves, and the dimension of time and space. The vastu directions are termed as the source of energies.

    Moreover, there are more misconceptions about vastu. When you want to an expert in the astrology, you can choose the best course and colleges like Institute of Vedic Astrology in any cities.