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  • Miracles with Numbers through Numerology

    Miracles with Numbers through Numerology

    • 31-Jan-2019

    Have you thought that numbers are connected with your life and they have something to predict about your life? Numerology is followed by the Indian Hindu system for thousands of years and believed to be divine, mystical relationship between numbers and events. These numbers create the impact on various aspects of a person like a relationship, career, marriage, health, etc. in recent days there are also several numerology courses offered by universities to fulfill the passion of people in learning numerology.

    Numerology changes a person’s life

    When do you think you need some changes in your life? When something is going wrong or missing some information about your life. How can it be changed? Understanding what and how you should proceed to make changes. Numerology helps for it by providing various options like changing your name, business name, looking for dates for various events like wedding, business inauguration etc. For such events, there are professionals from colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology, to whom you can discuss with.

    Numerology for your names

    There are some situations that individual face and realize that the solutions lay in changing names. For example:

    •    Understanding how names are important in one’s success and to achieve desired happiness.

    •    Change in life or to have a fresh beginning.

    •    Certain professions have importance over names.

    •    Changing names according to geographical locations.

    Udders these cases changing your name make miracles with numerology. You can also learn numerology when you are passionate about it.

    Numerology for business

    Business is the giant step in one’s life; it creates an impact in your life, your family and the families of your employees. There are numbers associated with every individual according to the date of birth. Choose your business that suits and has good growth. According to numerology, every alphabet has its own numeral associated with it and the number thus calculated should suit you and the business that you choose. This can be fulfilled by a numerology professional graduated from universities like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore and expertise in numerology.

    Numerology helps for successful wedding life

    The wedding date is as equal as you choose your spouse; it serves as a reason for the best and happy life. It depends upon the date of birth of the couple. Generally, 1 and 9 are considered to be the best numbers for marriage irrespective of the couple’s date of birth and having destiny numbers like 1 or 9, where destiny number can be calculated as the sum of date, month and year. Likewise, there is also a certain number that has to be avoided like 4, 8 or 5 have t be avoided. Number 5 is considered to be worse since they even tend to divorce. To be more specific with the date of your wedding visit a numerology professional who is degree holders from colleges like IVA Indore and has a discussion regarding your wedding to have a peaceful and happy life.

    Numerology is associated with each and every part of a life like property number, vehicle number, business, family and social life etc. following them will make your life brighter and happier.