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  • Learn Palmistry at Leading Vedic Institute of India

    Learn Palmistry at Leading Vedic Institute of India

    • 04-Sep-2018

    Have you ever wondered what the lines in your palm tell about you?

    Palmistry, also known as hand reading and chiromancy is an ancient art of reading the lines and telling the fortune. It is one of the most enthralling skills that could provide excellent information regarding a person. Whether you want to know what the future holds or eager for character evaluation, palmistry gets you covered.

    If palmistry fascinates you and you want to gain an insight into the field, Institute of Vedic Astrology (IVA) could become your ultimate destination.  IVA offers a large number of courses related to Futurology and allied subjects among which Palmistry is one. Established in the year 1999, today it has become a sole destination to gain the knowledge of the world of Astromancy.

    Mode of teaching

    IVA offers online (distant learning) training course with the help of which you can become a skilled palm reader. The comprehensive courses along with the associated workshops enhance the knowledge and help you gain the expertise. 

    There are two courses in palmistry offered by IVA-

    A) 6 months Diploma course

    Diploma course consists of six modules where you learn one module every month. Each module emphasizes in providing you the complete knowledge about palmistry. The fundamental rules and ethics for being a palm reader are discussed, and different methods of hand reading are taught.

    B) 12 months Post Graduate course

    The postgraduate course comprises 12 modules. The size modules are the same as that of the diploma course, and the rest is to provide you with the expertise. Other than this, there is one highly informative specialization course meant primarily for the postgraduate students. The extra perk comes in the form of an orientation program for professional practice to the students.

    Benefits of learning palmistry from IVA – Institute of Vedic Astrology

    IVA is a leading institute in India teaching a vast number of Futurology courses. The study material provided by them is easy to understand and highly authentic. You not only gain the necessary know-how of the subject but obtain a thorough knowledge of the same.

    The most alluring benefit of learning palmistry from IVA is apart from getting the bookish knowledge you also get the practical exposure. The specialization program is one of its kinds providing you remedy in palmistry. You learn different aspects which assist in changing the effects of the lines of the hands. It’s a great value addition that helps students in the future manifolds.

    Besides these, some other alluring benefits are-

    •    The enrolled students are provided 1000+ pages of study which will provide a systematic knowledge of the subject.

    •    The one-month orientation program is extraordinarily lucrative and is free for the students who complete the postgraduate diploma course.

    •    There are no hassles while resolving the issues as IVA Indore responds to your email within 24 hours on working days.

    •    You can also pay your fee in installments.

    So, if you are seeking a course which could help you understand the palm reading techniques, IVA is your ultimate destination. It’s time to groom yourself as an authentic palm reader and take it as a profession.