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  • Join Institute of Vedic Astrology for Learning Vedic Astrology

    Join Institute of Vedic Astrology for Learning Vedic Astrology

    • 10-Aug-2018

    We are all aware of Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu science brings good health, good luck, comfort, harmony, and fulfillment. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is “online and distance learning correspondence classes” based educational Institute. Institute of Vedic Astrology is committed to providing students and scholars the best education in the ancient Indian Astro-Science, i.e., Vedic Astrology, through various noteworthy courses. All courses are designed uniquely so that the complete knowledge of Astrology will definitely be acquired by the students with no extra efforts and also in a very short duration. All these courses are available in Hindi or in English Languages. The Astro-Aspirants, on successful completion of these courses, would definitely be benefitted and can establish themselves as a prominent professional Astrologer or, on the other hand, anyone can adopt this art as their hobby too. At Institute of Vedic Astrology, we train the students in a wide range of astrological studies, the course covers:

    • Palmistry

    • Vedic Vaastu Shastra

    • Vedic Astrology

    • Feng Shui

    • Gems and Crystals Therapy

    • KP Astrology

    • Numerology

    • Advanced Astrology

    • Advanced Vaastu

    • Tarot Card Reading


    Additional benefits of Joining Institute of Vedic Astrology are:


    1. The student receives more than 1200+ pages of Study material in Vedic Vaastu

    The objective of the Institute of Vedic Astrology is learning, keeping this in mind we have designed a very smooth curriculum that suits any student. Our experience in this field is exceptional and we understand the learning style of each student and that is why we gave more than 1200+ pages of study material in Vedic Vaastu that ensures great of success. Our study material is designed in such a simplified way that one can learn both online and offline under our experienced astrologers. We have designed reading materials to train our students in to becoming a specialist in the future and also have a better understanding of the subject.

    Why we are different:

    • A decade of experience.

    • Orientation programmes to keep the student’s knowledge up to date.

    • Academic/constructive teaching style.


    2. Audio and Video CDs

    As per the convenience of a student, they can learn through our Audio and Video CDs. Our multimedia technology virtuously tests the knowledge of the student in the subject. Our experts have created out the Audio and Video CDs to learn the art of Vastu through our courses.

    3. Specialisation courses (for 1 Year Course Students) in Environmental Vaastu, Industrial Vaastu, Commercial Vaastu and Geomancy

    Our approach is practical in nature rather than theory-oriented. The Vastu practice at our institute is traditional. However our methodology of teaching Vastu is scientific. We provide specialization in Environmental Vaastu, Industrial Vaastu, Commercial Vaastu and Geomancy as well. In these courses, theory, techniques, environment space clearing corrections, surveying a property, interior/exterior and office Vaastu corrections will be explained in depth. Additionally, other types of Vaastu corrections will also be taught in these courses as well.

    4. Orientation program for professional practice

    We realized that student need genuine way to get a clear vision on Vedic sciences and for that, a rock-solid foundation is indeed. That is why we have created an orientation programmes for professional practice where we connect the students on how to make Vastu as a Career. It is an initiative to facilitate a journey of profound self-understanding. We have designed the program in a way that it would let you explore the intellectual bend within you.

    5. A great Carrer Opportunity at your door steps

    Vedic astrology as a branch of a noble science throws some light not only on future prediction but also on the wellbeing of mankind. With the rise in the number of consultations, astrology as a career is a sound decision that ushers happiness, ease, and prosperity. To equip with the effectual and profound knowledge of Astrology, doubt clearing sessions are very important, and that is why we have an email support option available through our website where a student can clear the course related doubts usually in 24 hours on working days.