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  • Is Your Home Suitable for You? Check through Numerology

    Is Your Home Suitable for You? Check through Numerology

    • 14-Feb-2019

    What do you think the best place to relax and be peaceful?  One of the happy news for a school going student is “You can leave and go home” later in colleges and offices also leaving back home is a happy time. Yes, home is one of the most important places for everyone. Have you ever questioned; is your home really suitable for you? There can be issues related to it. Is it anywhere connected to numerology? Yes. Numerology plays a vital role in the happiness of you and your family.


    Numbers are something that is at every walk of life in form of the date of birth, age, door number phone number etc. Numerology is the study of numbers. It is also connected with your house and happiness of you and your family. There are some factors affecting like door number, street, pin-code, or even zip code; that tells you about the place and whether it is suitable for you and your family or not. It also provides options to overcome if there is any struggle. If you are interested, you can also learn numerology as a subject. Not only for properties, but numerology also take part in names of babies and business like business name numerology, etc.

    Numerology for the location your house

    Have you ever felt love for someplace while others don’t admire much about the place? Yes. Many times it happens. Numerology is the key reason for this. Locations also have numbers. According to the match in the number of the place and the number in your numerology chart you like that place and have a craze on it. The same thing happens in case of your home also.

    Do you wish to know the numerological meaning of your door number?

    Each number says a different and unique where,

    •    Number 1 is the place to have independence; you may have self-confidence, determination, and courage.

    •    Number 2 is considered the best for happiness and peaceful married life,

    •    Number 3 is appreciated for creativeness of people in the home,

    •    Number 4 sounds a bit since it denotes death.

    •    Number 5 is worth for looking free spirit

    •     Number 6 states the positive energy in the house

    •    Number 7 means that your home is good for meditation and contemplation

    •    Number 8 is more special and auspicious and brings luck and good fortune

    •    Number 9 sounds good for the long life of the family members.

    Not aware earlier?

    Are you not aware of the facts of numerology earlier and now do you realize the effects and causes because of it? Do not worry. There are experts in numerology, who holds a degree in universities like IVA Indore and they guide you for the well being and happy life of you and your family.

    If you wish to become an expert you can also learn various courses in numerology in colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore the details and best courses can be understood from the Institute of Modern astrology Indore reviews.