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  • IVA Offers The Art of Hand Reading, Hand Reading Astrology

    IVA Offers The Art of Hand Reading, Hand Reading Astrology

    • 13-Feb-2019

    Do you aware that you can know certain facts about your life and future about can be understood from your hands? The mounts and the lines speak more about your life. It is called Indian palmistry, followed by thousands of years and there are experts who do this as their profession.

    Mounts and palms in a palmistry

    When you look at your palm you can find bumps of flesh called mounts and certain think and thin lines running across palm are the lines. Generally, experts learn palm reading through these lines and mounts. There are 6 major line and numerous minor lines. Each line represents each factor like head, heart, life, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury. Similarly, there are seven mounts representing seven celestial bodies of the ancient god of Roman and Greek mythology. 

    Which hand has to be chosen for palmistry?

    The left hand is considered to what God has given you and the right hand is for determining what you do with it. There are four types of hand according to palmistry. They are:

    The Earth Hand

    The Earth hands are found to be strongly square in shape of the palm and fingers. The length of the palm is approximately even from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers. The skin may be rough and ruddy in color. People having earth hands are considered to be more practical and level-headed, they learn from experiments instead of reading or studying from books. When it comes to job also they prefer outdoor to indoor and they do not show much interest in paperwork. Universities like IVA Indore provides various courses that teach about the other facts of the hand.

    The Air Hand

    The Air hand can also be square but mostly they are rectangular and have long fingers and low-set thumbs. They have dry skin and knuckles that protrude. People with Air hands possess curious and intellectual skills; they prefer to read and to learn more through study. They worry since they prefer to internalize their feelings and their anxiety, which can make a person to have problems in close relationships in spite of impressive communication skills.

    The Water Hand

    The water hand is generally an oval-shaped having the widest part of the palm larger than the length of it from the wrist to the bottom of the figures.  They also have long and flexible fingers. People with this type of hands are generally emotional and unbalanced. Sometimes they feel the inability to handle their anxieties and have issues dealing with stress. But they are motivated by looking for peace and they have artistic skills. Institute of Vedic astrology reviews gives you an idea about the courses to become a professional.

    The Fire Hand

    The Fire Hand has shorter fingers and either flushed or pink in color. Such people are extremely kinetic, short-tempered and impatient. They are the great leaders and have a clear vision of what they think and about the future. These make them be unique in their thoughts, temperaments, and feelings.

    If a person learns the concepts of these he can be expert in palmistry, an art of hand reading. There are courses provided in universities like Institute of Vedic astrology to expertise the art.