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  • How to Find the Compatibility of Your Relationship Using Tarot Cards

    How to Find the Compatibility of Your Relationship Using Tarot Cards

    • 08-Jan-2019

    First of all, Tarot card reading is the mystic concept of Tarot reading itself. The tarot cards can be considered as the tool for divination solutions that have been used in immemorial.

    Probably, tarot readings in love are common and often asked to be performed. Do you have any doubts about your current relationship? Or are you looking for a true love relationship? You may go for love tarot reading that gives you meaningful answers for your love. Do you have any interest in tarot card readings, you may learn tarot in the colleges like Institute of Vedic Astrology.

    You may look for tarot card readings because there are so many questions in your mind that you search for the answers about your relationship.

    How to use this Relationship tarot spreads

    The Tarot spreads concentrating on the different perspective of loves and relationship in your lives. Mostly, this reading concerned with romantic relationship, but some can be used for a general relationship. Here some tarot spreads that help you along your journey.

    Three Card Relationship Spread

    One of the simplest tarots spreads, here it suggests for quick relationship dynamic diagnosis between the two people. While after shuffling cards, you should focus on your relationship questions, the first place the leftmost cards and then rightmost.

    1. You and your partner: what’s your role in your relationship? How do you recognize yourself and how it will affect your partnership?

    2. Dynamics: how do you describe this relationship? What are its characteristics?

    By using this spread, you may get answers to these questions and get some chances of saving your relationships. So you should learn tarot cards for more information about your relationship.

    Check the Relationship Compatibility with Tarot Spreads:

    If you want to check the compatibility of your relationship, you may go for a tarot card reading. This spread fully concentrated on the dynamics between two couples and examine your different relationship- aspects that might be the points of contention

    • Your needs: what are you looking for in a relationship? And what do you want from the relationship-to consider it successful?
    • Partner’s needs: what does your partner expect in a relationship? What would they want for it to be successful?
    • Similarities: do you find similarities in your life? What brings you together?
    • Differences: in what parts of your life do you to find differences?  What are the possibilities of your disagreements?
    • Emotional Compatibility: How compatible are you emotionally?
    • Mental Compatibility: how compatible are you mentally? Do you find similar things to mentally stimulating?
    • Physical Compatibility: How compatible are you physically? How will you categorize your relationship?

    Check these compatibility questions in your relationship to know how compatible you are with your partner. If you want to check this test yourself, you should learn tarot card reading for your relationship.

    For more details, you may study in the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore that offers you the best platform to know about tarot card readings.