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  • Learn Healing Power of Crystal at IVAINDIA

    Learn Healing Power of Crystal at IVAINDIA

    • 05-Feb-2019

    Do you think colors can have some impact on the physical and mental health of an individual? Yes. Colors play a key role in human health. There is therapy called Gem therapy, a part of astrology lessons that deal with the gemstones and the various properties associated with them. You can use the energies of various crystals and enjoy the benefits provided by them only when you know how and when to use for what purpose.

    Usage of crystals during various activities

    Learn Indian astrology that contains certain rules to use crystals to enjoy its benefits completely. Like:

    How to hold the crystal when meditating?

    Mediation is one of the ways that you can connect with crystal and completely feel the effect of it. During mediation hold the crystal in one or both the hands and close your eyes, take a deep breath. You can feel that you are sinking deep into the Earth. This is because the crystal has the grounding effect of the crystal. Some crystal has a resonating ability that makes your hairs in the skin to stand up.

    Carry your crystal with you

    When you have your crystal it will be more aware of its energies. You can carry it in a purse or pockets, it helps you to have attention towards the work that you do.

    Use crystals during yoga

    When you have your crystal during yoga it will help in creating tranquil space for your yoga. Moreover, when you have your crystal in your body during yoga you can experience a deeper state of yoga.

    Courses help you to learn more about the usage of crystals, visit some colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology to take up the courses.

    Powers of crystal

    There are certain powers that the crystal provides, you can learn about them in some colleges like IVA Indore. Here is the outline about them:

    Calm: Amethyst crystals, generally used in spas are well known for their ability to relax and soothe you. It is considered to purify your aura and have good thoughts and vibrations. Other crystals like Calcite, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and Blue Sapphire is used for calmness. They are considered to develop peace in oneself.

    Strength: the words strength depends on both the factors physical and mental. Some crystals like Agate, Hematite, Jasper, Onyx, Morganite, and turquoise have a tendency to heal emotions and to construct self-confidence and manifest one’s potential.

    Balance: it is very important to a person to have balance in mind, body, spirit. Crystals like Garnet, Emerald, Agate, Moonstone, Tourmaline, Turquoise and Amethyst can assist you in balancing focus and to remain peaceful during emotional centering.

    Clarity: generally crystals have the ability to serve multiple purposes. Take for example Citrine is connected to confidence and strength, since the mental and emotional clarity that can bring to oneself. Some crystals like Diamond, Topaz, Quartz, Azurite, and Hematite are famous for its ability to offer higher chances to concentrate and reset your mind.

    It is highly used when you know the various benefits that the crystals can provide you. This will help you to make high use of them and overcome many issues and stay happy in life. For which there are many courses available in colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology.