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  • Gems Therapy for Professionals Learn More about Gems Therapy at IVA Indore

    Gems Therapy for Professionals Learn More about Gems Therapy at IVA Indore

    • 28-Jan-2019

    Gems are the different color stones that are believed to have certain vibrations when they are placed within an individual’s aura. Generally, a human aura has nine colors like violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infrared and ultraviolet. If there is any deficiency or excess of these following colors, it may lead to an upset in the balancing to the original composition of nice colors. Gem therapy is considered another form of healing. To learn gem therapy there is a certain course available in some colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology.

    Where to place the Gemstones?

    Gemstones have to be placed in particular places only, instead placing in irrelevant places will not make feel the cause of using the Gemstone. Placing a gemstone close proximity to the place of sleeping or sitting gives you a greater effect. For example, it is good to place a natural red jade gemstone pyramid in the south or the southwest direction of dwelling activities. When you place a gemstone in the body it gives you certain effect to you. It is more advisable when you wear a gemstone with the planetary metal as your native chart says. For instance, wear a ruby gold ring on the ring finger to gain fame and success. Wearing Gemstone on the skin, also assist to open the block in chakras in your body by color therapy.

    Gem therapy to cure diseases

    These Gems serves as medicines to cure and prevent diseases on proper guidance of the professionals. Here are some diseases that can be prevented using appropriate gems.

    Asthma: Sani is considered to be responsible for most of the chronic diseases like Asthma. When Sani afflicts from Lagna or in Simha Rasi, it makes susceptible to Asthma. Wearing energized Emerald and yellow Sapphire will prevent Asthma.

    Kidney problems: Kuja and Sukra govern the Urinary system, using energized white coral and blue Sapphire will help in the relief of the problems.

    For more medicinal effects of the gemstones, you can consult with the professionals who hold degrees in astrology.

    A gemstone with healing properties

    Each Gemstone has its own unique properties such as:

    •    Amber- Lifts the emotional burdens in your life and makes you live happily and peacefully.

    •    Amethyst- offers a spiritual upliftment.

    •    Ruby- assists to overcome fear by opening the heart.

    •    Opal- broadens the mind, by which you can see the possibilities in various situations.

    •    Diamond- improvises personal clarity.

    •    Rose quartz- provides balance emotionally and helps you to express your emotions.

    •    Jade- makes you feel relaxed and tensionless.

    •    Emerald- helps both physical and emotional healing.

    These should be used according to the professions, your problems, and the requirements. IVA Indore provides you with opportunities to study deep about the characteristics, effects and how to uses these Gemstones. 

    It is important to consult with a professional who learned astrology lessons, since if there is any wrong usage of the Gemstone it may lead to evil effects. You can learn Gem therapy and become a professional or graduate in the Gem therapy courses from colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore.