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  • Face Reading is a Science in itself

    Face Reading is a Science in itself

    • 20-Feb-2019

    Like reading facts of a person in Indian palmistry, the structure of your face generally speaks about the character or personality of you. Reading such characters from a face is generally considered to be an art and science. Your personality comes from your genetics, nature, and nurture. As a well-known saying “Face is the index of the mind”, it represents your emotions, behavior, major events of life etc. Face reading is called physiognomy. Certain universities like IVA Indore offers the course to learn face reading and also you can choose them as your profession.

    How are faces read?

    Face reading, the ancient art of analyzing characters of a person from certain factors like the shape of the face, nature of hair, ears, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin. These are not the same for people. There are always slight variations in each of them. They play a major role in reading face. On have passion towards it you can take up to do a course from universities like Institute of Modern astrology to expertise in physiognomy.

    What can face reading tells you about?

    There are certain aspects that face reading makes you clear about the facts of your life. Institutes like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore offers courses to learn physiognomy.  Here are a few of them:

    About your fate: Your face generally reflects inner spirit. In Europe, beauty is believed as the synonymous with virtue and ugliness as a sign of evil.

    About your parents: your forehead speaks about their parents. If you have a wider forehead and bright skin it represents s your parents are fortunate in matters of health and have a good career. Short forehead and dull skin indicate that your parents are facing troubles during childhood.

    About your career and victory: when you have a forehead that good in position, gently rounded and bright, it indicates good career and early settlement in your career. Instead, if it is dark in color, indented or hollow it indicates that your intelligence will not help you much in your career.

    About your life: life region is considered to be between the eyebrows. If it is firm, gently rounded, bright you will have a successful career after 27 years of age and you will also be a friendly person with a positive attitude. If space is wide and if you have thick eyebrows you will earn good money and your longevity will also be good.

    About the love life: Love and emotional behavior of a person is found from the area below eyes. If the area is bright, bulgy and rounded it shows that the person would have deep emotions and fall in love easily.

    About your children: The connecting part of the nose and the upper lips called Philtrum serves for the family and children. If it is long and deep it defines the good fertility and ability to have children.

    It is quite interesting to learn them as a course, you can be professional and earn out of it. You can know more from the student’s reviews about the course like visiting Institute of Vedic astrology Indore reviews.