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  • Elections in India in 2019 – An Astrology Perspective

    Elections in India in 2019 – An Astrology Perspective

    • 16-Mar-2019

    Astrology is not only for prediction of the future event for people; it can also predict the future of the entire nation by the results of the election well in advance. The election is also based on some science associated with it. When you are passionate towards predicting the future, you can also learn Vedic astrology as a course and become an expert in it.

    General elections 2019

    In Karnataka, the ruling BJP recently lost its political status and it started to set up its election mode. The general election is going to be conducted in 2019. Anyway, the BJP foundation chart witnessed that the BJP will not have high chances to lay its foundation in the election of 2019 since the Moon mahadasha is running in the foundation chat of BJP. As per astrology the moon is 2nd lord debilitated in 6th hose and also it gets the aspect by lord Mars and lord Venus, this shows that there are chances for BJP to join with other parties in order to form a coalition government as NDA will not acquire 272 seats to for the majority in 2019 like what it happened in the previous election 2014, given by astrology experts like people studied in Institute of Vedic astrology.

    The data of Kemadruma Moon of BJP have more chances to give lots of strife from their alliance partners. The Shiv Sena, JDU, Akali Dal, etc are already in some quarrel and issues related to sharing of the seat in the general election 2019. There are also some more troubles that the BJP can experience in the forthcoming days regarding the election. Already the Moon-Mars period has begun 15th of February 2019 that gave some positive effects to the BJP. Mars being the 11th god may give them their election campaign with a number of aggression, energy, energy and attacking ability to destroy to the image of the opposition leaders. The sub period of Mars for BJP is starting in the February 2019 this makes sure that BJP will come back by winning the election but with less majority and lots of quarrels and bitterness in the election with the dirty political strategies that present India have never seen it before in its history. They are predicted by the astrology experts holding certain degrees in astrology.

    To make astrology as your course you can look for the courses that are offered by universities like the Institute of Vedic astrology Indore.

    Astrology for the election 2019 for Delhi

    As per the foundation chart of India for the year 2019 during the time of election Moon- Rahu- and Moo- Jupiter Dasha will be going on and this determines the disconnection between the BJP and the people of India. The reason behind this will be the promises that are made by BJP and the failure of the execution of them.

    Foundation chart of India

    The Rahu is an illusion that creates the confusion in the minds of Indian people regarding who will win the election if not Modi? Due to certain changes, there may occur political controversy and dispute, BJP has to play ‘ace of spade’ to win the election.

    These are possible to predict by the people who are expert in the field of astrology like learning course in IVA Indore.