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  • Effects of Mangal Dosha on your Life

    Effects of Mangal Dosha on your Life

    • 24-Apr-2018

    Mangal Dosha, Chovva Dosha or Kuja Dosha is one of the most prior aspect and concern of astrology, and especially of Indian astrology. Mangal Dosha directly related with Mars, and when a person has Mangal placed in particular houses in the horoscope like 1st house, 2th house, 4th, 7th, house and 12th house then that person is being called Manglik because he/she has Mangal Dosha.

     The Manglik person got many troubles in her/his married life, so astrology describes that a Manglik person should do marriage with the Manglik partner. Though, there are many kinds of remedies and solutions available regarding Mangal Dosha    

    Venus, Jupiter and Mangal Dosha:

    Venus and Jupiter and Moon are helping planets for the Manglik person and they have ability and power to decrease the negative effects of Mangal. Mangal can create many problems in life related to health, mental status and marriage and relationship.

    Effects of Mangal Dosha on your relationship:

    Mangal Dosha has huge effect on your married life and relationship. It can ruin your married life, like divorce with partner, death of your partner, sickness of the partner, different way of thinking which will increase the troubles as well as excess delay in the marriage.

    Mangal Dosha can also affect your career, education, achievements and business. The person with Mangal Dosha can do Mangal fast on Tuesday, which will help to reduce the negative effect of Mangal.

    Effect of Mangal Dosha in 1st house:

    The 1st house with Mangal Dosha can create constant debates and quall with your partner. It can destroy your inner peace and deliberately creates the troubling situations between both partners.

    Effect of Mangal Dosha in 2nd house:

    The 2nd house of horoscope is said to be the family place. This combination of Mangal can disturb the family with late marriage of Jatak.

    Effect of Mangal Dosha in 4th house:

    The 4th house of horoscope is reserved for happy marriage life and if Mangal put his sight of this place then a person can’t have the happy marriage life. He will always face the dispute and mental stress in his marriage and the end of the marriage will be divorce.

    Effect of Mangal Dosha in 7th house:

     The 7th house with Mangal Dosha can make your partner sick or poor health. Otherwise it can make both partners aggressive, which can create many conflicts and tension in relationship.

    Effect of Mangal Dosha in 8th house:

    The 8th house of a person decides the accidents and the age so if it has been affected with Mangal Dosha then the spouse or husband can be dead; this house with Mangal Dosha is quite dangerous, so if anybody has this situation then must go for remedies or solutions.

    Effect of Mangal Dosha in 12th house:

     The calamitous Mangal in 12th house can affect your sexual life; it can raise the sexual diseases or increase the sexual desires in the person. If the Saturn has been placed in 12th house with Mangal then the person can have operate of sexual parts.

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