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  • Does astrology work?

    Does astrology work?

    • 27-Apr-2019

    Who are many people who think whether astrology works or not and what extends the astrology predictions are true? There are no magic or guess or anything based on luck. Predicting astrology is completely based on the horoscope or the birth chart. Astrology will help in knowing the events happen in the future. If the things are known prior, you can avoid if any miss happening that are yet to come. There are also a number of astrology courses that are offered by some of the colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore.

    Working of astrology predictions

    The astrology works completely on the birth time of an individual. If the details are not appropriate then horoscope will not work. Predictions are made based on the positions of the planets and the powers of them through the degrees, availability on the good or the bad house, positioned in the friend’s or the enemy’s house. The nest thing will be the zodiac sign, nakshatra, power, and degree of the planet, the house types, yoga, birth time, transit positions, the situation of starts in a horoscope, yogini transit are required to exactly predict the life events of an individual. In recent times, there are lots of courses that are available to learn astrology you can find the review by some sources like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore reviews.

    When you learn Vedic astrology you can learn that God has assigned certain powers to all the nine planets and it can give the results to human and even animals based on their karma. If a person has done any sinful works there are negative results waiting to face as the consequences of the sin. Consider an example, if a man behaves like insulting or dishonoring his father or saint and when Jupiter is at the 8th house, he will have to suffer from any disease or problems or dishonor in his life during the transit of Jupiter. As it is the planet that is connected to saint and father so the person will have to face the punishment for his sin.

    Working of Gemstones

    Gemstones are something that is associated with astrology and of course science. Actually wearing Gemstones works, but it is not possible to completely rely on them. It is important to choose the right Gemstone, right figure that you wear and at least 40 days of time is required to know experience the result from the Gemstone.  It helps to reduce some slight and thin sin made during a lifetime but they will not have completely vanished. In some cases, it will restrict you from doing certain sin and also will reduce the impact of bad times. You can get advises and suggestions from the astrology experts like people who studied in some colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology.

    Astrology is the area which gains high scope, there are also many involved in the profession. Not all of them can be trusted, make sure you discuss with the right astrologer and it is better to visit the astrologers who hold degrees in astrology.