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  • A lucky day in Astrology

    A lucky day in Astrology

    • 15-Apr-2019

    As far as astrology is concerned, each day in a week is considered to be lucky for some zodiac signs. They are based on the planetary motion with respect to the sign. You can learn them in some colleges like IVA Indore you can be professional and expert in astrology. Here is some information regarding the goodness and lucky aspects of each day for the zodiac signs in relation to astrology.


    It is lucky for the zodiac sign Cancer; in astrology, it is considered that Monday is ruled by Moon and it is responsible for the dreamy quality of the day.  Moon represents time since it moves faster in the orbit around the earth. For the people with zodiac sign cancer, consider the intuition and receptivity can be well and enhanced on Mondays.


    Some astrology lessons say that Tuesday is lucky days for Aries and Scorpio ruled by Mars and represents assertion, perseverance, and healthy aggression.  Aries will live with the trust that shows out on the day whereas Scorpios will have the feeling of willfulness and purpose on Tuesdays.


    Wednesdays are lucky for Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and represents communication, intelligence, and agility. It is the right time to travel or to socialize. Gemini digs the middle way of being balanced, Virgo lays and grounding effect on this day and when it comes to Aquarius better communication can be felt on the day.


    Thursday is considered lucky for Sagittarius and Pisces and it appreciates anticipation and optimism. Sagittarius can feel them be broadening horizons and developed wisdom whereas Pisces possess stability, harmony, and receptivity commonly on Thursdays. There are some courses available that make you explore the facts of astrology, were given by some colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology.


    Fridays are meant luckier for Taurus and Libra and represent passion, satisfaction, pleasure, excitement, and joy. Taurus will have good contentment in this day and for the day gives the feel of acceptance and well being for Taurians. In addition, Libra will also have the joy of harmony, beauty, style, and imagination. Generally, all the signs will have some benefits but the day will be more special for Taurus and Libra.



    Saturdays are the lucky days for Capricorn and produce productivity, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Any aspects like a meeting or weekly commitment will have good results for Capricorn and the day will be filled with solid energy.


    Sundays are considered lucky for the Leo signs, governed by the sun and it represents energy, life, and expression. The sign will indulge in a guilty pleasure and good to have sunbathing, spa treatments, reading good books and can enjoy joy with spending more time with family on Sundays.

    When you choose any of the courses to learn astrology in some of the colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore, you will be able to learn high about them and can also excel in Astrology.