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  • 2019 in terms of Numerology

    2019 in terms of Numerology

    • 07-Apr-2019

    Numerology is something that is connected to the numbers and the events of the universes. It is now time to predict numerology for the current year, 2019 is the 3 year (2+0+1+9=12 & 1+2=3) the number 3 represents good things on the horizon and there are you can also learn them by the courses offered in some colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology.

    As per numerology, year 3 will bring some challenges and reflection and improves one’s communication skill and right views to express the ideas.


    Numerology is completely the collection of numbers and its associations with your life. You can define and predict future events considering the year number and your life path number. Year number is 3 and can calculate your number by numerology calculator.

    •    Add the numbers in your birth date and 3 to it.

    •    For example, if your date of birth is 15th November, 12+11+3=26, 2+6=8.

    •    Thus your personal number will be 8

    When you are passionate about them you can also choose them as your career by learning Indian numerology that is offered in any of the colleges like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore

    Life path number 1: Break the barriers

    You may be planning about your future, but now it is the time to make it happen through actions. Make your goals and priorities that are essential to move forward. Make your aim strongly in your mind and don’t allow people to pull you back. Have methodical and logical thinking to achieve.

    Life path number 2: it is not too far

    You will start the year in positive manners and you need not put efforts to make others agree with you. You will have an important role in your family and friends.  Dream higher at the beginning of the year, work and put the required efforts to come out successfully.

    Life path number 3: You can balance your curve

    It is a harmonious year that can give you the required excitement, freedom and spontaneity. Happy thing is that you can have the thing that is really needed in your life. The year will also give you adventures and you will be able to discover other avenues and opportunities. The year is going to be lucky and prosperous.

    Life path number 4: Determination and motivation

    You will be more strong and motivated to achieve success. Face some tough obstacles with difficulties and think logically to step on your success. Make sure about the results that you may get before taking any steps to avoid disasters.

    Life path number 5: show the fighting spirit

    It will give you enough potential to excel in a field but think twice before you make decisions. You can dream big in aspects like career and also you will have to work hard and faces some hurdles to reach success.

    Life path number 6: smart decisions

    Your decisions will lead you to complete your projects more efficiently. Time may go tough but your tenacity and optimism will help you to tackle them.

    Life path number 7: Year of potential

    Leave your anxious and doubtful personality helps you in success and patience, reflection and good decisions are the elements that take you up in 2019. Even if success is not so near it will be at some point in time.

    Life path number 8: much faster

    It is the time that you question yourself and makes some assessments. For you, the year is more realistic and down to earth. You will not have any big challenges. You can expect some change in February and all together you will have a positive year.

    Life path number 9: Year of change

    First, a few months can make you feel down but when you be focused and look at the positive aspects and plan for the right future you can be successful in hearts and dreams. Old memories may be painful but it will make you stronger.

    You can also determine them when learning numerology courses, there are many colleges that offer you course in the numerology like IVA Indore and you can refer them.