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Palmistry, also popularly known as Chirology, is a famous science of analyzing an individual’s character by studying his palms. You may have come across many gurus and yogis at religious places offering to read your palm in exchange for some reward. Palmistry, in fact, is the most sought-after mode of predictions and foretelling, coming only after celestial astrology. Through knowledge of palmistry, you will be able to sort out many aspects of your life and of those around you. At the Institute of Vedic Astrology, it has been a constant endeavor to formulate learning modules for the people who have an inkling to learn the greater secretes of astrological sciences. Our best palmistry workshops in Indore comprise of interactive learning sessions which cover palmistry in interesting details.

Understanding palmistry – what are the lines on your palms and what do they mean?

The professors at the Institute of Vedic Astrology say that palmistry involves the study of not only the lines on one’s palm, but also the shape, feel and appearance of the hand overall. Various aspects depict different characteristics of an individual’s personality. There are three basic lines that are analyzed in detail on a person’s palm:

  • The life line – this line starts in the space between the thumb and the index finger. This line depicts the health of a person and indicates ups and downs in the context of his health. A person in the pink of health will usually display a solid life line which is easily discernible.
  • The head line – this line starts in the same place as the life line, only a little higher. This line signifies the disposition of a person regarding his mind – whether he is creative, analytical or a little of both. A straight head line signifies a practical minded and logical person. A slightly curved line depicts a creative mind set.
  • The heart line – the heart line begins at the inner edge of the hand (beneath the little finger) and travels all the way across the hand. A heart line curving upwards towards the middle of the index finger and the ring finger indicates a highly emotional and passionate personality. A heart line travelling across the top of the hand signifies a person interested only in intellect; someone who does not prefer a display of emotions.

At the best palmistry workshops online in India organized by the Institute of Vedic Astrology, you will get to learn many more aspects of the science of reading palms. The institute offers flexible courses and classes online, accessible from anywhere around the world. To make it easier for you to manage your time taking these courses, the team at the institute offers various methods of learning, like online courses, diplomas, degrees, workshops and online classrooms. At the institute, all the courses are designed with careful detail in order to make them easy to grasp.

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