Students can take examination in 2 ways

Online Examination (through our website)

Students can take online examination as per their convenience and time through our Online Exam System. The questions asked in the exams are based on Theory, Practical and Case Studies. IVA Experts have created the examination questions to test the knowledge of the student. Question Bank of 3000 questions with difficulty levels as Simple, Theory, Practical, Case Study, Medium, Tough and Very Tough questions has been created. Our software shuffles the questions in these categories every time the test is taken. Examinations are based on understanding of the subject by the student. The pattern of the Examination is as such that a Student will be able to pass ONLY if he/she has proper knowledge of the subject. Results are declared Online Instantly after the Examinations are complete.

Offline Examination (from your home/office)

Exam papers are sent to students at their given address. Students DO NOT have to visit any center for exams. Exam papers are designed in such a way that only if a student has done proper studies then only he/she will be able to clear the Exams. Exam paper are dispatched with the last module. Students have to send back their answer sheets within 45 days of receiving exam papers. Results will be declared within 15 days of receiving answer sheets at the institute.

Paper Marks
Theory 100
Practical 200
Case Study 200
Project 200
Specialisation 300
Total 1000
Percent Grade
80% or above Grade A+
60-79% Grade A
50-59% Grade B
Below 50% Grade F (Fail)
Certificate and Marksheet

The prestigious Certificate of Institute of Vedic Astrology will be issued to successful students. The Certificate along with Mark sheet will be sent by registered post or courier to Student's given address after announcement of result (usually within 15 working days).

Gold Medal

Students who does extra-ordinary work will also be eligible for Gold Medal. The criteria for Gold Medal will be :-
1. Student has completed the course and taken the examination
2. Student has secured A+ Grade or above 80% of marks
3. Student has done 7 Projects as assigned to them and Institute's panel of examiners unanimously passes with based on the content and knowledge of the subject.
4. On recommendation from the examiners, Student have to give a Viva test on phone where experts will ask random questions from the subject.
5. A test on Skype can also be taken, if required Based on the above criteria, if a student successfully fulfills all the above then he/she will be eligible to receive a Gold Medal (A Gold Polished Medal made of Metal) along with precious Certificate of the Gold Medal. On receiving the prestigious Certificate of Gold Medal, Students can use GOLD MEDALIST with their name.
*Awarding of Gold Medal is at the sole discretion of the Examining body of Institute of Vedic Astrology. A student has to fulfill all the criteria as given above.