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Add precision to your skills of divination through Institute of Vedic Astrology's Online Krishnamurthy Paddhati KP Astrology Training Course Classes in India

The thirst to know more about one’s future isn’t new to any human being. Time happens to be one of the biggest mysteries on this planet – no matter what happens, this endless river flows undeterred and unstopped towards our future. As every day passes, we move yet another step closer towards the destiny that the stars have written for each and every one of us. But what exactly has been written – no one knows! The art of divination allows a person to open a small window towards the future, giving one a chance to understand the flow of the river of time and determine what destiny has in store for us. And the Institute of Vedic Astrology is here with a chance for you to learn Krishnamurthy Paddhati KP Astrology Online Training Course in India and refine your skills of divining the future.

KP Astrology or ‘Krishnamurthi Paddathi’ Astrology is known to be one of the most precise sciences of divination in India. This astrological system, as the name suggests, was developed and refined one of the greatest astrology masters that India has seen till date - Late Professor K.S. Krishnamurthi. You can consider it as an amalgam of the best and most accurate points and principles of various other astrological systems that exist out there, including borrowed concepts from both Indian and Western divination systems. Considering its nature, the KP Astrology system is also very easy to learn and apply and unlike other traditional divination sciences, it is very systematic and well defined. IVA’s full-time courses as well as KP astrology distance learning online India programs include a wide gamut of topics including:

  • Planet, sign and house matrix of KP astrology
  • Rashi charts and CUSP charts
  • Nakshatra charts, ruling planets and significators
  • Dasha system in KP astrology
  • Horary charts, prashnakundali
  • Treatment of Rahu and Ketu
  • Birth time rectification

When it comes to learning this ultra-precise divination science, IVA has set up an extremely flexible system - one that you can use in terms of your personal constraints and individual preferences. We offer a series of different duration courses that you can select from on the basis of your specific requirements:

  • KP astrology diploma online in India
  • KP astrology college online in India
  • KP astrology degree in India
  • KP astrology correspondence course online in India
  • KP astrology workshops online in India

Our well defined curriculum and easy to understand course material is all that you will need to master the art of KP astrology. The highly experienced astrology gurus from IVA will be with you every step of the way as you start this amazing journey towards divination and learn the true purpose of your life
So don’t hesitate at all! Just give us a call and the representatives from IVA will be happy to help you pick out the most suitable course for learning KP astrology.To know further about our courses and career options please write to us on email id or you can reach us on + 91-90099 10008.

At a Glance

KP Astrology also better known as “Krishnamurthy Paddhati” Astrology or KP Stellar System of Astrology. This is a unique system of offering accurate predictions, correct up to the nearest minute, for the happening of an event by using certain tools and techniques, which were invented by late Prod K. S. Krishnamurti.  A very effective system based on cusp treatment is very accurate and effective. Signifactors of various aspects of life too covered at great length.

KP System of Astrology can be learned within a few months as it contains simplified rules and formulas, this very nature of KP Astrology has made it widely acceptable and simple to learn.
KP indicates exact time of the occurrence of any event while Vedic just forecasts the period in which an event might occur. Besides, Vedic also lacks accuracy in prediction as some of the data is left-out.
The Placidus System is used for distribution of cusps in KP Astrology. Moreover, Cusp is considered to be the start point of each Bhava in this system of astrology.
In case of twin birth, horoscope remains almost the same as per Traditional method while horoscope changes even with difference of plus/ minus 5 minutes in KP astrology.
A very unique indigenous concept of KP that can immediately predict any event instantly without deeper study. It has been found to be very accurate in getting the results.
Significators of planets and houses that accurately helps in predicting events.
KP system is very accurate and can help in predicting events exactly like month of marriage, child birth, success and a lot more that adds value to a humans life.
People who do not have their horoscope, for them it is a very strong system of predicting the answers to current questions. Prashna kundli can also be used to predict why a person has come to astrologer. {why person has come, what question he has in mind, can be known through this system} Also, in Krishnamurthy system there is a very accurate and easy method of predicting through 249 numbers based on Navmansh of 27 constellations.


KP Astrology Diploma Course Syllabus(DIKP)

Diploma Course : Module 1 to 6 (1 Module per month for 6 months) ...

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KP Astrology Post Graduate Diploma Course Syllabus(PGDIKP)

Post Graduate Diploma Course : Module 1 to 12 (1 Module per month for 12 months) ...

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